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Little Sparrow

exciting developments have taken place, friends! you can now find me behind the counter (on tuesdays and thursdays) at one of my favorite local stores little sparrow! you might remember i gave a little shop love to little sparrow a while back. since then the store has moved to a bigger, brighter location – but everything else is just as perfect as it was before! here’s a few of my favorite things you will find in little sparrow…

vintage linen bag

super groovy vintage linen bags!! ah love those colors.

organic yarn
… my favorite organic yarn by woolganic, as well as a great range of other delicious yarns

fab craft books
…a range of fab craft books (sewing patterns, crochet, knitting, felting etc), picture books and books on the steiner philosophy

100% wool felt

…fabulous felts in a million colors and sizes. there are some incredible hand painted rainbow felts that make me swoon.

Special Friends Doll & her cape

special friends waldorf doll made to order by shelley. check out that tiny handmade cape!

there are also lots of beautiful hand knitted toys.

little girls dress

… charming clothes for the kiddos.

sweet paper goods

…amazing notebooks, letter sets, stickers, lyra pencils, crayons and modeling waxes

wonderful wooden toys
and super cool wooden toys!

but don’t be sad if you can’t make it to carlisle street! you can visit the online store.

I was a bit worried about what to post next, but thanks to Pip at Meet Me At Mikes i was presented with the perfect topic for today, and i think its a great way to show you some of the things I’m into! I was lucky enough to get a ton of fab birthday presents a few weeks back, so my list of ‘wants’ isn’t huge right now, but there are a few elusive things that remain in my wish list. So let’s take a look at what I’m coveting shall we?


Starting with the book ‘Naive: Modernism and Folklore in Contemporary Graphic Design’. This only just came out but i can’t wait to have a flick through. Check it out at Amazon! It looks packed with amazing work from some super talented people and there is also a great collection of previews over at Print & Pattern. The blurb states:

“Inspired by twentieth century American legends such as Saul Bass…Charley Harper and … Alexander Girard, these burgeoning designers are creating new and striking imagery using palettes of earthy and pastel shades, reduced strokes, patterns and shapes with a strong folkloristic element.”

Next, Stroboscopica albums! Oh my gosh, i do love some strange music. While rummaging through the racks at a great little music shop in Adelaide, i turned up a copy of Phase 6 Super Stereo: Introducing the Alternative Italian B-Movie Soundtrack and as soon as i listened to it once i was hooked. i needed more of these crazy, euro, organ freak-outs! After googling the label Phase 6 was released on i found there was indeed more organ freak-out to be heard. They’re discontinued, but they’re out there, and for $99+ they won’t be coming to my house anytime soon unfortunately.

Yves Saint Laurent Biarritz heart sandals are one of those things that, I’m not sure I’d really wear a pair, but oh how their existence makes my heart smile. In the parallel universe in which i own and wear them, I’m tanned, lithe and spend my days sunning myself on a yacht.. cruising around mykonos.. also, i look great in a kaftan. Like i said, parallel universe. Another reason i like them is they’re like the summer equivalent of the Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Melissas. So you can wear your heart on your toes year-’round!

Lastly, Alain Gree bento boxes. They’re really just too cute for words, aren’t they? I want to keep all kinds of tiny cakes and treasures in them and color co-ordinate my shoes with them.

So thats all for now, but never fear, i find new stuff to covet all the time!