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hi. my name is lori marie and i make pretty little things.

i am so happy to have the privilege to post here on pilgrim’s gorgeous blog while she’s away. i love her style so much i wanted to come up with the perfect thing to share…

so i made this set of painted glass luminaries from some old recycled jars.

i love the way they turned out and they are SO easy to make! wait’ll you see em all lit up!


scissors, glass jars, painters tape, paint brushes, acrylic paint and sealer, candles

* first you have to GET THE LABELS OFF your jars.

i like to soak them in warm soapy water before i try to scrape them off. for stubborn labels or impossible glue globs try using some nail polish remover.

* RINSE AND DRY your jars thoroughly. if they’re not completely cooled and dry the tape won’t stick

* CUT strips and stars or hearts or polka dots from painters tape and ARRANGE design

you can also use stickers or decorative edge scissors. the painters tape is pretty stretchy so i bet you could even do a pair of initials. i decided to do some simple stripes, a criss cross pattern and some twinkle stars

* ROLL THE JARS between your hands (to make sure everything is sealed down really well) you don’t want any paint to sneak underneath your tape!

* PAINT… i used about 4 coats. (use fewer coats for more transparency) i painted the background on the star jar first and then peeled the stars.

then i painted the stars on the inside of the jar in order to maintain the perfect outline (that way it doesn’t matter if you go over the lines) leave a couple of stars unpainted so your luminary will shine  silhouettes on the wall

*PEEL YOU TAPE BEFORE IT DRIES all the way (or it will peel your paint off).

…i made the mistake of sealing before peeling…

* APPLY SEALER after your tape is peeled and your paint is dry. (use a toothpick to scrape off any paint that sneaked under the tape.)

they probably won’t be perfect, but that part of the charm! drop in a couple of small candles and you have a pretty new set of twinkling jars

you can also use them to hold a little bunch of wildflowers or maybe your magic wand 🙂

✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽      ✽

thanks lori marie for sharing this pretty craft idea. i urge all of you to check out lori marie’s beautiful shop. her work is so pretty and fresh. i have a felt flower pin by her and its one of my favorite accessories for perking up a simple cardigan.

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