stepping back


i will be taking a break from regular blogging for the time being. i really need to focus on myself and my family at the moment and i thank you for your understanding.

an invitation to request your presencehappy birthday a party for our favorite people

cheerscocktails ✽ brunch


how could you say no to such fabulous invitations?! i’m sure any of these soirees could start with fondue and degenerate into a key party within an hour or two. check your kaftan and your dislike of swashes at the door: this party is for swingin’ types only.

hey friends, find an in-depth interview with me about our house in this issue of the excellent mollie makes magazine. i’m so excited to be included in this mag, this feature has been in the works for quite some time so its a real thrill to see it come together!

hardcopies of mollie makes seem to FLY off the shelves, but fear not! you can subscribe to the digital ipad version here. if you’re new to mollie makes, a subscription is worth it – its one of the few magazines i look forward to and make the time to read.

thanks for featuring me, mollie makes!

upsy daisy bridge cards hawaiian liberty housedressflower canister

hallmark card ✽ vinyl purse ✽ striped dress

blue and green should be more often seen!

we’re about to tackle the whole shoelace tying thing, here! my son is in his first year of school and i feel like his fine motor skills are up to the task. but can i actually remember to spend a few minutes a day practicing with him? no. so i’ve made an achievement chart to make sure we BOTH put some work into learning to tie laces. each day they practice you could stamp, or add a sticker and hopefully by the end of the cart they’re a lace tying fiend and can be rewarded with a snazzy new pair of laces or in our case a non-velcro pair of shoes for school!

are your small people ready to start tying knots and making bunny ears? grab the printable chart at the link below

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for $2.00 AUD

why are some printables no longer free?

please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.


i hope this helps your peeps feets! let me know of any great tips for beginner lace tying in the comments below, maybe we can work through this together.

did you miss something swank in sept? here is my creme de la creme:

take a tour of my living and dining room

check out the rad color pop diary i got

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and saving cake til last: how we threw a willy wonka party and how you can too!

shifty boy & girlgirl and birdpurple patchouli poodle

dude where’s my dawg leafgreen lion of happiness ✽ half-baked owl


i’ve been digging on the mainstream hippy vibe of japanese chalkware lately. is chalkware baked? i don’t know, but these guys are – 6 of them can’t even keep their eyes open!

its almost easter! that can only mean one thing: festive printable time (oh, yeah and eggs and bunnies and stuff) and so i have made for you this very nifty bunny box printable!


not only is it my patented super-fun black and white coloring-in version, there is also a full color, ready to print’n’gift template for you! TWO FOR ONE BUNNIES! in fact it’s $2 for two funny bunny box templates in 1 easily downloaded PDF file, and just like real bunnies, you can multiply them infinitely (or rather, print as many as you need – for personal use only though – please don’t sell or reproduce these crafty bunnies)

get a funny bunny box here

why are some printables no longer free?

please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.

see, this box is clever – the interlocking funny bunny’s face keeps the box closed, and the egg hidden!


its big enough to fit a real egg in it (or a whole bunch of tiny chocolate ones) or maybe you could find a fabulous painted wooden pysanky like the one pictured – that one is from little sparrow, the fabulous toy & handcraft supply store i work at a few days a week!


i hope you enjoy the funny bunny egg box! and i hope your easter is full of all your favorite treats.


vintage rhinestone friendship bracelet ✽ rabbit brooch ✽ worry dolls ✽

vintage floral apron ✽ fabric pendant ✽ rainbow felt circle garland by little nest box ✽

neon leather charms & orange fringe ✽ barbie cameo ✽

hold the raindrops on roses, strike the whiskers on kittens: THESE are a few of my favorite things… on etsy, currently.

pretty bow shoestulip shiftlinen cut-out dress ✽

flower swirl dressloving treeful envelopes pink and green wave dress