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to DIY for: disco glam eyes

some of you sassy readers showed interest in the eye makeup i wore to see roxy music a couple of weeks ago. well, here you go: pilgrim delivers, baby! i’m no make up pro, but i have been slapping on the glitter etc since i was a starry eyed teen pretending i was going to marry david bowie.



“demi pixie” false eye lashes, like these ones.

medusa’s makeup eye dust in ‘purple rain’

medusa’s makeup eye dust in ‘barbarella’

napoleon perdis loose dust 39: ‘techno’ (possibly not available anymore)

“stick-on stones” novelty earrings

stick on earrings: playground glamor

those crazy glam rock cats were all about cheap, tacky and spaaaarkly accessories. stick on earrings are the perfect thing to give that ‘girl who fell to earth’ look. place one anywhere you’d put a beauty spot!


so here is what i did:

1. apply primer, concealer, and foundation to a clean face. pencil in your eyebrows.

2. slap on that eyeliner THICK. along the top & bottom lashes, and on the inside rim, top and bottom. smudge to blend.

3. apply the ‘purple rain’ or darker color to your eyelid, up to the crease

4. using ‘barbarella’ or a lighter eye powder apply from the crease almost up to your brow: DISCO STYLE! blend the two colors together with your brush and do the hustle.

eye glitter: it needs to be an everyday thing

5. apply your blush to suit, but keep in mind the 70s was quite ‘apple cheeked’ unless you were david bowie, in which case keep it deathly pale.

6. taking your finger, dab the eye glitter on to the lighter eye shadow near your brow. prepare to be covered in glitter for days, but really, this isn’t such a bad thing unless you just slept with a member of KISS.

7. spray your whole face with a fixing spray (not hairspray!) and sweat it up on the dance floor, confident that your makeup isn’t sliding off your face.

8. put those falsies on and bat your spidery lashes!

9. slather on the lip gloss and do your best debbie harry pout. stick the sparkly stick-on earring to your cheek or wherever.

10. slip into something lurex and go and dance around your bedroom!

frames by kitschy digitals

frames by kitschy digitals

don’t forget to embiggen your hair with frizzy curls or crimps, backcombing and spray! my hair would not stay big enough though, so maybe NASA can help us work out something better. like i said, i’m no pro, just a passionate amateur. for reference, the other make-up i am wearing is:

primer: le blanc de chanel

foundation: chanel pro lumiere in ’10 – nude’

concealer: chanel perfection in ’10’

blush: l’oreal blush delicieux in 02 ‘rosy cheeks’

eyeliner: chanel ‘stylo yeux waterproof’ in 10 – ebony

mascara: chanel inimitable in ‘noir obscur’

lips: Chi Chi lip lacquer in ‘bimbo’

i know, i know… chanel whore. i love chanel because its just right for my skin – the tones suit my pale skin, and the texture is always very light and not oily. i like MAC too but their foundation is waaaay too dark for a ghosty like me. i end up looking like i bathed in dirt. and it works out that i always ‘just happen’ to run out around my birthday or christmas so i never have buy the chanel myself! tee hee!

need something to listen to while you’re getting ready?

or maybe…

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