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Little Sparrow

exciting developments have taken place, friends! you can now find me behind the counter (on tuesdays and thursdays) at one of my favorite local stores little sparrow! you might remember i gave a little shop love to little sparrow a while back. since then the store has moved to a bigger, brighter location – but everything else is just as perfect as it was before! here’s a few of my favorite things you will find in little sparrow…

vintage linen bag

super groovy vintage linen bags!! ah love those colors.

organic yarn
… my favorite organic yarn by woolganic, as well as a great range of other delicious yarns

fab craft books
…a range of fab craft books (sewing patterns, crochet, knitting, felting etc), picture books and books on the steiner philosophy

100% wool felt

…fabulous felts in a million colors and sizes. there are some incredible hand painted rainbow felts that make me swoon.

Special Friends Doll & her cape

special friends waldorf doll made to order by shelley. check out that tiny handmade cape!

there are also lots of beautiful hand knitted toys.

little girls dress

… charming clothes for the kiddos.

sweet paper goods

…amazing notebooks, letter sets, stickers, lyra pencils, crayons and modeling waxes

wonderful wooden toys
and super cool wooden toys!

but don’t be sad if you can’t make it to carlisle street! you can visit the online store.

pop up! now on!

don’t forget the pop up sale starts thursday… that’s TODAY! it runs until saturday 6th 3pm.

you’ll find classic cute kid’s threads by crumb, fab art by dawn tan and madeleine stamer, gorgeous jewellery and accessories by shara lambeth, emily green and betty jo, exceptionally well made dresses by peta pledger, and of course the pin up photobooth helen mclean is hosting!

unfortunately being sick put me behind, and under a lot of strain, so i have regretfully pulled out, but i can’t wait to visit and shop. see you there?

its a small world: tokyo disneyland
in amongst all the shopping and eating we found ourselves with a ‘spare’ day towards the end of our trip – and disneyland just a short train ride away. what to do? we went to disneyland of course!! we got rained on, we queued for ages, we walked our feet to the bone (no seriously, i got the worst mega-blister ever – i think i could see bone).

i was interested to compare tokyo disneyland to the original disneyland in california, and it was largely the same – but different. it was bizarro world disneyland, where just about everything has a slight twist (the haunted mansion takes on a whole new threatening tone when the voice over is in intelligible japanese)! one of the best ‘twists’ though was the ‘small world’ ride. the ride itself was the same, but the exterior and the ‘load in’ were different – might i go so far as to say… better? take a virtual tour through the queuing area and admire the mary blair-inspired murals that set the tone for ‘the happiest cruise’ that ever sailed…

its a small world: tokyo disneyland mural

its a small world: tokyo disneyland mural

its a small world: tokyo disneyland mural

its a small world: tokyo disneyland mural

its a small world: tokyo disneyland

its a small world: tokyo disneyland

its a small world: tokyo disneyland

its a small world: tokyo disneyland

raak: textiles from japan

raak: kyoto

getting lost in a foreign city has its benefits when it turns up little goldmines like raak. this itty bitty boutique was tucked away in the back streets of gion, kyoto – it would’ve been easy to miss, but once we’d found it, there were raak stores popping up on every corner! and just as well, because i was smitten!

raak: textiles from japan
raak was established in 1615 specializing in tenugui, traditional japanese facecloths. the range today covers face cloths, scarves, and furoshiki cloths – to wrap gifts, or fold into bags. their designs are spectacular, some more traditional and simple, and some bright, busy and contemporary!

raak: kyoto store

the smallest soft, lightweight cotton cloths on display

raak: my souvenir
did i mention i picked up some souvenirs? because i did. a lot.

raak: maple design

a spectacular maple design

raak: my dandy scarf!just a little head scarf i picked up – to brighten my wintery days back home!


a contemporary chair design by raak

rack: hydrangea gauze scarf

hydrangea cotton gauze scarf

raak: hillsiderolling landscape panel

images taken from raak and my shamelessly extensive personal collection of raak products

raak: lady bugs

bonnie & buttermilk

while enjoying the latest edition of kleinformat a cute little photo caught my eye and led me to bonnie & buttermilk! you know when you find something so perfect, so you, that you almost can’t breathe? i clicked through the store like a crazy lady, almost not believing what i was seeing: had someone broken into my head and brought all my ideas for dream outfits into existence? perhaps… but i’m happy they did!

how many ways do i love thee bonnie and buttermilk?

colorful: check!

fun fabrics: check!

cute, simple sihouettes: check!

adorable styling: CHECK!

three perfect skirts

home style skirt

two cute

tweet chic

fabulous colors

all photos from bonnie & buttermilk

go forth and shop, friends. and maybe take mr google translate with you if you sprechen sie nicht deutsches!

japanese packaging and promo


as you would imagine, shopping in japan is BANANAS. the first day was really tough – we had two weeks ahead of us, but we were seeing so many amazing things already. would we make it home without exceeding baggage limits? would we go broke before we even bought dinner? as time went by we got a little more jaded, but it was still a shoppers paradise! sadly i was too, er, ‘amazonian’ to fit the shoes or clothing. perhaps for the best, financially speaking! but here are a few treasures that made it home with me…*

*not pictured: 900 pairs of socks. japan loves socks!

swimmer/chocoholic tape, vintage stamps from 'pinups' in kitchijoji
 swimmer/chocoholic tape, vintage stamps from ‘pinups’ in kitchijoji


flower push-pinsflower push-pins and push-pin hooks!

i’m a big fan of buying fun but practical things while on holiday. i like to be able to use the things frequently, and each time i do, i get that little thrill i like to call “reverse buyers remorse”.

cute memo pad and faux-marimekko letterset from kiddyland

cute memo pad and faux-marimekko letterset from kiddyland

picture puzzle dominoespicture puzzle dominoes

are these for me? or for my son? hmm… both. but mostly for me! don’t worry, he got plenty of presents all to himself.

stickers! pens! memo pad!

 cute stamp stickers! erasable rainbow pens! cram cream memo pad in my favorite design!


face cloths

 i came to love these little face cloths really fast! because its so humid a little discreet blotting cloth is essential. and in typical japanese style, even the sweat rags are beautiful. i’m almost looking forward to a hot australian summer to use these.

false lashes and mary quant daisy hair clipfalse lashes and mary quant daisy hair clip

i almost passed out when i saw the mary quant store. i love mary quant and so to own one tiny little mary quant item is really exciting. and can a girl ever have enough falsies? no. so i bought about 12 or varying style. eep!! blame it on the ¥100 store!

scandi treasures from parcoscandi treasures from parco

i found a fab little corner of parco stocked with scandinavian treasures! i thought the elephant bank might help me save up for a trip back to tokyo soon. and the apple dish towel? practical AND chic!

i heart tokyu hands!

tokyu hands was the most mind blowing place of all. i’d heard people reccomend it as a “department store that sells everything”. in my mind “everything” meant carpet, clothes, mattresses, luggage.. y’know. everything. but apparently “everything” means E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. umbrellas, suitcases, wood, fake flowers.. and lots and lots of stuff for crafting, creating, and making with! what colored perspex rod would you like? did you need some bright green leather? hey weren’t you just saying you were running low on silversmithing tools/flocked styrofoam balls/miniatures for your train set? yes. everything. my brain almost fell out and it was difficult to take in. on our first visit we experienced an aftershock, but i’m almost certain it was my mind being blown. so i bought a pom pom maker and some glittery plastic. because i’m pretty sure i’ll need them sooner or later. australia doesn’t have a great range of anything, if you want something you have to search online and sacrifice a kangaroo in hope of them shipping it to you. so this might not sound exciting to you americans and europeans, but it was like candyland to a supply starved australian! if i lived near a tokyu hands i would never ever ever stop making EVERYTHING.



furoshiki!furoshiki fabric

furoshiki is all about giftwrapping using beautiful fabric – but i’m thinking i might just giftwrap my head with this one!


fab fabric! it would be easy to blow tons of money on fabric in japan – but what am i going to do with it all? nuthin’ that’s what. so i only bought a couple of pieces that i know i’ll put to good use. the fabric above is latex backed and is going to turn into a swim bag for my son.

handmade fabric bentohandmade fabric bento

and lastly, an extra special little present for my son. play-sushi! he also got socks, some crazy bath salts that turned his bath chartreuse, some candies with hello kitty’s face in them, and a totoro all of his own.

i can’t wait to show you one more special purchase next week – in a post all of its own! ooh

plastic bag from the swimmer store
the roof at kiyomizudera
face cloths for sale in kyoto
candystripe staircase in the omotesando camper store
hand painted silk kimono seen in nippori
saki cup pincushions
rope at kiyomizudera
cintia's kimono
the roof at kiyomizudera
candies seen in kyoto
the roof at kiyomizudera
the roof at nijo castle
tiled wall in kyoto
paper cranes seen at a shrine in gion, kyoto
shrine stickers

some inspiring colors and textures seen in japan.

thirty before 30: visit tokyo

if you haven’t followed me on twitter for the last few weeks you might have missed the bit where i went to japan! after a week of catching up on work i’m finally ready to show you some photos from my fab two weeks in tokyo – and kyoto.

visiting tokyo was #4 on my thirty before 30 list, so in february i decided to make. it. happen! i invited my friend cintia to come with me and this is the condensed version of our adventures:

shibuya fireman

cute fire hydrant cover in shibuya

we had nine days in tokyo and five days in kyoto. in tokyo we spent the first few days shopping, hitting up the fabulous department stores in the shibuya area where we stayed, and then venturing out further afield to kitchijoji, nippori, daikanyama and uh tokyo disneyland. we explored so many adorable, fascinating stores, and the amazing ghibli museum – but none allowed photography, which is fair enough, but as such i don’t have so many photos from the first few days!

petit in kichijoji

‘petit’ in kichijoji

kichijoji was one of my favorite areas. cute streets full of cute shops – and this shop, petit, was my favorite. from the outside it looks kinda like a junky $1 store, but….

petit, but stuffed with treasure!

inside of ‘petit’

and i suppose inside it also kinda looks like a junky $1 store, but bear with me.. you see the photo is out of focus because we were in a FRENZY of picking through all kinds of vintage pop cultural treasures.. it was like stepping into a time machine and finding all the fun japanese junk you had as a kid – or maybe just walking into a physical version of ebay: there was a shelf of smurf figures, vintage happy meal toys, sweet sanrio stationary from the 80s, blythe dolls, new-in-box barbies from the 80s. and the ceiling? why it was covered with bowed star wars figures, of course.

giant icecream

pilgrim vs. the giant ice cream 

we spent a day relaxing in yoyogi park. giant ice creams were the least fun thing we saw. not pictured: half assed capoeira guys, unrhythmic bongo players, unenthusiastic swing dancers, a blissed our cat in a tree and a very enthusiastic guy in a rubber horse mask. it was my favorite park ever.

harajuku kids

harajuku kids…

…doing what harajuku kids do best: posing on a bridge before being moved on by the cops.

harajuku kiddo

rawr! lion straw hat

even the really little kids in harajuku looked rad!! please all go and DIY one for your own kiddos.

shinkansen time!waiting for the shinkansen bullet train

next: bullet train to kyoto!

hello kyoto!df

in kyoto we stayed in a ryokan, slept on futons on the floor, ate traditional style breakfasts, and generally soaked in a more ‘authentic’ experience. also: soaked in a japanese bath! aaaaahhh heaven.

toji temple

toji temple

kyoto was really interesting. we went to a flea market at a temple, and we went to a temple, and then another temple. did i mention temples?

big buddah ryozen kannon

ryozen kannon

this big buddha was the bigger of the two big buddha we saw. we also saw the daibutsu at todai-ji which was much more impressive than any of australia’s big things.

beware of the deers!

beware the deer. no, seriously, BEWARE the deer.

a day trip to nara introduced us to a rare breed of dangerous (wo)man eating deer. they start with your stomach and seem to only want to injure old ladies and little girls.

maiko walking maiko, apprentice geiko/geisha

it was amazing to see actual maiko and geiko (the kyoto term for geisha) walking through gion district in kyoto. i’m not sure how i feel about the tradition, but their commitment to their art form is impressive.

maiko hairclips

maiko hair accessories on display in a store

the golden pavillion

the golden pavillion, kinkakuji

kinkakuji was my favorite temple. it was perfect, surrounded by lush mossy gardens and all that greenery was a refreshing break from the heat.

shaved ice: melon flavor

melon sno-cone

did i mention it was hot? it was two sno-cones-a-day hot. the fan and the sweat cloth are two of the greatest inventions ever.

shopfitting dog in opening ceremony

a hairy store fitting at opening ceremony

back to tokyo. back to shopping and taking naughty secret photos in shops!! shh, don’t tell – but how would anyone believe me when i said i saw a hairy dog in a fashion store?!

back home with bulging suitcases!


then it was back home, with bulging suitcases and blistered feet. stay tuned in the coming day for some more detailed tales of excitement and adventure!

seventies living room

welcome to decorate! pilgrim post. in these posts i put together polyvore rooms inspired by a draw! pilgrim print. this time its the letter Z from my alphabet series.

no one does burnt orange and brown like those folks in the 70s, so above, i took their lead and put together a sophisticate retro space. product information here.

happy camper bedroom


i love challenging myself to come up with fun kid’s spaces, and this room takes some inspiration from camping. thick blankets, a picnic table for drawing and that fun log fire lamp give it some outdoorsy cheek. and mess is always allowed in rustic rooms, of course! keep that tower of books coming! product information here.


autumnal dining room


this autumnal room mixes up the colors and textures of food, and leather with a big pop of color from the wall hanging, and the mixed glass ornaments. settle in here on a crisp autumn evening for a fondue supper! product information here.

anne laddon is a fellow color junkie! she’s worked for over 30 years as a graphic designer, poster designer, and painter, but my favorites are her limited edition serigraphs. i believe these date from the mid 70s, during her time at the torpedo factory art center in alexandria, virginia. check out all of her work here, but for starters dig these fabulous pop style works below!

Brownie Hawkeye

brownie hawkeye


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Sure Shot & Exposed

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