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countdown to christmas

angel printable

hot on the heels of my thanksgiving printable download i was inspired to create a christmas treat for the rest of our festive feast tables. in the great tradition of paper angels come the draw! pilgrim paper angel – you could use her as a place card, a personalized decoration, or just a little activity to keep small excited hands busy. she is black and white allowing you to leave your creative impression on her. don’t you think she could do with some color and glitter?

Click for PDF printable.

today would have been my dad’s 62nd birthday. so, happy birthday dad, wherever you are. i’ll have a whiskey and be personally offended by broad social trends on your behalf.

after mentioning “white christmas” in my 7by7 post last week i got some comments about the recipe. today i’m part of michelle’s blog party on scissorquirk and if you follow that link it will lead you to a printable white christmas recipe card! so go forth lovlies, enjoy the new look scissorquirk and enjoy making a kitschy christmas treat!

filofax pen case 2.0

a while back i showed you i’d made a little clip-in pen case that fitted my filofax ‘personal’ sized organizer. i love my organizer and its near perfect but with just one pen holder how was i to live?! i need a bunch of different colored pens on hand to er, color code my tasks. after i posted the pic of the original pen case i had lots of nice comments and tweets etc asking me if i’d share a pattern, and after road testing the original pencase for a few months i had a few modifications in mind.

filofax pen case 2.0: features

as you can see i just had to scan some of the fabric and print out a little matching cover for my notepad:

filofax pen case 2.0: now with a back pocket!

the new design is way better than the original. it might be made from a pretty vintage bed sheet, but its made to last and fits the organizer perfectly. as well as that it now features a pocket on the back that can hold random loose papers or a little notepad!

filofax pen case 2.0: materials

its quite straightforward to make even if, like me, you’re not the best at sewing and you’ve never used eyelet pliers before. if you can cut, measure and sew straight lines then you can make this pen case. a big big shout out to the gorgeous cintia from my poppet for stepping in and lending me her pliers! she saved. the. day.

so if you’d like to make your own pencase like mine, here is the pattern. if you do make one don’t forget to link back here so we can all see your handiwork!

thanksgiving printables!

i get a lot of hits on this site from people looking for information on how to draw a pilgrim. i can’t help but feel bad i don’t have any advice on this topic and even though thanksgiving is an american celebration what kind of pilgrim would i be if i didn’t share something with you lovlies?

so, for your downloading pleasure i present a festive printable you may use as a welcome sign – or you could even laminate copies and make some placemats.

if you’d prefer something you can leave your own mark on i’ve also created a black and white line/color-in version for small thanksgivers, and those who are prone to feast-related boredom. get your crayons out and color away those family tensions.

please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.

enjoy the printables and the holiday my american friends!

ps: please note my turkey!! those of you who follow me on twitter might’ve witnessed some turkey related aggression: its hard to make an ugly bird cute but i think i came as close as possible! what do you think?

click for printables IF YE DARE!

click for printable sheet of labels!

it was a dark and stormy night… my old computer had died and in order to earn my inheritance from it i was forced to spend a night in the terrifying old back up folders. i won’t lie, it was hair raising.. there were un labelled files, and things created in earlier versions of programs. at one point i was tormented by a document screaming “FONT NOT FOUND”! just before dawn broke i uncovered the most macabre of treasures: printable labels i’d created to reanimate some plain lunch bags i was packaging candy in for trick or treaters. try as i might their terrifying powers were too much to contain and i must share them with you. feel free to print them out and stick them to bags, jars, books, boxes, or whatever else you think needs halloweenifying!

the halloween lantern

(in which the author devises a plan to make a lantern from parchment baking paper and a cheese triangle box!)

read on IF YOU DARE….

draw! pilgrim halloween Poe-em

spooky by day and night!

fancy/silly poetry aside, this lantern is easy as pumpkin pie to make. all you need are some simple household items. you might even have them all in your cupboards right now!

lantern ingredients

as well as tissue paper, parchment baking paper, a round cheese-triangle box and scissors, you’ll also need a ruler, some spray adhesive, some glue and/or staples, a bit of paint, and a candle or light.

leaves and bats and ghouls... OH MY!

as you can see, i decorated my lantern with spooky bats! orange leaves and creeeepy parchment ghouls!

for the full printable instructions click here… unless you’re CHICKEN?

get yours at

i’ve made a cute chart for modern kiddo (who were just named one of the top 50 best blogs for stylish mamas – well deserved!) and you can get one for your own modern kiddos.

everyone likes to see they’re doing a good job, and this “chore chart” or “achievement checklist” is just the thing to help your kiddos pitch in. you can decide what jobs they need help remembering, and fill the chart in as they work through them. maybe they get a reward, maybe they just do it for the satisfaction of being a participating member of the family – its up to you!

get your full size printable here!

please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.


what’s better than a cute craft project? a practical and cute craft project. and what’s better than that? a chance to recycle while making something cute and practical!

today i want to share with you a tutorial for making your own little box out of a recycled cereal box and some recycled card or paper. its relatively easy and you could make a whole box in a couple of evenings. satisfying and just in time for easter.

hop to it! this box is so cute and easy, you’ll have one made in no time!

i certainly didn’t invent this method, but it seems to have fallen out of common knowledge. do you remember your grandmother or older relatives making these kinds of boxes? i remember seeing crochet edged boxes like this made of recycled christmas cards, wrapping paper or greeting cards at fetes growing up. even my sewing basket is made in a similar style, and i know a friend who has a wastepaper basket made the same way. its a very versatile way of using old cards or papers that you can’t bring yourself to throw away, and with environmental responsibility and saving money at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds, i think its time to re-embrace this canny little craft! does this craft even have a name? if you know, leave a comment!

you could top the lid with ribbons, flowers, rosettes. be creative!

i specifically wanted to make an easter basket, so i designed my own paper to use. this box pictured was constructed from photo paper (with my design printed on it), a cereal box, and some plain white card to line the box. i recommend covering the interior and exterior layers with clear plastic vinyl or transparent plastic (like overhead projector sheets) if you want your box to last well or intend to present edible treats in it. imagine receiving a cute handmade box filled with some fresh baked cookies! now thats a resourceful but heartfelt gift i’d love to get. hint, hint, any friends reading!

easter cookies

did somebody say cookies?


i love ‘old lady’ crafts because most of the time they’re very practical and born of necessity. practicality really isn’t my strong suite, but i’m a sucker for boxes and containers to store little stuff in. while the crochet edging is very pretty, don’t be put off if you can’t crochet. just follow the instructions the same way, but replace any mention of crochet with a simple blanket stitch. it will be a little bit less frilly, but you’ll still have a cute way to use up those pretty bits of paper.

all you need, plus some cardboard

click here for instructions and template to make your own recycled card box

and as an early easter present to you lovely draw! pilgrim readers, you can make an easter patterned box just like mine! click here for an A4 sized easter paper pattern you can print out.

please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.


last weekend i decided to pretty up a pair of plain slip on shoes i have by making up some felt flower clip-on’s. i think felt is just the cutest medium for crafting, if you’re lucky and have access to good quality felt it will have a really nice thickness and will come in just about any color you dream. i got my gorgeous felt from little sparrow.

add a cute button if you like

i made up this bold little flower design and if you’d like to make one too, click here for a printable pattern. the flower clip-on is quick, easy and its versatile. clip it on your hair one day, and the next try it on your lapel. i’m sure you could think of a thousand more uses!

why settle for accessories that look like everyone else’s when you can craft a little something to set you apart from the crowd? and even better, its no trouble if you change your mind: just un-clip them!

did i mention you can make them without sewing? you can either sew them onto the hair clips or use a hot glue gun if you’re staunchly anti-sew.

sewing not necessary!

if you use my pattern, i’d love you to show your results with a link in the comments. happy DIYing!

love day is coming! is that good news or bad news? its not really a big deal in australia. when i was little my mum always put a little heart chocolate in my lunchbox, or left a little hand made card on my pillow. i like the idea of small, sweet gestures. nothing ostentatious, just something to make this one day a little more special than all the others. and its even better if you made it yourself!

not quite up to weaving a commemorative valentine’s day macrame wall hanging? too busy to bake an anatomically correct heart shaped croquembouche? never fear, draw! pilgrim is here, with a sweet and wholesome solution to your problems: the valentines day 2010 apple sticker! fill your loved one’s brown bag with sweet, juicy, love!

all you need to do is choose your apple, print out the design (on sticker paper, or regular paper that can be double-side taped to your apple) and pop the flirty fruit in their lunch bag! easy as pie a la mode!

not into apples? (you are aware that taken daily, they keep doctors away, right?) i’m not here to judge you. but you too can feel the love with my super special valentines day wallpaper! use it on your twit-face-space page or right click to set it as your computer’s wallpaper. or better yet, print it out and paper the whole house!

let the lovin’ commence!