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sauce and swap day

are you in melbourne and looking for something wholesome to do on saturday? you should head to the sauce and swap day! you can swap your unwanted stuff, make apple sauce and learn to gocco print from the lovely rayna – i designed the sauce labels myself!

3 ring circus - designed by draw! pilgrim

i’m so excited to show you a non-embargoed, extra colorful completed job i recently had the pleasure of working on. what do you think of the critters i created for 3 ring circus vintage? heather approached me to create a new identity for her fabulicious etsy store and well, how could i resist? heather, her store, her desire for vintage circus style: all very irresistible.

visit 3 Ring Circus on etsy

we agreed one of the great things about vintage circus ephemera was the cheap out-of-register printing, so i created the illustrations as though i was a human CMYK printer… all the while making those annoying clunky noises dot matrix printers did. because i’m very sophisticated and mature. don’t worry, i’ll record myself and you can download it as a ringtone.


make sure to stop by and shop 3 ring circus vintage, and tell ’em pilgrim sent you! if you’re interested in engaging my graphic design or illustrating services please contact me drawpilgrim at gmail dot com.

as seen on etsy: what would carol brady do?

hot rollers for fresh flick ‘dobutterfly coffee cupsmatching soap for bobby and cindy

purse sized notepads alice’s favorite recipes ✽ a body suit for marsha

a purse to match jan’s plad bellbottomsnew wallpaper for the ensuite


some of you may have previously heard me refer to carol brady as my spirit guide. when i find myself in times of trouble mother brady speaks to me, whispering words of wisdom: make it groovy. and so this week while curating my ‘as seen on etsy’ post i asked myself “what would carol brady do?” and the answer lies above.


the fool by pilgrim lee

drawn from fashion: fool inspiration

as i mentioned on friday, i was part of the drawn from fashion exhibition organized by leeloo. the show consisted of artworks inspired by l’oreal melbourne fashion festival runway events from the last few years. i chose fool clothing because… well, just look at the amazing outfits! how could i not choose them! they were practically the only designer using any saturated color, and i really identified with their playfulness. also their shop is not too far from my ‘hood and i always love popping in and admiring their handiwork – broom handle knits, amazing colors, its all very inspiring.


the specific image i chose is the one pictured above on the right however i was inspired by fool clothing’s collections in general. the more i pondered fool clothing, the more i became inspired. the work i created is based on the ‘fool’ tarot card, pictured above, which is the 0 card of the major arcana. the cards of the major arcana tell the fool’s journey through the human experience. in the card the fool is unwittingly or uncaringly standing on the edge of a cliff or ‘void’ (0 also being representative of void, or nothingness) – taking a risk or a leap into the unknown. a white dog is reality ‘nipping’ at the fool’s heels. in the fool’s hand is a flower showing his love for beauty. i have always understood the fool to not be a buffoon but as a happy-go-lucky innocent. some people may consider fool clothing’s designs ‘risky’ but i think their designs are joyous and carefree. the oversize textures and elements are fun and reminiscent of kid crafted pom pom’s and the french knitting looms i played with as a child. the tarot card shows the fool carrying a bindle over his shoulder, showing he has everything he needs with him. in my design the fool carries a ball of yarn on a needle over her shoulder – everything she needs to construct fool clothing’s knitted designs. some heavy handed symbolism there, i know, but it was so much fun to create. maybe i’ll make up a whole deck of cards!


the print could not have been produced without the amazing printing of lantern printing: mmm 100% cotton rag art paper using quality archival inks (imagine i said that with a homer simpson-like drool).
if you’re interested in owning a copy of this print contact me.

i feel like i should be making some grand announcement along the lines of PEOPLE OF EARTH! i was going to even say “we interrupt your regularly scheduled program” but then i remembered there was no regularly scheduled program for today.. so here may i present for you, with absolutely no pomp and zero circumstance:


i did a guest blog for etsy.


if you’re stopping by draw! pilgrim for the first time because you saw me on etsy, welcome. take a look around and if you’re interested in seeing some highlights my monthly ‘time machine‘ post is a nice way of seeing the best from 6 months ago.


if you’re hungry for more vintage inspiration look through my old ‘as seen on etsy’ curations.


want to know more about me and my life? 7by7 is my week in pictures.


like printables and DIY? look no further.


of course you can explore all of the categories i post about, over here ————>

and if you really like what you see you can subscribe in an rss reader, or by email. you can like draw! pilgrim on facebook, follow me on twitter, or cruise my pinterest boards. i hope you enjoy looking around.

herald sun home magazine

the last weekend was extra exciting thanks to a fab feature on me and my work in the saturday herald sun newspaper’s home magazine. if you missed it and are interested in reading: page 1 and page 2.

i’m so grateful for such awesome coverage and the response has been terrific – the big cartel shop and the etsy shop have been go, go, go! and you know what’s neat? its almost a year since the herald sun’s home magazine featured our bedroom.

if you’ve landed here from the feature, welcome to my internet world. if you’re interested in seeing what goes on, perhaps start with highlights from’s first year, and for more recent posts try having a look through the draw pilgrim time machine which selects the top five posts from six months ago.


image from mini must have

and as if that wasn’t enough, my work can be found in this season’s shop4kids magazine. the gorgeous kellie from mini must have included my ‘K’ alphabet print in a list of her favorite things. also look out for a whooooole bunch of goodness from my friend cintia – this issue of shop4kids is a good one!

design files clipboard

i’m so excited to be sharing my experiences at the altitude design summit on the design files’ guest blog -ALL. THIS. WEEK! yep. you get five days of pilgrim-packed alt action and adventure. so much happened in the three-ish days in salt lake city that is was tough to even whittle it down to five days of bloggery (snort. that sounds rude), but whittle i did and i think i crafted a rather good view of what went on, and what i learned. it was a super super fun time, i’m sad its over. i wish i could just duck back into that parallel universe and soak up a bit more of that supportive, enthusiastic and clever atmosphere. also, i could always do with some quality alix and dottie time.

please check back on the guest blog each day though, because i share notes from each panel i attended and if you blog, or want to blog then its information you’ll want to know.


i had planned a dignified pre christmas blog post that said thank you and happy holidays to you all and then… all of a sudden it was christmas day and i was sick! wha…?!

so, in an undignified unchristmassy manner let me say thank you to everyone for stopping by my blog, for supporting my work, for featuring me, for buying from me, for leaving comments, for tweeting with me, and for being just fab. this year has been stellar – i’ve achieved so many things i never expected. i can only hope that 2010 was just a taste and that 2011 will see more good things coming my way.

the site will stay quiet for a while – i have recovering and packing to do! but rest assured draw! pilgrim will be back with you shortly into the new year. i hope you all have a special new year’s eve, whatever you do, and i hope that your coming year is full of good health and happiness.

frankie magazine

*applies some lip balm before blowing her own horn*

i am SO excited to share this with you. my alphabet print has been included as a pull-out/centerfold/calendar in the latest issue of the widely regarded and thoroughly fab frankie magazine. up until today i barely even dared believe it to be true. but it is true, and on lovely paper so hip hip hooray!!

frankie: bio

and there were nice things written about me, and i’m in such transplendant company in this issue – it really is a cracking issue. if you’re in australia – what are you doing?! you should have a subscription. and if you’re in the usa, check your local urban outfitters.

you may commence adoring me now, as advised in the picture above. tomorrow i return to my humble self, but for today i’m basking in my pride.

elephant ride

on saturday we visited the melbourne show – that’s our state fair. here are some snaps of the things we saw.


pretty flowers on display.

airbrushed chimp

i love sideshow airbrush art. nothing like the steely gaze of a chimp to make you wanna have fun.


the hypnotic power of the daffodil.

hanging basket of babel-hose

an impressively enormous hanging basket made of garden hose.


it wouldn’t be a fair without cotton candy stained cheeks and a few spins on a flying elephant!


this californian bulldog is unimpressed by the state’s economic situation. his kennel was foreclosed on and so here he is pimping himself in australian fairs.


bright and bold banksias


don’t even THINK about putting an aberdeen angus in this jersey pavillion!! i’m watching YOU!


cutie pie porky piggies!

uh oh, think those pigs ended up here?

uh oh. no one tell those piggies about this place.

nice earring!

shh! the show is tiring. everyone slept like a baby cow after our day at the show.