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retro readers book club
let us start with a cute project i just worked on, a logo for the retro readers book club! for details on joining in on the retro readers fun visit meet me at mikes, and if YOU have a project you’d like me to work on email me to chat.

there is NOTHING better than some coloring in. go forth and color your heart out from a choice of a BILLION coloring sheets at patterns for coloring.

via pikaland

Miehina the Kyoto Geisha from Glen Milner on Vimeo.

 having visited kyoto a few months ago, and having spent a few days in the ‘geisha district’ of kyoto i found this video so interesting. a day in the life of a kyoto geiko.



good GRIEF would you look at those cookies. i think i want to tile my kitchen with them. as seen on sugar & meringue.

and in other cool foodie finds, this yellow submarine cake blew. my. mind. we love yellow submarine and watch it at least once a month. there was fierce debate about wether to have a yellow submarine birthday party or a willy wonka birthday party. wonka won (stay tuned)… this year. i think next year we might have to attempt an homage to this cake! via neatorama.


image source

adorable jane asher in an enviable room, with enviable shoes.

lagom has a lovely girard desktop! download it here

Terror of Mechagodzilla (1977) Polish

polish/czech monster posters! RUN!

and thanks to some bad juju i can’t seem to embed videos in wordpress. please tell me i’m not alone.. i paste the code, and switch to visual editor and BAM! there’s absolutely nothing there. spooky!

…so click here to see a charming animation called der konsument

and click here to see a charming old french canadian (?) tv opening titles. both are worth the efort of going clicky clicky, i promise.

on that note, may your weekend be excellent and not disappear in wordpress. deep, man.

oh unpacking the suitcases… you are infinitely less fun than packing. so rather than unpack let me share some fun things i’ve found over the last few weeks. unsurprisingly its mostly colorful.


an amazing flickr set of robert mcginnis’ illustrations. bond girls, barbarella, blaxploitation! found thanks to martin klasch.


Joe Van Watering has created this image of a tear into another dimension – i think its the dimension i belong in. join me there?


alix shared some good manners over on modern kiddo. don’t forget to vote for modern kiddo in the homies, pleeeeeease!


take a look at this amazing book “the adventure of the three colors” on wary meyers. want!

The Many Faces of Woody Allen


did you know i adore woody allen? because i do. the one and only motivational phrase i can tolerate is his quote “If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.”

apparently preparing for international travel and blogging do not go hand in hand. hm. so much for my triumphant return to blogging in the new year. so while i walk in circles and write pro and con lists for ever outfit i own enjoy some distracting links…

Christmas in 1969

i know christmas is past us and we’re all living in the future here in 2011, but retrospace has a fab vintage christmas photo collection. aaah so much great color in one photo. pretend they’re valentine’s day presents and easter trees. easter needs trees. according to my supermarket’s chocolate egg displays its easter now anyway.

Vintage 70's Wonka Candy Trick or Treat Safety Kit Stickers

elsewhere on flickr, gregg koenig’s flickr stream is an amazing collection of vintage packaging and ephemera: food & grocery items, toys etc. prepare to spend hours clicking through.

The Wild Swans (Golden Press)Cinderella (A Golden Book)Thumbelina (A Golden Book)

images images from flickr user squeebeaux

i suddenly had a flashback to reading these fairy tale books. i adored the lenticular covers and was fascinated by the puppets used to illustrate the stories. a quick google lead me to some information of these books and their creator. three cheers for the internet and random childhood flashbacks.


spend some time going through this collection of long legged vintage beauties. so much leg.

and lastly, stirrup socks! its one of my goals this year to learn to knit. i’m hoping to whip up some of these in time for winter.

i was kinda wanting to do a 7by7 post for today, but being on jury duty all week does not make for many photo opportunities! so instead here are five of my favourite things from this week…

image from here

my finger nails! recently i picked up a bottle of OPI’s “a grape fit” and lawdy its awesome. its the colour of grape bubble gum and goes on very nicely. its a quirky, fun colour with just an edge to it. and on my toes i have “let me entertain you” a fine magenta sparkle from their range inspired by the ‘burlesque’ film. fun fact: i saw them shooting some scenes for that film while we were in LA in january. how very LA.

after aaaalmost kicking that cold i had, it came back and kicked me in the sinuses. two days into my fourth lot of antibiotic for the season and i’m starting to feel okay. but part of my therapy was curling into the sofa and watching a couple of movies. what’s new pussycat, which is one of the few woody allen films i hadn’t yet seen, starts with these awesome credits by richard williams. you might recognise his work from the pink panther films’ opening credits too. isn’t that some groovy lettering?

image from here

i love me some quality roller ball pen and these staedtler silver ball pens are incroiablé! for one, they come in a pack of ten gorgeous colors perfect for color coding one’s filofax entries. and secondly – how cool is this – they have an automatic pressure equalisation that stops pens exploding their terrifying ink while you’re flying. scoff if you will, but i’ve been victim to the inky menace of the skies and its nice that these pens won’t do that. also, i realize this all may sound like an advertorial, but i bought these with my own money and if i ever do get some sweet swag from anyone i will fully disclose this to you pretties.

toffee magazine
you’ve heard about toffee magazine by now, right? well, if you haven’t, now is your chance to pretend you knew all along and were just playin’ it cool. toffee is a new digital magazine featuring 100% gorgeousness and a delicious chewy centre of crafty goodness including (amongst a pile of other fab things) a christmas advent calendar by me, draw! pilgrim. and take a look at the lovely cover girl danielle. she’s a beauty and needs to be on more covers i think.

image from here

in preparation for my trek to the icy wilderness of utah in january i’m crocheting a scarf out of this gorgeous millamia soft merino yarn. its seriously gorgeous yarn, very fine and very soft with virtually no fluff to mess up your mad stitchery. the range of colours is also nothing short of ASTOUNDING. its making me want to try my hand at maybe crocheting a cardigan… dare i? i don’t know. have you crocheted a cardigan? also any advice on thermal underwear welcome. i’m a bit scared of how cold it is in utah. if you’ll be at alt summit, come hug me!!

on that note, hugs to you all and have a delicious weekend.

i thought it might be time for a new feature, it might be regular, it might be sporadic – who knows in this tops turvy blog world! i’m calling it five-o-rite: five favorite finds, because its my feature and i’ll cry make plays on words if i want to! really its a compact way of sharing some of the nifty things i come across in my digital travels. and you guys like nifty stuff, right? i thought so.


peta pledger is celebrating FROCKTOBER! and this means you can score some amazing bargains. seriously amazing considering the quality of her frocks: $75 dollars for a slice of vintage glamour with vintage well made quality is a steal! snap one up because frocktober will be over eventually and you’ll just be left sad and un-glamourous in frovember.

retro renovation

now you know what to wear, here’s where you should be looking for interior styling advice. i love retro renovation, its a way for me to live vicariously though other people’s renovations etc without having to lift a sledgehammer. and there are lots of other reasons to read too. pam has been sharing some of her incredible cache of mid century paint/interior guides, which you must check out!

corn crack-o's

looking for a sugar high? enjoy a hearty serving of these groovy vintage kids’ cereals. hopefully they won’t give you that 10.30am sugar crash… or some kind of dangerous addiction!


speaking of sugary pleasures, pecan+maple is one of my most favorite flavour combinations, and it isn’t something you see much here in australia so it looks like i’ll have to make my own fun. and by fun i mean ice cream, and by ice cream i mean this maple syrup icecream with candied walnuts (but make mine pecans!) from poppytalk. also, to the pecan+maple taffy that i ate in san francisco: mama’s comin’ for ya!

and lastly, some terry gilliam madness. my favourite is the last segment created from christmas cards. there really isn’t much i can say to do justice to any of it though.

do you have five favorites you’d like to share on your own blog? go ahead: grab the graphic, and leave a link in the comments for us to visit!