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My awesome friend (and employer!) has been fostering kittens through Cheltenham Cat Rescue and i’ve been so inspired by the good work they do i wanted to help. Sadly we’re not in the position to foster rescued cats before making their way to forever homes, so i’ve used my design skills and created an activity book!


There’s 24 pages of kitty pictures for colouring in, and things like a maze, wordsearch, spot the difference, jokes and facts. To download your own copy, click the link below

Buy Now

100% of profits from this book will be passed directly to Cheltenham Cat Rescue. And don’t forget to visit their site and learn about what they do, and how you could help!

crochet christmas wall hanging pattern

i’m so excited to finally share the pattern for this mid-century macramé inspired crochet wall hanging i made! i have always wanted one of these christmas tree wall hangings but never seemed to come across them thrifting. being the spoiled girl i am, i decided i must have one and would just have to take matters into my own hands!  based on a picture of a 1960s knitted tree i found in an old magazine, i recreated the pattern as a crochet project.


draw pilgrim christmas wall hanging pattern

i’ve taken out all the trial and error and prepared for you a complete crochet pattern with stitch diagram AND written instructions. i know this seems like a big crochet project, and it will take you some time – but its not really that complex and if you can do basics like chain, single and double crochet – you can do this! the five branches all follow the same series of row patterns so once you’ve made one branch, you’ve pretty much mastered the whole process. Click below to purchase the pattern at a special introductory price!

Buy Now

please note this pattern is written in US crochet terminology but i do include a glossary of stitches and conversions in the instructions.

the materials are only as expensive as you choose them to be: while i usually work with pure wool yarn, i chose acrylic for this project because the thought of a moth chomping through my tree while it was stored for the majority of the year was too much to bear!

i hope you love this pattern – let me know if i’ve missed any important information.


ps: don’t forget about my ever popular matchbox advent calendar DIY!

its almost easter! that can only mean one thing: festive printable time (oh, yeah and eggs and bunnies and stuff) and so i have made for you this very nifty bunny box printable!


not only is it my patented super-fun black and white coloring-in version, there is also a full color, ready to print’n’gift template for you! TWO FOR ONE BUNNIES! in fact it’s $2 for two funny bunny box templates in 1 easily downloaded PDF file, and just like real bunnies, you can multiply them infinitely (or rather, print as many as you need – for personal use only though – please don’t sell or reproduce these crafty bunnies)

get a funny bunny box here

why are some printables no longer free?

please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.

see, this box is clever – the interlocking funny bunny’s face keeps the box closed, and the egg hidden!


its big enough to fit a real egg in it (or a whole bunch of tiny chocolate ones) or maybe you could find a fabulous painted wooden pysanky like the one pictured – that one is from little sparrow, the fabulous toy & handcraft supply store i work at a few days a week!
i hope you enjoy the funny bunny egg box! and i hope your easter is full of all your favorite treats.


advent matchbox kit

as a kid my mum would put together the BEST advent calendars for me – counting down to christmas was almost more fun than christmas day itself! when i was really small she bought fabulous cardboard calendars from europe – the ones with tiny doors you open, and there’s a little picture inside. these made a big impression on me; i was only about 2 or 3 but i can still remember some of the illustrations. each year i’d have a different kind of calendar: one year each day was a tiny book telling part of the sort of the nutcracker (to hang on the christmas tree). some years i’d get a little chocolate each day, and so on…

when i turned 7 mama stepped up her game – she made me a fabric advent calendar, with little pockets. each day of december she would tuck a little tiny present in there, or a slip of paper with an activity written on it. she did this for me every year until i turned 18 and moved to england. even then, she’d email me funny or cute things every day of december. so when i had my son i was thrilled to have the chance to pass on this tradition that had brought me SO much happiness through the years. its really only been a couple of christmases so far, but he totally gets it. we say the advent fairies come and leave little surprises for him and he rushes out every morning to see what’s arrived. i’ve been using the old fabric calendar my mum made, but this year i felt like something new and so, inspired by those fabulous vintage european matchbox labels, i created a printable kit of matchboxes to countdown to christmas with!

how to make them

first you need to purchase, download and save my advent matchbox kit:

Buy Now

the kit contains:

  • 24 individually designed matchbox labels by draw! pilgrim, all vintage style with an aged color tint, fake ‘off register’ color overlaps and a variety of european christmas greetings
  • 24 templates to fold up the matchbox bases/drawers
  • a template for slips of paper to write notes for treats or activities etc


what you will need

aside from the kit mentioned above, you’ll need to print the templates on heavy-ish paper: regular printer paper is quite flimsy – it’d be ok for using JUST this year, but if you want to use these matchboxes again i recommend something a little heavier, around 300gsm (i believe thats equivalent to 200lbs weight). printing at home is convenient but for paper advice you might want to splurge and take this project to the print shop where you can see what range of papers they have and decide what will fold best for your needs.

you will also need:

  • glue or double sided tape,
  • scissors and/or a guillotine paper cutter (it makes cutting down the sheets of labels a bit faster and neater)
  • a bone folder or scoring tool will really give you great crisp edges when folding.



what to fill the boxes with?


you know your own people best, but some ideas are:

  • tiny candies: jellybeans, m&ms etc
  • individual chocolates
  • hair accessories
  • teensy toys



or put in slips of paper hinting at where to find treats that are just a bit too big for the matchbox, e.g.: “look behind the dictionary!” and there will be hidden a new matchbox car or a little bottle of nail polish.


or write a list of treat experiences: “let’s put up the christmas tree!” “let’s go out for egg nog!” “gingerbread decorating day!” etc

how to display your calendar?


  • thread them on a string and hang them as a garland across a mantlepiece or door frame
  • add a strip of magnetic tape and put them up on your fridge
  • leave one each day on their bedside table
  • put one in their lunchbox
  • hang them all vertically on a length of string
  • …or just stick them all to a plain colored poster sheet!


so go ahead! its so much fun and a project that the whole family can get involved in.

did you have christmas countdown traditions too?


those of you who follow me on twitter might have seen this chewbacca cuddly toy i made for a gift. you were all so desperate to get your hands on one that i felt obliged to share the pattern i made up.

so go forth and sew! please let me know of any issues with the pattern – its my first try so be gentle.

this chewie is about 50cm tall and made of durable pinwale corduroy, guaranteed to last for at least twelve parsecs. Wait a minute … a parsec is a unit of distance, not time! you lied to me, lucas! lied to me!

Buy Now

why some printables are no longer free.

please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.

so, we had a party… it was pretty epic. feel free to skim over and admire the photos, or continue reading and find out how you can have an epic party too – i’m even sharing party printables!


each year, around june i ask my son what he wants for his september birthday party. i love parties, so i get excited early and i’m eager to start planning! the rest of the year we’re busy and we have to say “no” to a lot of stuff, but birthday time is SACRED! so far we’ve had “alice in wonderland”, “space” and this year he asked me for a “willy wonka/charlie and the chocolate factory” themed party. i thought that was pretty neat considering he share’s his birthday with roald dahl and we’ve read the book multiple times and watched both movies many multiples of times.

this theme is a blessing and a curse, though. you have so much inspiring material to begin with that its not like you need to brainstorm too hard, but then both the book and the movies provide such awe inspiring descriptions of the factory that that’s a BIG job to try and live up to!


tri-fold invite, inside and out


i started off “small” with the invitations. the obvious choice was to send out bars of chocolate with golden tickets! and who am i to question the obvious choice?! however i’m neither made of postage money or chocolate so i opted for 2D double-sided paper wonka bars that were cheaper and simpler to post.

i made you a special printable version to use for your own wonka party! and don’t forget to ask your print shop to print them double sided –  just fill in the party host, the location, time and date, your phone number and “RSVP by” date.

Buy Now

please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.


angel food truffles, plate candy decorations, chocolate+candy spoons

party buffet,

cake batter rice krispies, banana splits, rainbow jello

pinterest came through big time with decor ideas, and the rest was just some creative thinking. above are some of the inspiring bits and pieces that pinterest delivered. i didn’t use them all, but maybe you’ll find them useful.

the big issues i had to solve with making this party all that it could be were:

a) making a big impact, on a small budget and scale

b) not wasting too much stuff (food, money, materials)

a tight color palette is the answer to all of life’s problems, but it helps parties look well put together with minimal effort and expense. turns out there’s not much chocolate brown party supply out there so i happily used the groovy pink/orange/yellow color scheme of the wonka bar packaging.

you can make a big impact with a knock-out buffet display – let the food display be part of the decor: decorative AND delicious! i really lucked out finding a groovy striped plastic table cloth in those colors which served as the backdrop to the table AND the table cloth (it was long).

we had pink and orange plates and cups from our birthday shindig, so i mixed in some new yellow ones, and some orange striped napkins. some of the plates even made their way into the decor as cellophane wrapped candies (see down a little further).

in my intensive, focused, scientific, party research phase i loved the jars of candy i was seeing at other people’s parties – but we will never eat three full jars of candy in 1000 years so that was just wasteful in our situation. my solution was to whip up some graphic faux candy! i printed out paper inserts for the jars and some paper lollipops too. these would be fun to do with your kiddo – get them involved in the preparation by stamping, drawing or painting some candy jar fillings!


~ Menu ~

fizzy lifting lemonade

everlasting bubblegum cordial

(if you’re in australia, cottee’s make “gubble bum” flavor cordial)

ice water


chocolate crackles

birthday cake flavor rice krispie treats

chocolate+candy spoons

coconut strawberries

jelly slice

pretzels, chips, popcorn

mini candy bars

lots and lots of candies!


and i was instructed to make a “chocolate birthday cake, with chocolate frosting, and chocolate” to follow. i made just that! and i decorated it with smarties (candy covered chocolates like flatter m&ms) in the shape of a 5. this cake is kind of an homage to my own 5th birthday cake which my clever mama and grandmama made in the SHAPE of a FIVE, covered in smarties. it blew my tiny mind and i’ve never quite recovered.

i had every intention of also making a rainbow platter of fruits with honey yoghurt to dip, and vegetable crudité with hummus but a) i’m a chronic over-caterer and always feel wasteful after parties and b) what kid is going to eat veggies when there is a table full of candy?! we all know candy is a sometimes food, but parties are only sometimes events so i saved the fruit and veg for us to enjoy during the week. and i skipped the fairy bread too. i know, i’ll just give up my australian citizenship right now, huh? shame on me.


so there was candy for all, and sugar highs on the horizon. the only solution was to burn off some energy and distract the kids from grazing on the sugar by playing lots of fun games! here’s what we did, how we did it and what you need to do it yourself!

mike teevee’s tv quiz

think up 5-10 tv related questions your kid’s will be able to answer. give chocolate money prizes.

for example, we asked the 5 year olds:

“what color is oscar the grouch?”

“on the wiggles, what color shirt does jeff wear?”

“what type of animal is pingu?”

“on yo gabba gabba, who said they had a party in their tummy?”

“who can tell me the name of the island that thomas the tank engine lives on?”


charlie bucket’s bucket basketball



a large bucket or tub

a lot of breath or a balloon pump


put the bucket up high; participants take turns shooting balloons into the bucket. whoever can dunk the most balloons wins.

veruca salt’s bad egg and spoon race



eggs; real, plastic or chocolate depending on the age of participants

silver spoons or dumpling spoons (easier for little kids)


each participant gets a spoon balanced on an egg and they must make it around a race course without dropping their egg. no holding the eggs with your hands, though!

augusts gloop’s donut race


mini donuts for each guest

a long stick, or broom handle

kitchen twine/string


using the kitchen twine, tie the mini donuts to the string, then tie the length of string attatched to the donut to the long stick. make sure they’re equally spaced leaving enough room for everyone to stand/eat comfortably.

to play, hold up the stick with the donuts hanging down and have the children put their hands behind their back. the first to eat all of the donut without using their hands wins!

violet beauregarde’s blueberry baloon bonanza


blueberry colored balloons

small prizes you’ll be able to fit into un-inflated balloons eg: mini candy bars, small puzzles, whistles

fill blueberry colored balloons with small prizes then inflate them. get the kids to pop (squeeze, sit on) the blueberry bubbles to win their prize. have a push pin on standby for you to use in case your kiddos are too light to pop the balloons on their own.

to finish up with, i REALLY like party favor bags. its like having a little extra party after the party, so i tend to make a bit of extra effort to send home some fun treats. this year i got organized early and it paid off! i found handmade soaps (by sailormouth soaps on etsy) in the shape of frog candies, and i redeemed myself with the guest’s parents by finding a bunch of cute animal toothbrushes. packed up in gold bags with some bubble mix, and a couple of extra candies the favors made leaving the party a little less upsetting.


sure there are people who will say i’m probably spoiling my kid, but we ALL had fun – both father and son asked for the same party next year) and there’s only a few years you can be spoiled for. my mum threw fun parties for me so i like passing on those special memories to my son as its a way of keeping her fun spirit alive, but i think whatever effort you make for your children will be happily received and treasured.

maybe its the sugar talking, but i think i’d quite like to make parties happen for a living, so y’know… call me! who knows maybe we can have a pilgrim party blog.

Printable Color In Easter Egg Box

time for another festive printable me thinks! meet the color-in easter egg box. download the PDF, print, color, cut it out, assemble it and await the bunny. why are some printables no longer free? please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.

color it in and add your name!

don’t forget to add your name or the bunny might give you the kind of eggs you don’t like. or maybe you could write someone else’s name and surprise them by pretending you’re the easter bunny!

color the box template then stick it together and wait for the easter bunny!

have fun coloring, and here’s hopping (arf!) it gets filled up with delicious treats soon! what are your favourite easter eggs? i love kinder chocolate eggs by ferrero, they used to be available here in australia as ‘noggi’ eggs but now i have to rely on the kindness of europeans to satisfy my insatiable lust for praline! mmmm praline.

to DIY for: disco glam eyes

some of you sassy readers showed interest in the eye makeup i wore to see roxy music a couple of weeks ago. well, here you go: pilgrim delivers, baby! i’m no make up pro, but i have been slapping on the glitter etc since i was a starry eyed teen pretending i was going to marry david bowie.



“demi pixie” false eye lashes, like these ones.

medusa’s makeup eye dust in ‘purple rain’

medusa’s makeup eye dust in ‘barbarella’

napoleon perdis loose dust 39: ‘techno’ (possibly not available anymore)

“stick-on stones” novelty earrings

stick on earrings: playground glamor

those crazy glam rock cats were all about cheap, tacky and spaaaarkly accessories. stick on earrings are the perfect thing to give that ‘girl who fell to earth’ look. place one anywhere you’d put a beauty spot!


so here is what i did:

1. apply primer, concealer, and foundation to a clean face. pencil in your eyebrows.

2. slap on that eyeliner THICK. along the top & bottom lashes, and on the inside rim, top and bottom. smudge to blend.

3. apply the ‘purple rain’ or darker color to your eyelid, up to the crease

4. using ‘barbarella’ or a lighter eye powder apply from the crease almost up to your brow: DISCO STYLE! blend the two colors together with your brush and do the hustle.

eye glitter: it needs to be an everyday thing

5. apply your blush to suit, but keep in mind the 70s was quite ‘apple cheeked’ unless you were david bowie, in which case keep it deathly pale.

6. taking your finger, dab the eye glitter on to the lighter eye shadow near your brow. prepare to be covered in glitter for days, but really, this isn’t such a bad thing unless you just slept with a member of KISS.

7. spray your whole face with a fixing spray (not hairspray!) and sweat it up on the dance floor, confident that your makeup isn’t sliding off your face.

8. put those falsies on and bat your spidery lashes!

9. slather on the lip gloss and do your best debbie harry pout. stick the sparkly stick-on earring to your cheek or wherever.

10. slip into something lurex and go and dance around your bedroom!

frames by kitschy digitals

frames by kitschy digitals

don’t forget to embiggen your hair with frizzy curls or crimps, backcombing and spray! my hair would not stay big enough though, so maybe NASA can help us work out something better. like i said, i’m no pro, just a passionate amateur. for reference, the other make-up i am wearing is:

primer: le blanc de chanel

foundation: chanel pro lumiere in ’10 – nude’

concealer: chanel perfection in ’10’

blush: l’oreal blush delicieux in 02 ‘rosy cheeks’

eyeliner: chanel ‘stylo yeux waterproof’ in 10 – ebony

mascara: chanel inimitable in ‘noir obscur’

lips: Chi Chi lip lacquer in ‘bimbo’

i know, i know… chanel whore. i love chanel because its just right for my skin – the tones suit my pale skin, and the texture is always very light and not oily. i like MAC too but their foundation is waaaay too dark for a ghosty like me. i end up looking like i bathed in dirt. and it works out that i always ‘just happen’ to run out around my birthday or christmas so i never have buy the chanel myself! tee hee!

need something to listen to while you’re getting ready?

or maybe…

folk valentine card printable

you know those cheeky little folky people keep popping up! first it was a thanksgiving printable and now they want to help you spread the love on valentine’s day.

click here for not one, but TWO printable draw! pilgrim folk valentine cards. or click here to buy the original scandinavian folk print.

please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.

hi. my name is lori marie and i make pretty little things.

i am so happy to have the privilege to post here on pilgrim’s gorgeous blog while she’s away. i love her style so much i wanted to come up with the perfect thing to share…

so i made this set of painted glass luminaries from some old recycled jars.

i love the way they turned out and they are SO easy to make! wait’ll you see em all lit up!


scissors, glass jars, painters tape, paint brushes, acrylic paint and sealer, candles

* first you have to GET THE LABELS OFF your jars.

i like to soak them in warm soapy water before i try to scrape them off. for stubborn labels or impossible glue globs try using some nail polish remover.

* RINSE AND DRY your jars thoroughly. if they’re not completely cooled and dry the tape won’t stick

* CUT strips and stars or hearts or polka dots from painters tape and ARRANGE design

you can also use stickers or decorative edge scissors. the painters tape is pretty stretchy so i bet you could even do a pair of initials. i decided to do some simple stripes, a criss cross pattern and some twinkle stars

* ROLL THE JARS between your hands (to make sure everything is sealed down really well) you don’t want any paint to sneak underneath your tape!

* PAINT… i used about 4 coats. (use fewer coats for more transparency) i painted the background on the star jar first and then peeled the stars.

then i painted the stars on the inside of the jar in order to maintain the perfect outline (that way it doesn’t matter if you go over the lines) leave a couple of stars unpainted so your luminary will shine  silhouettes on the wall

*PEEL YOU TAPE BEFORE IT DRIES all the way (or it will peel your paint off).

…i made the mistake of sealing before peeling…

* APPLY SEALER after your tape is peeled and your paint is dry. (use a toothpick to scrape off any paint that sneaked under the tape.)

they probably won’t be perfect, but that part of the charm! drop in a couple of small candles and you have a pretty new set of twinkling jars

you can also use them to hold a little bunch of wildflowers or maybe your magic wand 🙂

✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽

thanks lori marie for sharing this pretty craft idea. i urge all of you to check out lori marie’s beautiful shop. her work is so pretty and fresh. i have a felt flower pin by her and its one of my favorite accessories for perking up a simple cardigan.