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bonnie & buttermilk

while enjoying the latest edition of kleinformat a cute little photo caught my eye and led me to bonnie & buttermilk! you know when you find something so perfect, so you, that you almost can’t breathe? i clicked through the store like a crazy lady, almost not believing what i was seeing: had someone broken into my head and brought all my ideas for dream outfits into existence? perhaps… but i’m happy they did!

how many ways do i love thee bonnie and buttermilk?

colorful: check!

fun fabrics: check!

cute, simple sihouettes: check!

adorable styling: CHECK!

three perfect skirts

home style skirt

two cute

tweet chic

fabulous colors

all photos from bonnie & buttermilk

go forth and shop, friends. and maybe take mr google translate with you if you sprechen sie nicht deutsches!

yseult scarves


when my boyfriend peter and i are together we must look pretty funny. he’s always in his black or olive green (maybe even brown) rockin’ guitar god gear and i’m in my technicolor 60s/70s mescalin-fuelled dream coats. under those crazy opposite looking things we’re very much the same, but you can imagine my surprise when our worlds collided this morning and he shared the work of sean yseult with me. i’ll let him fill you in on her background:

sean yseult with her wicked stickered bass

sean yseult

I first became aware of Sean Yseult in the early 90s. White Zombie were on the cover of a magazine called Guitar School (don’t look for it, it ain’t around no more) and even though their guitarist J Yuenger was pretty cool, Sean was even cooler. The hair, the clothes, the sticker-covered bass… all awesome. What made her super-cool to me though was that in addition to her driving bass style, she also had a background in visual design (the internets tell me she earned a degree in graphic design from Parsons The New School for Design and also studied at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts). As a musician I’ve always been pretty visually motivated (‘Dude, that guitar sound is pretty sweet but it needs more vermillion and an iridescent topcoat’) and and I tended to gravitate toward musicians with a history in the visual arts. By the way, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page were all art school guys and they were all in The Yardbirds. Neat.

After White Zombie split in up 1998, Yseult played bass in a variety of bands, including Famous Monsters, Rock City Morgue and even a stint with The Cramps. She now divides her time between New York City and New Orleans, and parcels her creative energy out between playing music and designing scarves for her company Yseult Designs. By the way, she’s also putting the finishing touches on a book, I’m In The Band, which will be out in early December through Soft Skull Press.

thanks, peter! pretty awesome lady, right? well, set your faces to “drool” when you see what she’s up to these days, creating gorgeous psychedelic scarves:

yseult designs scarves

ah they’re too cool! its not often that you see good contemporary psychedelia and these really do it for me. there is enough of that awesome peter max/pucci inspiration to give them vintage cred, but also the hand-drawn style gives them a contemporary edge. click here for more designs and information.



i don’t know about you, but the title of this post has put “rainbow connection” in my head! anyway, i am often asked if i collect anything specific. while i do have a lot of things, i wouldn’t say i’m a specific collector. in part i’m hesitant to admit i collect something in particular because then its all i’ll ever get for christmas and birthdays for the rest of my life! and though i do adore apple things – i like the apple things that i choose. do you know what i mean? i don’t want to seem ungrateful, but dollar store apple themed things are not my bag, and primitive folk art apples just don’t do it for me. but if there’s one thing i have a lot of, and am always happy to unwrap – its hair clips! because my inner ten year old is sometimes my outer ten year old. its true. and my favoured clips are the plastic kinds from claire’s accessory type places.. it’s sort of a not-so-secret shame. let’s take a tour through my clips, shall we?


i’ve grouped my clips into what seems to be my favoured ‘themes’. first up its fruit! see? there’s apples. i adore hair bobbles and i think it goes back to them being strictly forbidden in my school’s uniform policy. on top of the no bobble rule, there was to be no pigtail’s/bunches in my home! so now that i’m my own grown woman? well its bobbles and bunches all the way: take THAT childhood! the plastic produce pictured is all from local stores that stock a lot of imported asian goodies.


next favourites are pretty in pink & buttons & bows. the hair comb on the far left is actually a relic from my very pink and plastic 80s childhood. the first time i wore it was to a birthday party at a McDonald’s in 1988. i’ve worn it all these years and its still very treasured. the rest are all recent (as in, the last 5 years) acquisitions but equally loved. the white bow in particular gets worn almost every day. it reminds me of the ‘rope’ hair ribbons from the 70s.


flowers! you may have noticed i like flowers, and floral things in general. the flower clips date back to high school when i would fill my 90’s haircut with every colour plastic flower clip i could find. school uniform policy be damned! by this point i was known as “the eccentric one”, and could get away with these policy breaches haha. never mind the breaches of good taste. of course i still wear my flower clippies, just not en masse. or with a 90’s haircut.


lastly: red things. hearts, polka dots, bows, apples, cherries, strawberries, ladybugs. lots of good things are red and i like wearing them. i have a very favourite red cardigan and i’m on the hunt for some red go-go boots to complete my life. in conclusion: red is good.

thanks for taking a tour through my inadvertent collection. have you subconsciously accumulated any one thing? or do you fit into that category of once saying ‘i like owls’ only to now live in a house with every surface covered by owl paraphernalia?

season four of mad men starts on sunday night in the US and i’m looking forward to seeing what drama and intrigue will take place in the new sterling cooper draper pryce offices. to kick this weekend off right i thought we could talk a few of the mad men’s favourite topics: luscious looks, ladies and libations! just for fun i’ve chosen a gorgeous new peta pledger dress, and a cocktail i think fits their character…

peggy has come a long way since season one! i’m not sure she’d go for anything as bright as the ‘angelique’ dress, but those cheques are bold and cute!

and what drink is peggy? she’s a blackthorn! a blackthorn is essentially a manhattan, made with sloe gin (gin infused with sloe berries) a new take on a classic – just like peggy. she’s a refreshing twist in a man’s world.

oh ice queen betty, will we be seeing you much this season? are you really sad or are your people just nordic? i think betty would love this pristine cream belted ‘sally’ dress.

betty is a pimms and dry ginger ale. its elegant, conservative and often found at polo matches and country clubs. its also a slow burner… you don’t realize how potent it is until its too late!

oh joan! what is there to say?! joan would definitely rock this ‘rocket ride’ dress. and what drink could capture all of joan?

strawberry blonde joan is a berry caprioska! it’s slightly sweet, slightly sour and very sparkling, just like sweet joanie.

what do you think, do these mixes suit the ladies? what would you say your cocktail is?

the colored and patterned tights trend has been around for quite a while now (for a trend) and shows no signs of waning just yet. i’m not complaining! i’ve been a long time fan of colorful tights, even when it wasn’t so easy to find a rainbow of colors. i think the popularity of bright tights is enduring because its a very easy and small way to be brave with color. and for the most part, not many people are up to wearing that many brights. its no crime, but come one: let loose every now and then! knee socks were also a big staple of my teenage wardobe, so today i’ve rounded up a few cute leg looks to keep you inspired while this fun look lasts!

warm and practical grey knee socks get a cute lift with the addition of teensy red pom-poms. aren’t those red mary-jane’s sweet, too?

could this be a full body argyle knit suit?! maybe save this one for when you’re wandering the streets of scotland: wear it anywhere else and you may as well be in one of those weightloss sweat-suits! black, white and kelly green is always alright though.

i really love the girl on the right, with the yellow blouse, red skirt and plum tights that is some gorgeous color combination alchemy right there. analogous color palette outfits are one of my go-to’s lately.

more argyle, this time its ‘golf course to quadrangle’ chic. it really takes som good legs to pull off argyle knee socks unless you want to look like “grandpa forgot his pants again”.

another possible all-in-one knit suit here. but how can i stay mad when its yellow and blue in such a cute combination?! she looks like she’d brighten up any photocopier room!

analogous colors are go! now with added pattern and cute suede oxfords? sign me up! i would wear all of these things.

this is perhaps the most trendy outfit by today’s standards, don’t you think? the sweet flats, colored tights and shorts look like they were just thrown together by zooey deschanel herself. cute and kinda indie but most important of all, colorful!

my grandmother rowie’s charm bracelet is one of my most treasured possessions. she started it herself, as a new beginning and a gift to herself. i loved the jangle she made, and how we would sit and talk with her about the story behind each charm. a lot of the charms were collected on her travels and others were just gifts from my mum to mark occasions.

pictured below are closer views of the bracelet…

a bell (from capri), a lion (from trafalgar square, london), the little mermaid (from denmark), an outback ‘dunny’ (er, an out-house), a heart, a clog (from the netherlands), an echidna, an easter bunny, the leaning tower of pisa, a dice (from vegas), a christmas tree, a chili

a tasmanian devil, a razor blade, a globe, a bucket of ice and champagne (60th birthday), scissors, an abacus, a bear (from berlin), a bee

a junk boat (from hong kong), a thimble, a pagoda, an apple (from tasmania, australia), buddha, a clover leaf (from ireland), a virgin mary, a horseshoe and clover leaf

rowie was a fabulous woman. she was attractive, witty, and elegant in a style all of her own. she was a hostess to die for, and always loved trying new things. after getting divorced in 1979, at the age of 50 she embarked on a trip around the world and it was on this trip that she collected a lot of her charms. i find that so inspiring, and so typical of rowie, that she up and went out in search of a new adventure. she travelled to america, and mexico, europe, england and ireland, japan and hong kong. i still have the postcards she sent my parents, and she made the most of everywhere she visited. i love that my grandma ate snake and climbed a volcano but then talked about high fashion shopping in new york!

this charm bracelet is a documentation of a chapter in her life that was all about her. these charms weren’t for protection, they were to remind her of the good times and achievements all of her own. she seemed fearless, independent, and always did her own thing her way. i think of these qualities when i wear her charm bracelet in hope that it will evoke the same spirit in me. at the very least, the bracelet’s jingling brings me right back to sitting on her lap and talking.

from sepharial’s book of charms and talismans, published by foulsham, london

a charm bracelet is so simple, but elegant and a beautiful thing to leave behind. do you have one? did you inherit it or are you building it yourself, as a little biography on your wrist? if you don’t have one, why not start a new one to celebrate the new decade!

a couple of months back i did a post on the columbia minerva knitting book “fables and fabulous yarns”. i know you wanted to see more, so here for your viewing pleasure, are some more “fables and fabulous yarns”! you might remember the book featured knitting patterns, as well as rhymes and stories to accompany each picture.
four friends of rural estate
engaged in uneven debate
with cock to preside
and calf to decide
the merits of chicken or steak
get a load of the fisherman chic, eh? the boy looks like he’s the son of michael nesmith from the monkees. the wool hat is hereditary, i hear.

an escaped circus bear grew homesick
forhuman companionship. one day
he met two schoolgirls in the park and
to win their confidence and approval performed
his tricks for them/ they were so delighted
that they took him home and started a circus
from which he longed to escape.
moral: to change one’s life one must first change oneself
firstly, that bear’s tongue is obscene, and secondly, he really doesn’t look too miserable, does he?

a giraffe sunning himself among the flower
met two children dressed for ice skating.
when they complained of the heat he asked
why they were wearing warm knits.
“our mother has just completed these garments
which so please us that we cannot wait until cold weather to wear them”
“silly children” replied the giraffe, “today you wish for winter and in winter you will long for summer. put away your fine clothes and enjoy them in their time.”
moral: preparing for the future should not be confused with living in the future.
the funniest thing about this picture is that this isn’t the first arranged marriage officiated by a giraffe. also, young man, how long does that beanie really need to be!?

a social climbing lion cultivated the company
of two stylish sisters only to learn that their
clothes were handmade for pittance and their graceful manners those of all loved children.
humbled by this lesson he gave up pretention
in favor of good company and the three became
fast friends.
moral: what one finds by chance is often superior to what one seeks.
hello tartan ensemble! please be mine? i’ve always wanted a tam o’shanter o’my own. meanwhile i think i’ve had scarves warmer than that icy blue knitted dress on the right. i think it needs another 4 foot of hem to keep out the wintry draught!!

a camel who lived in osage
aspired to succeed on the stage
she took position
as traveling musician
accepting fresh fruit as her wage.
looking at that girl’s mohair cardigan just makes me itchy. no wonder the other two have moved away from her. its like a penny-whistle gang war picnic just broke out..

easter and the equinox
come hand in hand among the flowers
welcoming their woodland friends
and greeting with april showers
awwww… look! there’s woodland friends! and a boy in a nautical inspired jumper! the little girl looks like she’s off to a birthday party. i recall owning a lot of party outfits like that. there just aren’t enough opportunities to wear jumpers and patent leather shoes anymore. sigh.

birthday bear of yellow hair
how doest thou see the morrow?
i cannot say for now’s today
and time is not to borrow.
i feel sorry for the girl on the left.. she looks like she’s borrowed her grandpa’s clothes (beside the skirt!). now, i wasn’t really into pink when i was little, but i’m pretty sure i more wasn’t into beige and brown. i bet her mum made her wear her school shoes with that outfit.

there are still some more outfits not shown from this book, so if you’re very well behaved i’ll post some more again, soon.


i do believe early 70s fashion is my favorite. i do like bits from other eras, but early 70s is just so cute and bold and girlish! aren’t those girls above sweet? i think i would wear every one of those dresses. check out all that ric rac on the left! and all the hair in pigtails or ‘bunches’ if you will. i’m rockin’ some bunches right now, but alas, no cute sandals or big collars. all the images in this post come from a book published by schiffer, called ‘fashionable clothing from the sears catalogs: early 1970s’ by tina skinner. the books (there are also 60’s and 80’s editions in the series) contain a price guide and are just crammed with fab photos. its really amusing seeing how catalog modeling and styling has changed.

oh no! don’t step on the tiny lady between your legs! middle girl probably can’t see past that ENORMOUS collar. i bet being crushed to death by a clog was the leading cause of death in the early 70s. my favourite here is the floral dress on the left. what a perfectly proportioned, crisp, collar. i’m really not sure what the point of the tiny pixie lady…

more clogs and some maxi dresses! i think the girl on the right wants the girl in the middle to join her for a key party… left side girl is just thinking about how virginal she is. she won’t be knocking clogs with anyone anytime soon! she’s heading straight home after this shoot to brush her hair 100 times before sliding into bed in a maxi nightie.

embarrasing! you show up to a shoot and you’re both wearing an autumnal toned ‘waves’ ensembles! what to do!? pose nonchalantly? or plot to destroy your tunic wearing twin? if you answered (b) you’re the model on the left and you’re currently serving out your remaining 50yr jail term in a high security facility. if you answered (a) congratulations! you were the tunic wearer, and you spent a few more years modeling before settling down to start a family, working part time in the school office and furthering your interest in creative writing and embezzeling. oh, sorry i meant bedazzeling.

i think i just died of a frock love attack! please can someone provide me with a time machine so i can go back and get that dress with the daisies and cherries/apples? i promise i will bring back original star wars merch that you can ebay for mega bucks! however if you already have a spare time machine lying around i’m guessing money probably isn’t a worry for you. in conclusion: buy me that dress!

and last but not least: its that uniform you were always promised you’d get to wear in the dystopian future!! all the comfort of dacron, with none of the personality or breathability of those other ridiculous fabrics from the ‘olden days’. the good news is if you catch fire, your suit will just melt down into a handy plastic container you can store leftover soylent green in! i’m pretty sure the mother is just about to tell us how much she loves The Leader. apologies for mixing my futuristic concepts.


a black and white outfit: always crisp and chic! while crisp and chic is good, i can’t say i’m a chic girl.. let alone crisp (let’s just say i’m not entirely sure where our iron is) and i do love my color. so, i saw this as a challenge: put together some dream outfits that are colorful in other ways.

please click on the image if you want to find out where each piece is from. WARNING! puns ahead.


prim & polka dotty: black and white date night


chillin’ in some checks: whimsical weekend wear

monochrome floral

never mind the pollock, here’s some flowers: abstract + floral = prim & preppy


houndstooth of the baskervilles: return of the sexy librarian!


its been a while since i’ve done a fashion based post, but i’m just feeling it today, you know? its spring here (though you’d never know: its been freezing) and the horse racing season is coming up so flowers and fashion are all emerging from their grey wintery hibernations. just for fun i’ve put together some polyvore sets inspired by flowers. i hope they either remind you of the southern hemisphere’s imminent good weather, or offer some hope for a spring at the other end of a northern hemisphere winter!

daisies are one of my favorite flowers, in concept: i love the fresh, sweet look of them, but they make my nose itch unfortunately. so i enjoy them from afar. sigh. a daisy makes me think of a tanned, ingenue – or someone like jackie o perhaps. kind and genuine but just a little bit unattainable. she would enjoy sunny picnic days, smocked cotton dresses, broderie anglaise, scalloped edges, suntans. you just know she would own more than one cute lilly pulitzer dress. she is positive and friendly without being insufferable. she’s a miracle! her soundtrack: ‘i found love’ by the free design:



hydrangeas are a bit magic to me. it fascinates me that by adding different chemicals to their soil you can change their color. magical blue flowers! they remind me of watercolors, or when crepe paper gets wet and the ink runs out, i like the washed out petals. a hydrangea girl would definitely be into ink. she’d have some well concealed tattoos and grow her own food and flowers. she’d ride a bike with a wicker basket on the front and be a bit into country style with a twist of scandinavian, whitewashed walls with lots of blue and white china on display. her house is cold, but that doesn’t mean its not inviting. her outfit up there looks dressy, but don’t be fooled, she always carries a back up pair of blue suede boots. soundtrack: “jennifer she said” lloyd cole & the commotions

vibrant roses

generally roses are your typical old fashioned flower, but when i saw these i thought of a crash between classic elegance and bright, fun, youthfulness. the girl for these roses lives in the city. fighting against the grind of 9-5 work she needs those sneakers to run about town for lunch-hour breaks for freedom: lunch dates, gallery openings, sneaking out to the fair. the kate spade bag is secretly full of candy to fuel this bright and frenetic lifestyle. soundtrack: “same old drag” by apples in stereo:

i hope you enjoy my characters and a bit of a friday musical distraction. can you compare yourself to any kind of flowers? i’m not really sure what i’d be. maybe someone can suggest one for me… maybe nothing with ‘stink’ or ‘weed’ in the name though, ok?!