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thank you, guests

i hope you enjoyed the guest bloggers who stopped by last month while i was away. i was so excited to see the amazing content each had to share. aren’t i lucky to know such cool and generous ladies? in case you were traveling too or you’d just like a refresher, here’s a recap:

lori marie showed us how to make amazing painted jar luminaries

cintia shared some of her enviable vintage linen towel collection

jenny perked up our morning with a rooster roundup!

danielle showed off her fabulous collection of vintage vinyl doll cases

ness became the first nudist on, in her vintage fabric illustration

jenny came back to chase off those roosters with a kitty collection

and peta made us get up and dance!

once again, thank you to all

Pink 'n loud

image from midcenturydesign on flickr

When I met Pilgrim, I was instantly spellbound by both her creativity and her bright and sincere personality.

Additionally, one of my favorite things about Pilgrim is her boyfriend. Now that may seem like a strange thing to say, especially since I am doing this guest post on Pilgrim’s blog, but I love the fact that her boyfriend – unlike my husband – is into heavy metal and hard rock, with a special fondness for the 1980’s era. OK, my husband does like some metal, but not hard rock, and he hates Bon Jovi, which are not really hard rock, but it breaks my heart all the same.

Peter and I have gone to see bands together, we share metal related in-jokes via Twitter and we always have something to chat about when we’re in the same company, which is not something I can say often in relation to my friends’ partners.

Now you’re probably expecting me to post some 80’s hard rock songs, I’m not. Instead I am going to post 5 of songs that I hope you get up and dance to.

‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After MIdnight)’ – ABBA

‘All Over The World’ – ELO

‘Do You Remember The First Time?’ – Pulp

‘Take Me Out’ – Franz Ferdinand

OK, I have to include this…

‘Ace of Spades’ – Motorhead

That’s all from me, if you would like to check out my website or follow my ramblings on my blog, head over to

Bye for now!

✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽

oh peta – you had me right up until motorhead – but i’ll forgive you because you included pulp and ELO.

i apologize for this post not appearing earlier in the week when it was supposed to. i think maybe i angered a gypsy and got a wordpress curse put on me. spooooky!

click pic to embiggen

Thank you for the ever-so-lovely Miss Pilgrim for inviting me to be a guest of her wonderful blog. Every time I visit here I feel happier…don’t you? That’s it….breathe in Pilgrim’s colours….breathe, breathe…your day will be brighter after your visit!

When Pilgrim first emailed me to ask if I wanted to be a guest my first reaction (apart from doing some sort of weird yip for joy at the computer) was to get some shots from my American Fabrics magazines. I was lucky enough to purchase a large collection of them in 2009…they were basically the world bible for fabric manufacturers from the 1940s until the 1970s. I pictured Pilgrim’s psychedelia, her retro ethic, her colours that make you want to wear-sunglasses-all-of-the-time.

So I started going through the volumes, taking some shots of retro fabrics, kitsch typefaces and kapow trippy designs that need to live beyond the 1970s. And then I came across this advertisement and that was it. I was in love. It’s Pilgrim and I together – a match made in fabric and retro design heaven. Who wants to see photos of typefaces and fabric when you can look at a design idea for advertising your Leesona textured yarns. Apparently, as the headline for the ad says, Just About Everybody is Using Leesona Textured Yarns. Well – ahem – excuse me, but I am nude there on the side, whereas Miss Pilgrim has a delightful green piece on with a kitsch pink collar and a BOW in her hair. All I have is some weird circles on my inner elbows I am still trying to work out what they are there for. And some cool chick between us has the most divine psychedelic tights and matching belt (and matching hair?) and the coolest bag. Whereas I have no accessory. So, therefore, not everyone used Leesona textured yarns back in Spring, 1968. But thank you to the advertising guru who brought us adverts like this one as where would we be without retro design and fabulous vintage fabrics? In a beige world, I think!

Thank you, Pilgrim – enjoy your trip!

✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽

thank YOU, ness! what i wouldn’t give for an afternoon alone with those american fabrics books. and congratulations on being the first nudie guest blogger on

now who’s next to disrobe? form an orderly line please.

Hi, draw! pilgrim readers, this is Danielle Thompson and I’m honored to be posting on one of my favorite blogs while one of my favorite friends is away traveling to, well, my home, the States!
My post is about the collection of vintage vinyl doll cases that I seem to have accumulated without the intention of doing so…. ahem. Sometimes you love something so much that before you know it, you have a collection of them.

What draws me to these cases (other than their wonderful nostalgic charm) are the illustrations and graphics that adorn them. I’m a sucker for a vintage illustration especially from the 60’s and 70’s.
I’ve acquired most of these through ebay, but my newest one (and new fav) is one I found at an antique mall for $15 (the best deal I’ve gotten on one of these). I love the illustration so much! The girls’ outfits are pretty much perfect.

The key to these when you’re looking is that you find ones where their vinyl is in good shape (which can be hard since it can rip easily with wear) and also making sure they don’t smell (of course that’s a risk you take with any vintage item, but always ask the seller to make sure if you are buying online). I got a doozy from Ebay that smelled like an ashtray when I opened it up. Fun!

This one is quite lovely with the floral background inside!

The interiors of these vary from simply being a case for your dolls clothes and dolls (depending on what doll you collect), to more elaborate designs with fold-out compartments and illustrations that mimic what the interior would look like, like this “Barbie Friend Ship” Airplane case from the 70’s. I saw this case on my friend’s blog (thanks for the enabling, Karli!) and immediately neeeded it. I bought mine on Ebay (for too much money) and she found her’s for a couple dollars at a thrift. If you are patient and visit your local thrifts and antique malls regularly, you are sure to find one of these doll cases. : )

This is a semi-recent purchase, “The World of Barbie House”. The inside is pretty nifty. : )

You can see different ways I’ve used these doll cases here and here.
Thanks Pilgrim for having me!

✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽

thanks danielle for sharing your enviable collection of doll cases. i wish i could travel about in such style! don’t forget to check out danielle around the web – this girl has the cutest stuff on offer! read her blog, visit the adorable etsy store, and take advantage of the cuteness on offer in her amazing digital kits shop!

Hi, I’m Cinti from My Poppet, I’ll be your guest blogger today, so pleased to meet you.

I love Pilgrim’s blog and was so honoured when she asked me to contribute some of my thoughts, we have very similar tastes, but unlike Pilgrim I’ve become particularly good at hoarding textiles. Mostly vintage fabrics from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s but also tablecloths, tea towels, vintage blankets and assorted vintage trims and other habby.

I wouldn’t call myself a collector in the strict sense of the word, I’m more of an accumulator. Today I thought you may like to see some of my favourite Linen Tea Towels, found mostly at thrift stores and garage sales. They are destined to hang on my kitchen wall, in frames, if I can find some large enough.

tea towels

In the past I have used several tea towels from my collection to create children’s clothing for my shop – dresses, pants and baby booties, bibs, quilts and little smocks. But these are just too nice to cut into so on my wall they will live, brightening up our mealtimes.

tea towels

Which of these tea towels do you like the most?

If you’d like to get to know me better, pop over to my blogs:

My Poppet and  Made of Cloth

I also have a fabulous online shop called Poppet in the Post. It’s full of lovely handmade gifts,  quirky bits and pieces from around the world and even some of my vintage fabric.

✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽

thanks so much cinti for sharing some of your enviable collection of tea towels with us. i urge all of you to check out cinti’s awesome blog and shop, linked above.

hi. my name is lori marie and i make pretty little things.

i am so happy to have the privilege to post here on pilgrim’s gorgeous blog while she’s away. i love her style so much i wanted to come up with the perfect thing to share…

so i made this set of painted glass luminaries from some old recycled jars.

i love the way they turned out and they are SO easy to make! wait’ll you see em all lit up!


scissors, glass jars, painters tape, paint brushes, acrylic paint and sealer, candles

* first you have to GET THE LABELS OFF your jars.

i like to soak them in warm soapy water before i try to scrape them off. for stubborn labels or impossible glue globs try using some nail polish remover.

* RINSE AND DRY your jars thoroughly. if they’re not completely cooled and dry the tape won’t stick

* CUT strips and stars or hearts or polka dots from painters tape and ARRANGE design

you can also use stickers or decorative edge scissors. the painters tape is pretty stretchy so i bet you could even do a pair of initials. i decided to do some simple stripes, a criss cross pattern and some twinkle stars

* ROLL THE JARS between your hands (to make sure everything is sealed down really well) you don’t want any paint to sneak underneath your tape!

* PAINT… i used about 4 coats. (use fewer coats for more transparency) i painted the background on the star jar first and then peeled the stars.

then i painted the stars on the inside of the jar in order to maintain the perfect outline (that way it doesn’t matter if you go over the lines) leave a couple of stars unpainted so your luminary will shine  silhouettes on the wall

*PEEL YOU TAPE BEFORE IT DRIES all the way (or it will peel your paint off).

…i made the mistake of sealing before peeling…

* APPLY SEALER after your tape is peeled and your paint is dry. (use a toothpick to scrape off any paint that sneaked under the tape.)

they probably won’t be perfect, but that part of the charm! drop in a couple of small candles and you have a pretty new set of twinkling jars

you can also use them to hold a little bunch of wildflowers or maybe your magic wand 🙂

✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽

thanks lori marie for sharing this pretty craft idea. i urge all of you to check out lori marie’s beautiful shop. her work is so pretty and fresh. i have a felt flower pin by her and its one of my favorite accessories for perking up a simple cardigan.

today i have asked for a guest post from peter, who writes the world’s best guitar and music blog: i heart guitar. i may be biased, though! full disclosure: he is my boyfriend… or maybe i should say, he is my polygamist boyfriend: i have to share him with a bunch of guitars. either way he is great and knows great stuff.

take it away, peter:

I’m a guitar geek. I’m a big ‘ol guitar geek and there’s nothing anyone can to do help me. Ever since I saw guys like George Harrison and Mark Knopfler on telly when I was a kid, I was addicted to that combination of wire and wood. I didn’t realise it at the time but most of the designs I really liked happened to be vintage models from the 50s and 60s. Sure, my tastes later developed into pointy, neon-coloured 1980s heavy metal guitars from Japan, but even now I have a soft spot for cool retro and vintage designs. Well there’s a Chinese company named Eastwood which has revived a lot of these great designs – sometimes exactly, and sometimes with a few bits changed for practical reasons. Here are a few of my favourites.

Airline 59 Custom 2P

Probably best known these days as ‘That guitar Jack White plays,’ the coolest thing about the Airline 59 Custom 2P is its rubber body binding. Why? Nobody really knows…

Airline MAP

Another cool Eastwood reissue of an Airline guitar. I dig the MAP for that cool striped pickguard and let’s not forget the colour. Sure, the colour doesn’t have an actual impact on the sound (the paint and clearcoat do, but that’s a far geekier matter for another time), but I swear you could play two structurally identical guitars of different colours, and come out with a completely different musical attitude for each.

I like this because it looks like a cartoonist’s idea of what a guitar might look like. I don’t know who designed it but they should be decorated with the highest awards in the land. It comes in two colours: Lollypop Red and Taffy White. If I was born a woman I’d change my name to Taffy White.


Unlike most of my vintage guitar fetishes, the RS-II would look like a quite sedate, respectable instrument for guys in tuxedos to play at weddings, if not for the big ‘ol Ziggy Stardust-style lightning bolt awesoming it up. Also note the solitary ‘chicken head’ knob all alone while its four circular colleagues pal it up.

Saturn 63

Dig all that chrome. The Saturn 63 continues Eastwood’s tradition of reissuing guitars that feature completely unnecessary yet absolutely indispensable accoutrement. Why is there chrome binding on the body and around those holes? Nobody knows. Nobody needs to know. It’s just awesome, and that should be enough.


This is Eastwood’s version of the famed Ovation Breadwinner used by Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra. I could go on but what more needs to be said that that? ELO, people!

Wandre DLX

Here’s another guitar that falls into the ‘probably not designed by a guitarist’ category. It’s so out-there, from the asymmetrical shape to the cool apostrophe graphics around each of those three switches. I love how voluminous the headstock is, and the stars on the neck… how could you possibly not want to invite a guitar with stars on the neck into your life?


Finally there’s the EEB-1 bass. Not content with merely having violin-style f-holes cut into the top of the body, the EEB-1 has them going all the way through the freaking body. And not only that: the majority of the body is covered in a plastic scratchplate. I love how bold this design is, and how it messes with traditional design schemes.

For more on Eastwood guitars, visit their website at Oh and feel free to visit my blog, if you want to read about more of this kinda stuff. It’s okay if you don’t.