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happy knitters

hi! long time no 7by7… take a whole month of pics at once and call me in the morning.

these knitting needles don’t look too bothered though. aren’t they cute? they hang out with me while i work at do re me. i’m hoping to learn to use them at the knitting workshop! maybe you can come and take my bookbinding workshop?

lemon lime & bitters
a nice lemon, lime and bitters before dinner does the trick. or a gin and tonic. or a bottle of scotch and a dominos pizza menu. whatever.

retro revival lampshade
dig my groovy new retro print revival lampshade i picked up at the finders keepers market! it was extremely hard to choose, but it compliments our bluey greeny dining area perfectly.

easter hunt

we had an easter hunt. everyone helped look!

hawaiian Space dress
this is my hawaiian space dress. how could it not be my favorite dress?! i wear it lots because you’re not likely to bump into someone else wearing a hawaiian space dress.

pressed tin roof

this is the pressed tin roof of the verandah at the do re me store, its by no means the fanciest pressed tin ceiling in melbourne, but seeing them always makes me happy. i love the detail of old properties.

sexy tarts

CAKE BREAK! i live near acland st. there are many cake shops on acland st. so many cake shops with so many cakes in windows. tourists clog the pavements on weekends just taking photos which was a real nightmare when acland st was our local shops, now we live a bit further away and only have to shove meth addicts out of the way to go grocery shopping. but back to the cakes… mmmmm

7by7: my week in pictures

nicholas building hopper


when i left you last week i was picking up the keys to my studio in the nicholas building. this is very exciting and i’m going to tell you more next week, but in the meantime look who i met! its an urban mid-city grassless hopper!

retrostar dressing rooms

a couple of floors below my studio is one of melbourne’s biggest vintage clothing boutiques, retrostar. while it does have lots of groovy stuff, its stupidly priced (sorry retrostar, but its true. and after vintaging in the US my suspicions were confirmed) so its only for special occasions. their dressing rooms are papered with charming vintage magazines. spot the 40 year old iced vovo!

dayglo dress

oops i bought a dress at retrostar. but like i said, its an ‘only for special occasions shop’ and so here is my celebratory ‘i got a studio’ dress.


flower clippies

and here are my ‘i’ve got hair clips to go with that dress!’ hair clips

candy break

stop. candy time. haribo starmix is my gummi candy of choice.


upsidedown cat

when i got home someone had put the cat upside down on a tram ticket.. i thought it best not to ask questions.


and lastly, here is a detail of my pinboard. i took a few fresh shots of my desk this week before some of it gets moved to my studio, and this vignette stood out as one that seemed to sum things up.


i hope your weekend is nice. you should make some lemonade with real lemons. its refreshing when its hot weather, and when its cold weather its so soothing with lots of honey. i’ve been dying for some lemonade all week so maybe i’ll go find a lemony neighbor.

7by7: my week in pictures


what. a. week! i had to pinch myself at some points to check i wasn’t dreaming, and at other times i was checking to see if i was strapped into this rollercoaster! the highs were high and the lows were.. thankfully in the minority. but let’s see the photo finish, shallll weeeee?


new books!


because you awesome readers had bought stuff through my amazon associate link i got a little voucher to use! thank you sweet people – i used it well i promise. i bought ‘lifestyle illustrations of the 60s’ and ‘custom lettering of the 60s and 70s’ (IT’S A TRAP! if you purchase those i get more amazon funbucks so only click through if you like helping out poor starving artists who like buying nice books and sharing them with their attractive and intelligent readers) both by the super-fantastiche rian hughes. holy cow these books are incredible inspiration! my mind suffered a blow out just flicking through, and i had to go lie down. i promise i’ll show you a couple of pages inside because people, you need to own these books.


psychedelic monet


yes, sausages, i know its blurry. my camera’s timer decided to censor my outfit photo – but you know, i like this version better. its dreamy, and impressionistic. its monet on LSD, its carol brady without her contacts in, its what it looks like to lay down all thought and surrender to the void.


jelly slinbacks


i think perhaps i inadvertently started a new thing, with shoe photo friday. no turquoise patent leather this week, here i’m wearing melissa jelly slingbacks. i adore melissas – they smell like bubblegum, they’re all crazy and cute and they’re jellies so you could gnaw on them for days and they’d be fine (i’m looking at you mr kitty.. one too many pair or chewed leather ballet flats and i may have got your point). my point is, i have many pairs, so you should too!




step in to the glittery universe. i’ve been transfixed by the lucite bangle i wore to the roxy music gig last week. can i holiday in lucite, please?


knitty cactus


how’s this for a nifty gift: the unkillable cactus. in search of a cute hostess gift i popped in to the little shop of handmade *cough* stockist *cough* and emerged triumphantly with that cute guy pictured up there. it was well received and you’re all getting knitted cacti now. that sounded like oprah: YOU GET A CACTI, AND YOU GET A CACTI*


* cacti only valid with special occasion in-person visits.


no! unicorn, don't do it!


brutal scenes from a child’s party. the unicorn got strung up on the clothes line and beaten until its sweet, sweet interior gave out.




if i can’t holiday in lucite, can i vacation in sprinkles? please? c’mon! you can come with..



finally, my son is old enough to appreciate the ways of the stylophone. if you’re unfamiliar, the stylophone is a pocket sized, battery run synthesizer. you can hear it in space oddity by david bowie, and styloroc: nights in suburbia by pulp, amongst other songs. next week: baby’s first moog. i wish. mama needs herself a mellotron first! hey if you’re interested in these synthesizer type things, check out the new sound of music, from 1979.


hope your weekend is filled with sparkles, synths and sprinkles

7by7: my week in pictures


hey you! want to see what my week (and a bit) looked like?

omg. shoes.


i’m spending my wednesdays at a cutie pie store called do re me, in horne st right by elsternwick train station (you should pop in and visit!). anyway not working at home means i have an excuse to get dressed! on wednesday i dragged out one of my many (yes seriously) pairs of turquoise shoes. they’re patents from quick brown fox a few years old. cute, right?


i'm going to japan!


if you caught my last post you’d have noticed i mentioned i’m going to japan for a couple of weeks in june. let the plotting and planning and excited giggling COMMENCE!


cintia makes sandwich


now let us marvel on the most delicious and adorable picnic food ever: poached chicken sandwiches made by cintia. there is nothing that girl can’t do well: yes those are chive bows around each sandwich!


kindergarten pencils


pencils at my son’s kindergarten look like candy, don’t you think? they made me want to pull up a painfully tiny chair and go bananas on some reams of butchers paper.


apollo 11 pennant


speaking of the kiddo, i finally hung one of my favourite LA souvenirs: a vintage felt pennant from the moon landing. my son loves space stuff and it looks groovy above his moon wall light, don’t you think? it came from  the unbelievably amazing shine gallery.


pretty pony


i took a break from staring at the glowing computer screen last weekend to whip up a little pretty pony present for a party. the recipient loved it, and it was lots of fun to make. having a boy is ace, but its nice to vicariously live through other people’s girly girls. the fabric is japanese, the pattern was vintage and i crocheted a ruffle mane.


roxy glam


last night i lived out a teenage dream: i saw roxy music live in person. i was hugely into glam rock as a teenager, sneakily wearing sparkle tights under my school uniform and pretending i lived in the video clip of virginia plain. i got all glammed up, raised some eye brows on the train there, and then danced myself silly. good times. they even played my favorite song of theirs: pyjamarama. next i want to do it all again at a bowie concert. hint HINT DAVID!! (because you know bowie is reading my blog haha)


wishing you all a glamtastic weekend of boogying and feeling like you’re 16 all over.

7by7: my week in pictures


cute as a button! i’m reeeeeally excited to share with you some new button badge treats in the draw! pilgrim store. there are four different sets, each containing four different designs, and all with many adorable uses. head to the store to see the range, i think you’ll like them!


this week i visited do re me, a really delicious new store (and stockist of mine!) in elsternwick. i spotted these quilts there and had to snap them. such pretty fabrics. i think they’re my poppet treasures because such gorgeous fabric must come from the hallowed poppet fabric vault!


mmmmmmm our christmas tree. i’m sorry it isn’t scratch and sniff.

decorating the tree

and here it is, decoration in progress. our tree decorating helper did a great job and was so respectful to the old glass ornaments. now to train him to un-decorate the tree and pack everything away nicely. little virgo guy will be an expert in a few years for sure!


i got this amazing color wheel necklace from yellow owl workshop. it arrived last week and i’ve barely taken it off since. isn’t that little glass vial cute? such fun packaging. speaking of magical color amulets of power…


i looked up from my desk and realized i had a nice little apple green tableau going on. its a very fresh, energizing color to be around and that corner is the source of ALL my power. also i frequently eat green apples there so its extra powerful. and appley.


and lastly i wanted to share with you a quiet moment. i had the house to myself, everything was quiet and tidy and cool. i did some work, and then i took a break and enjoyed a mango. it probably doesn’t translate, but it was just kind of blissful. and yes, i like to work from the floor occasionally. i also derive power from sitting cross legged.

i hope you have a weekend of blissful moments. don’t forget to grab a festive angel printable for your christmas table!

7by7: my week in pictures

i’ll be totally honest with you, these aren’t all from this week. i know, i know – its an intricate web of lies, but this week has been so rainy and rubbish i’ve had no opportunity to get snap happy. so this is more like a summary of my past month instead…

dress! shoes!

first and foremost i really must give thanks to the god of shopping who has smiled on me lately. turquoise swedish hasbeens boots, purple tory burch reva jelly flats and possibly the best dress ever. just looking at that dress makes me excited beyond belief!

tray bien

and a new treasure that deserves a picture all of its own – this 60’s dekka plastics bird tray. what a fabulous bird that is, and its new home is my lounge room wall.


maybe all that luck is from this little guy? my boyfriend found it on the way home from work last week.


i adore this photo. there needs to be more adult-life situations that call for haring around a park with a bunch of balloons. in fact just more balloons in general!


look, i found a rainbow on the wall. the wall texture almost makes it look like a magic eye picture. can you see the schooner? (that’s a ‘mallrats’ joke)


we made puddings! narrowly missing “stir up sunday” miss cintia, miss shelley, and miss kirstie and i gathered to observe uh, “mix up monday”. mixtures were mixed, puddings were steamed, company was enjoyed and now we all have lovely puddings for christmas day. don’t they look cute sitting on the counter so plump?

white christmas

and finally i leave you literally with a slice of australian christmas… “white christmas slice”. candied fruit, rice bubbles and white chocolate together in one convenient festive treat. deliciously tooth melting.

have a fabulous weekend and don’t forget that my yard sale is wrapping up at 12am melbourne time sunday december 5th.

7by7: my week in pictures


last weekend we flew to the capital city of australia: canberra. if you’re not from australia – i bet you thought our capital was sydney, right? well canberra is a couple of hours drive from sydney and is quite a charming little city. even if it is a bit labyrinthine what with all those roundabouts and such. the reasons we visited was for my boyfriend’s family reunion. i was a bit nervous – i’m from a very small family (the only child of an only child of an only child on one side!) so the thought of meeting dozens of aunts and cousins and such was overwhelming. thankfully everyone was really lovely and it was so special to see my son with his father, grandfather, and great grandfather.


one of the first things i noticed about canberra was their kerrraaaazy bus shelters! isn’t it amazing?! its so mod it looks like a space ship will pass by. i also appreciated the bus company in canberra was called ACTION, or Australian Capital Territory (that’s the “state” canberra is in) Internal Omnibus Network. best acronym ever or what! personally i feel the use of ‘omnibus’ is stretching it a bit but, whatevs. sit in your space pod and get on the next ACTIO that passes by.


before we left we vaguely discussed the attractions we’d visit while in canberra and i was happy with what was on offer. then, on the plane there my boyfriend drops the bomb that there is a miniature village just out of town. *record scratch sound effect* WHAT? no body keeps miniature towns secret from me! so after dropping our bags we headed straight to “cockington green”. i’ll share more pictures next week because people, cockington green is worthy of its own post! when we discovered this wishing fountain with dyed blue water i wished for every holiday to include kitschy miniatures.


what’s that, the breakfast they served on the plane? nope. its a rock. from THE moon. yeah, earth’s moon. you may recall i have a space obsessed son (and boyfriend actually… one time we had a tiff because he was spending more time with a meteor than with me) so a visit to the deep space communication complex at tidbinbilla was a given. i was pretty excited to go too i admit and it was really exciting to see the huge radio telescope dishes there, including the original dish used to transmit the first images of man landing on the moon. staring up at the huge white dishes was humbling and the fact that we got ourselves on to the moon with computer’s that are probably now out-run by calculators is just incredible. go team space! and yay! look at the ROCK from THE MOON! you know, the moon up there!


i’m not sure i was supposed to be taking photos in the space centre, but i’m shutter-happy so i furtively took some snaps. these patches from various missions were neat i thought but there were better ones i really wanted to snap. unfortunately they were continually blocked by an enthusiastic guide who would trap anyone approaching in an intense conversation. my love of not being talked to death over ran my love of a good embroidered patch photo. i wish i was clever enough to work for nasa and get groovy space patches. *cough* hear that nasa – i’d like a patch or two. and in case you were wondering, my favourite missions were the pre-gemini-suit mercury missions when they got to wear silvery space suits. now that’s a spaceman!


while the boy’s checked out the questacon science museum i got to spend a leisurely morning strolling through the national gallery of australia. it really was bliss and the gallery has a fabulous 20th century collection, and now a vast series of galleries of indigenous art. i saw sidney nolan’s ned kelly series, and i sat in front of the infamous blue poles by jackson pollock. i really enjoyed the little exhibition of anton bruehl’s photography form 1920-1950. how groovy is this ceiling? the national gallery was officially opened in 1982 (just like me!) and a huge new wing has just opened as of last month.  i got a bit of a thrill when i saw a book by my mum’s dear friend in the book shop, there was a moment of ‘hmm is it appropriate to run around a fancy store pointing to a book and shouting “i know who wrote this! i did work experience for her! she’s ace”. i decided to play it cool and just move it to the middle of the shelf instead – so no one missed it.


in the grounds of the gallery is an amazing sculpture garden. it was so cool and quiet to wander amongst the trees and enjoy the works. opposite the sculpture garden is a huge lake with an island that houses the carillion: a bell tower. as i was wandering they started playing the bells, and it was pretty special to be amongst nature and the art (including a fog sculpture by fujiko nakaya!) this photo shows part of james turrel’s mesmerizing installation ‘within without’. i’ll leave you to meditate on those surfaces and wish you an excellent weekend as full of priceless experiences as mine was last weekend.

7by7: my week in pictures

vintage dreams really do come true

excuse the less-than amazing mirror photo, but i was just so excited to show you that vintage dreams can come TRUE! yes, that dress i’m wearing is the exact same one as a dress i swooned over when i showed you snippets from the early-70s sears catalog! during one of my many etsy vintage expeditions to round up my ‘as seen on etsy’ posts i stumbled upon this dress and just about fell off the sofa. now it’s mine and i love it very, very, much.

meet barbara

meet barbara. i actually met her a couple of weeks back but she charmed me so i must include her. she’s a lovely gal who lives in a lovely home her chicken-mum dani made. i really liked the way she gave me a number of poses while i took her picture and then she retired to her quarters and started telling the other chooks off for not coming to bed early too! even hens need their beauty sleep, right barbara?

wisteria lane

i’m starting to feel like there are flowers all through my 7by7 posts. maybe i’ll have to include “gratuitous flower shot” warnings! i just really like flowers, and i want to share the pretty flowers i find with you. aren’t these wisteria spectacular? there was a whole shower of them along the fence. it was like a big purple cloud was hovering there.

cute as a button

other people’s inspiration boards are always fascinating aren’t they? this is a peek at peta pledger’s pin board. you know she has some insane bargains available during her frocktober special. check it out because her clothes are beautifully made! i’m so excited to be working with her on a very cool dress of my own right now.

the blue ball of happiness

there is really no way to segue into this photo. perhaps just an explanation? one date night a while ago the boy and i were killing time at the mall waiting for the movie to start. we played skeeball and people watched and then decided to try our luck with the bouncy-ball gumball machine. there was loads of different kinds of balls but i saw one single faceted ball like this on the top of the pile and thought it was awesome. “i hope we get a faceted one…. but i only see that one on top” i said as i put our $2 in and turned the crank and out came…. this faceted ball. i was pretty excited. now it hangs around the house and every now and then will surface and enchant me once again. isn’t it cool? it looks like its a gem from some mystical temple or something. but bouncy!

salad days

we’ve had deliciously warm days here earlier in the week and i’m so happy to be able to toss together delicious impromptu salads. this refreshing concoction accompanied some chilli, rice and sweet corn and it was goooooood. are you digging that 50’s bowl? that was my grandma rowie’s and many a fine waldorf salad was served in it’s groovy atomic curves.

gratuitous flower shot

and one final gratuitous flower shot to end the week. i can’t walk by a daisy bush without taking one. this one made it home and demanded i take pictures of its gloriously sunny self. i love that yellow in the centre!

on that note, have a sunny and glorious weekend and i’ll see you back here next week with more details on my online yard sale that you should join in with too. and stop by be a fun mum to see an interview with me about my house & decorating.

7by7: my week in pictures

my mug shelf

after the other week’s as seen on etsy featuring mugs, a commenter asked about my own mugs. well, here some of the are. i have lots of pedestal mugs made in japan in the 60s! they really do make me very happy, and each time i have a drink from one it gives me a little thrill, truly. i think its important to surround yourself with things that give you that reaction. you should truly love the things you buy.

latte dude

and sometimes its the contents of the mugs that give me a thrill: i found a smiley guy in my latte! isn’t that funny? it was purely accidental – and purely delicious! i’m afraid he didn’t survive too long after this picture was taken. but we’ll always have the picture, won’t we latte guy.


as mentioned on tuesday, we went to our fair and much fun was had by all. we brought home a little fun with us, because who can resist pinwheels. normally we get a dolly on a stick, but i only just binned last year’s! oh and the fairy floss didn’t last long enough for a photo!


while waiting for the train home from the fair i noticed my son is getting his first few freckles across his nose! my freckles have faded along with my childhood loathing of them, but when i was smaller i was quite the freckle face. no surprise my fair boy is taking after his mama.

le jardin

i don’t believe i’ve ever shown my garden, but here it is! freshly tidied by some extremely super people. you see, i’m trying to be a grown up. and grown ups like things like gardens, so i asked many questions of the experts who took away the prickly bushy thing, and pulled up the wrong green parts. now i know i need some seaweed fertilizer and i should probably go out there once in a while to weed, rather than drink campari in the (just out of shot) hammock.

totally herbaceous, dude!

grown ups like gardening and cooking too, so it only makes sense that i, as a grown up, should grow my own herbs to cook with. even having them here in proximity to me has made me cook slightly better!


and lastly, i bought a pretty flower to put by my door. apparently a dead poinsettia from last christmas and a shrivelled cobwebbed cactus aren’t the best feng shui or somesuch. and this is why you rarely see photos of the outside of my house! so keep me in check – ask about the herbs and garden etc and hopefully it will motivate me to not neglect them!

in other “i’m being an adult” news, i’ve eaten at least one piece of fruit each day (sometimes two though) and i’ve tried my best to drink eight glasses of water each day too (though mostly i can only fit seven). i feel a lot better for it, no wonder its the foundation of good health. now excuse me, but i have to pee again for the 475th time. see you monday!

7by7: my week in pictures

holographic ribbon curtain

i’m still a bit obsessed with the holographic ribbon curtain we had at the space birthday. its long gone, but i could stare at this photos for hours. its hypnotic and kaleidoscopic.

hippity vintagey birthday card

kaaaaa-uuuuute!! boing boing boing. ms peta pledger gave this vintage birthday card. its so adorable, and so special to have received a vintage card. look at the happy bunnies and frogs!

birthday morning

nothing like having your very own kid to bring the excitement back to birthday mornings. he was even excited about opening his card! and that one wasn’t even the groovy vintage one.

desk critters

while tidying up for the party i found a bunch of these guys hangin’ out on my desk. i should remind you it was not i who just turned four, however i like plastic toys a lot. these little chaps are all tiny charms from decole bath fizzies etc. the red petit baby deer i bought separately.

organizer pen pocket

those of you who’ve read for a while know how much i love my list making and my filofax. i also like to color-code my daily tasks for quick-glance reading. so, i’ve tried using the zippered pocket that came with the filofax but it got on my nerves and the pen holder on the side doesn’t fit most regular pens, so i decided to make my own penholder that i could store all my pens in, and access one without needing to pull them aaaaall out. i was inspired by the crayon wallets dannielle made for my son’s party favours. as you can see, its fabric with five pockets – one for each pen. it’s impossible to see in this photo, but it has a clear plastic strip that clips into the folder, so everything stays put! it was all very cheap, the fabric i had, the clear plastic is an overhead projector sheet that i cut to size and punched holes into and the whole thing is stuffed with a bit of cardboard to stop it flopping about! necessity is the mother of invention, and i’m pretty proud of my filo-hack! filofaxes are the BEST!

sky high opal nails

speaking of the best.. my nail varnish this week matches my filofax. hawt. its 60 seconds “sky high” by rimmel. the opal ring was my grandma rowie’s and i wear it everyday. its an amazing color and a groovy 60s style. i think its very her, but also very me and i like that its a bridge between us.

man hands

speaking of hands, these are my boy’s hands. i think he has really lovely hands, they’re the well manicured hands of a musician, but still masculine enough to feel safe around my girly hands.

wishing you all a fab weekend. we’re off to the melbourne show (carnival) so i’ll see you on monday with a sugar-hangover the size of a prize winning bull!