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hi, how are you? how was your weekend? i had a great weekend. it was a holiday long weekend here commemorating the ANZACs (australian and new zealand army corps) the soldiers who fought in the first world war. if you’d like to read more about ANZAC day click here.

it was an especially exciting start to the weekend for me because our house tour was up on apartment therapy! did you see? when jenny emailed me to ask if i was interested i leapt into action (right after recovering from the excitement induced heart attack), tidying and photographing. that might not seem very impressive, but when there is a three-year-old involved, its a bit of a nightmare. as one mess is conquered, another is created! so its been a full-on week, but ultimately one of the best in recent memory.


i’m so proud of my house, and so excited that the place i’ve selfishly created as my ideal haven is of interest, and liked by other people! i (very briefly) studied interior decoration and design, and it was a pretty harrowing experience for me – i was the black sheep of the course. the students thought i was a weirdo, the teachers thought i was a trouble maker (are you kidding me!? i was the biggest square ever, i just had a funny haircut and wore thrifted clothes) and everyone else worshipped at the alter of beige. so life took over and i put away my hopes of being an interior decorator and decided just to make my own house happy. by the way, this isn’t meant to be an ‘i showed them all’ kinda thing, more just a musing on how different views can be, and how inspired i am to find (not just by the apartment therapy feedback but the internet in general) like minds and kindred spirits. so to everyone reading, and commenting here: thank you so much. interacting with you and hearing what you think about the things i love is just amazing. its invigorating and needs to be bottled and sold as a cure for all that ails you!

and as you might have seen: i opened my etsy store at long last! seriously, i thought it would never get sorted out – its taken almost a year. but last year was so fraught with er.. turbulence and general awfulness it just never felt like the right time. but life is calm now, and i’m prepared and with the encouragement and support of some very patient friends and family members, the right time arrived.


and finally – please, indulge me just this once – you’ve seen my house, you’ve seen my work, now you can see my kiddo! poor donovan, he doesn’t get any attention here because, well, i spend all day with him so this i the space i get to be myself. but don’t let his absence on this blog fool you, i’m so proud of my little guy! he’s the cleverest sausage i’ve ever met and he’s great company to work from home with. not your typical co-worker but we get our coloring done! i was very honored to share some of his grooviest threads when he was featured as modern kiddo’s weekly kiddo!

phew! so, quite the tour-de-self promotion there, but hey it doesn’t happen too often around here so we’re cool right? haha see you back here tomorrow for a non-me related post! oh wait.. it will be ‘me’ related, tomorrow i’ll be sharing my ‘love list’ post of wishlisty goodness. see you then?

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