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friday street fantasy!

i received some very happy surprise mail yesterday: the gorgeous alex fulton gifted me this spectacularly groovy board book & 45 record! ‘friday street fantasy’ was published by paul hamlyn,sydney, 1969. aside from the party-in-an-ornamental-photo-lettering-catalog cover up there, its full of fab illustrations. and mysterious music…

a little book of songs + record

…unfortunately a small person i know jammed up our record player and so i haven’t heard the record yet. but for now, the illustrations:

friday street fantasy!
this is the town of Friday Street (yes. a town called street. ask bruce woodley). it was full of sad children until one day…


friday street fantasy!
…the friday man came to town with a rainbow in his hand!

friday street fantasy!

and now everyone in town sings and plays and has fun! aaahh pink and orange town!! i want to live there!

little one

the next song ‘little one’ is a lullaby (i assume from the lyrics …ahem, naughty record player breaking child). i like the dancing doll marionette!

captain grumblepeg
and this is captain grumblepeg, and his lady mary morningstar.


little miss sorrow

this is little miss sorrow. ┬áher balloons are just beautiful, so i hope she’s not sad for long.


bruce woodley

in the back cover we meet bruce, singer and songwriter and member of the seekers (a famous australia folk group from the 60s). apparently he was 26 when he made this album!

paul corley, graphic designer and jeannette spencer, illustrator
and the creators of the colorful illustrations are paul corley and jeannette spencer. wherever they are now, i hope they’re still making bright and fun artwork for children!

thank you again alex, i will treasure this book!


i do believe early 70s fashion is my favorite. i do like bits from other eras, but early 70s is just so cute and bold and girlish! aren’t those girls above sweet? i think i would wear every one of those dresses. check out all that ric rac on the left! and all the hair in pigtails or ‘bunches’ if you will. i’m rockin’ some bunches right now, but alas, no cute sandals or big collars. all the images in this post come from a book published by schiffer, called ‘fashionable clothing from the sears catalogs: early 1970s’ by tina skinner. the books (there are also 60’s and 80’s editions in the series) contain a price guide and are just crammed with fab photos. its really amusing seeing how catalog modeling and styling has changed.

oh no! don’t step on the tiny lady between your legs! middle girl probably can’t see past that ENORMOUS collar. i bet being crushed to death by a clog was the leading cause of death in the early 70s. my favourite here is the floral dress on the left. what a perfectly proportioned, crisp, collar. i’m really not sure what the point of the tiny pixie lady…

more clogs and some maxi dresses! i think the girl on the right wants the girl in the middle to join her for a key party… left side girl is just thinking about how virginal she is. she won’t be knocking clogs with anyone anytime soon! she’s heading straight home after this shoot to brush her hair 100 times before sliding into bed in a maxi nightie.

embarrasing! you show up to a shoot and you’re both wearing an autumnal toned ‘waves’ ensembles! what to do!? pose nonchalantly? or plot to destroy your tunic wearing twin? if you answered (b) you’re the model on the left and you’re currently serving out your remaining 50yr jail term in a high security facility. if you answered (a) congratulations! you were the tunic wearer, and you spent a few more years modeling before settling down to start a family, working part time in the school office and furthering your interest in creative writing and embezzeling. oh, sorry i meant bedazzeling.

i think i just died of a frock love attack! please can someone provide me with a time machine so i can go back and get that dress with the daisies and cherries/apples? i promise i will bring back original star wars merch that you can ebay for mega bucks! however if you already have a spare time machine lying around i’m guessing money probably isn’t a worry for you. in conclusion: buy me that dress!

and last but not least: its that uniform you were always promised you’d get to wear in the dystopian future!! all the comfort of dacron, with none of the personality or breathability of those other ridiculous fabrics from the ‘olden days’. the good news is if you catch fire, your suit will just melt down into a handy plastic container you can store leftover soylent green in! i’m pretty sure the mother is just about to tell us how much she loves The Leader. apologies for mixing my futuristic concepts.



Graphis Annual 76/77: Elton

detail from a cover of time magazine containing a feature on elton john.

artist: don weller




Graphis Annual 76/77: Flower Girl

cover of a prospectus about bad schwalbach, a watering place in hesse.
artist/designer: helmut kraft


Photo Graphis '71: Futuristic Bubble

photograph from a calendar for a printer with fantastic and futuristic scenes. photographer: jean pierre ronzel

– i am away from home again this week, so posting will be lighter than usual. please enjoy some pretty pictures until regular posting resumes –

the butterfly ball and the grasshopper's feast

dust jacket/cover

this week’s picture book is the butterfly ball and the grasshopper’s feast, from 1973. illustrated by alan aldridge and with verses by william plomer, it’s loosely based on the poem of the same name by william roscoe, but is more focused on the animals’ preparations for the ball.

esmerelda, seraphina and camilla

esmerelda, seraphina & camilla

the incredible illustrations by alan aldridge bring the verses to life. according to wikipedia he was apparently inspired when he “read that john tenniel had told lewis carroll it was impossible to draw a wasp in a wig.” aldridge’s work really deserves a post all of its own, he was responsible for many great album covers, and helped create the graphic style of that era. wikipedia says ‘his work was characterised by a flowing, cartoony style and soft airbrushing – very much in step with the psychedelic styles of the times.’



“this is the tale of the summer’s day, deep in the woods of england, when the butterflies and grasshoppers invited all the creatures of air and land to a ball and feast. from st michael’s mount, windsor, rye, salisbury, tintern abbey and the far corners of britain they came – moles, gnats, dormice, newts, shrews, caterpillars, moths, frogs, squirrels, spiders, toads, mice, bees, flies, worms, centipedes, hares, hedgehogs, otters, and foxes. setting out in johnson’s spinner trains, hot-air balloons, stagecoaches, and on foot, most arrive – some fall foul of bats, stoats, wasps, and foxes and don’t! beneath the broad oak tree the butterflies and guests dance the evening away, feasting and merrymaking until the glow-worms light up and lead the weary guests back to their beds.”

harlequin hare

harlequin hare

you may remember a few weeks ago i featured the animated music clip “love is all” that was made in 1974 by roger glover, based on the song love’s all you need mentioned in this book. this was supposed to lead to a full length animated film, and glover had written a full soundtrack that became the butterfly ball album, but the film was never made.

shelly snail

shelly snail & swallowtail

there are also two other books based on the sequels: the peacock party and the lion’s cavalcade. there are many more gorgeous illustrations in ‘the butterfly ball’ but these tiny images just don’t do them justice. i urge you to find yourself a copy of The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast and pour over the amazing work.. its a grasshopper’s feast for the eyes.

wouldn’t it be amazing to have a butterflies ball themed party? who do you think you would dress as?

Country Graphis Posters '79: Fish Man

“Einordnung” – Issued by the Deutsch Sparkassenverlag bank publishing agency. The title might freely translated as ‘keeping one’s place’ or ‘adaptation”

Artist: Aiga Heinemann-Rasch
Publisher: Deutsch Sparkassenverlag GmbH

i’m back in the real world, now. thanks for your patience. i’m looking forward to showing you some fun stuff this week!

Photo Graphis '71: Kodak
“kodak instamatic: always on the mark”
photographer: hans fuerer
art director: peter vos
agency: j walter thompson, amsterdam

a few weeks ago i showed you one of my favorite picture books, ‘wings on wednesday‘ written by natalie scott and sandra smith, and i promised i’d show you some more of their work. well, here is ‘please sit still.’ the illustration is equally wild, and though ‘wings on wednesday’ will always have a special place in my heart, this is another fantastic book.

it was published in 1969 by paul hamlyn pty ltd in australia. you can see it in the national library of australia collection here.

please sit still: cover

the story follows toby and sarah, who are twins. they go to holiday with their aunt edith who lives by the sea and each day they go for a different outing. everywhere they go they wiggle and squirm and aunt edith clicks her tounge and tells them “please sit still my darlings.”

please sit still: prince

on monday they go for a ride on the ferry and they fidget. on tuesday they visit the dentist, where they squirm. on wednesday they visit the theatre. they’re so excited to see a princess in a golden crown and a prince riding a brave white horse that they can’t possibly sit still and aunt edith clicks her tounge and tells them “please sit still my darlings. how you two do wiggle and squirm!”

please sit still: visiting

on thursday they visit aunt edith’s friend, miss spratt in her best room. they eat all the cream cakes and drink all the lemonade and they want to explore but aunt edith says “please sit still my darlings. how you two do wiggle and squirm!”

please sit still: circus detail

on friday it rains and they play cards inside with aunt edith, all the while fussing about. on saturday the go to the circus where they’re too excited to sit still. “please sit still my darlings. how you two do wiggle and squirm!” says aunt edith (click here to see the full page spread of the circus)

please sit still:

on sunday they go to church in their best clothes where they wiggle about like the other children. on monday aunt edith is too tired, so the twins play outside in the garden: “out in the garden the sun was shining. there were shady green tres and tangles of flowerbeds and secret places. beyond the garden there was a beach with wide butter-yellow sand and beyond the sand was the sea which rippled like a great blue carpet and curled frothing white where the waves broke on the beach.”


While playing outside, toby and sarah wonder why aunt edith wants them to sit still. they ask the sun who tells them things would be in a mess if he sat still. they ask the trees who can’t give them an answer either: the wind blows the trees so they’re rarely still either. they ask the birds who think sitting still is a terrible idea, and they ask the sea who tells them there is nothing as restless as it.

please sit still: moon

when night falls they still don’t know why aunt edith wants them to sit still. their father picks them up and they go home. In bed, toby asks the moon if he knows the answer, and the moon tells them he’s been on the move for thousands of years.

in the morning their mother asks them why they’re so still, so the ask her about aunt edith. she tells them if they were still she’d think something was wrong and adds “there’s plenty of time to sit still when you grow old!” indeed.

apologies for posting this so late in the day, a certain child of mine who also won’t sit still is having a birthday party on the weekend, so i’ve been busily preparing! i hope you enjoyed seeing more of sandra smith’s art, i really wish i knew more about her. if anyone knows anything, please comment!

Graphis Annual 76/77: Liberty & Justice etc
Lettering on a booklet for Bicentennial Year Observance, issued by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Designer: Gerry Kano