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pop up! now on!

don’t forget the pop up sale starts thursday… that’s TODAY! it runs until saturday 6th 3pm.

you’ll find classic cute kid’s threads by crumb, fab art by dawn tan and madeleine stamer, gorgeous jewellery and accessories by shara lambeth, emily green and betty jo, exceptionally well made dresses by peta pledger, and of course the pin up photobooth helen mclean is hosting!

unfortunately being sick put me behind, and under a lot of strain, so i have regretfully pulled out, but i can’t wait to visit and shop. see you there?

seventies living room

welcome to decorate! pilgrim post. in these posts i put together polyvore rooms inspired by a draw! pilgrim print. this time its the letter Z from my alphabet series.

no one does burnt orange and brown like those folks in the 70s, so above, i took their lead and put together a sophisticate retro space. product information here.

happy camper bedroom


i love challenging myself to come up with fun kid’s spaces, and this room takes some inspiration from camping. thick blankets, a picnic table for drawing and that fun log fire lamp give it some outdoorsy cheek. and mess is always allowed in rustic rooms, of course! keep that tower of books coming! product information here.


autumnal dining room


this autumnal room mixes up the colors and textures of food, and leather with a big pop of color from the wall hanging, and the mixed glass ornaments. settle in here on a crisp autumn evening for a fondue supper! product information here.

MONA: the museum of neon art

june first?! JUNE FIRST?! what?!

ahem. has anyone seen the first half of my 2011? apparently its gone. that means i’ve been meaning to share these photos with you for six months. and so, quickly, before i embark on my adventure to japan i thought i’d tell you about my new favorite fascinating place in LA. MONA: the museum of neon art.

mona: museum of neon art, LA

MONA was born in 1981, to neon artists richard jenkins and lili lakich, and the current collection is an amazing mix of contemporary neon art and vintage neon signage.

MONA: museum of neon art, LA


i read about the museum at some point prior to traveling, and it aroused my curiosity (as such KrazyKrap tends to do.. i’m not so good at visiting the tourist traps) but i wasn’t entirely sure what to expect – aside from neon. what i found was a completely fascinating space filled with completely fascinating works! and the most fabulous part: the kiddo loved it because he was ALLOWED TO TOUCH! in a gallery! can you imagine?


MONA: museum of neon art, LA


the various artworks and vintage pieces are arranged around the spacious old setting (i’m both excited and sad they’re moving to glendale – the current location in the falsely-enticing ‘toy district’ is crumbly and cool!) giving it a gallery-meets-junk-yard vibe that really encourages you to get close and appreciate it all.

MONA: museum of neon art, LA


from the vintage goodness…

MONA: museum of neon art, LA

… to the contemporary fun.

and did i mention the thrilling sound of the humming neon and zapping artworks? it creates a really exciting atmosphere! so if you’re in LA, and you like some kooky tourism, duck in to the humming dimness of MONA and tell me what you think of it. next visit i’m hoping to catch one of their night tours of classic neon signs still in action.

Printable Color In Easter Egg Box

time for another festive printable me thinks! meet the color-in easter egg box. download the PDF, print, color, cut it out, assemble it and await the bunny. why are some printables no longer free? please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.

color it in and add your name!

don’t forget to add your name or the bunny might give you the kind of eggs you don’t like. or maybe you could write someone else’s name and surprise them by pretending you’re the easter bunny!

color the box template then stick it together and wait for the easter bunny!

have fun coloring, and here’s hopping (arf!) it gets filled up with delicious treats soon! what are your favourite easter eggs? i love kinder chocolate eggs by ferrero, they used to be available here in australia as ‘noggi’ eggs but now i have to rely on the kindness of europeans to satisfy my insatiable lust for praline! mmmm praline.

the fool by pilgrim lee

drawn from fashion: fool inspiration

as i mentioned on friday, i was part of the drawn from fashion exhibition organized by leeloo. the show consisted of artworks inspired by l’oreal melbourne fashion festival runway events from the last few years. i chose fool clothing because… well, just look at the amazing outfits! how could i not choose them! they were practically the only designer using any saturated color, and i really identified with their playfulness. also their shop is not too far from my ‘hood and i always love popping in and admiring their handiwork – broom handle knits, amazing colors, its all very inspiring.


the specific image i chose is the one pictured above on the right however i was inspired by fool clothing’s collections in general. the more i pondered fool clothing, the more i became inspired. the work i created is based on the ‘fool’ tarot card, pictured above, which is the 0 card of the major arcana. the cards of the major arcana tell the fool’s journey through the human experience. in the card the fool is unwittingly or uncaringly standing on the edge of a cliff or ‘void’ (0 also being representative of void, or nothingness) – taking a risk or a leap into the unknown. a white dog is reality ‘nipping’ at the fool’s heels. in the fool’s hand is a flower showing his love for beauty. i have always understood the fool to not be a buffoon but as a happy-go-lucky innocent. some people may consider fool clothing’s designs ‘risky’ but i think their designs are joyous and carefree. the oversize textures and elements are fun and reminiscent of kid crafted pom pom’s and the french knitting looms i played with as a child. the tarot card shows the fool carrying a bindle over his shoulder, showing he has everything he needs with him. in my design the fool carries a ball of yarn on a needle over her shoulder – everything she needs to construct fool clothing’s knitted designs. some heavy handed symbolism there, i know, but it was so much fun to create. maybe i’ll make up a whole deck of cards!


the print could not have been produced without the amazing printing of lantern printing: mmm 100% cotton rag art paper using quality archival inks (imagine i said that with a homer simpson-like drool).
if you’re interested in owning a copy of this print contact me.

i’ve been meaning to do this post since i wrote about my bedroom makeover way back last august! i know that post and the picture of my bedroom were popular, so its about time i gave some credit to the artists who made my art wall look so great. its just about an even split of purchases from etsy and outré gallery.

these two cuties (‘carmen m’ and ‘ginger pops’) are from tsktsk on etsy. they are digital prints of an original painting.

isn’t this a fascinating piece? its a four layer paper sculpture by helen musselwhite, bought from etsy. and on top is a smokin’ labbit! well, he’s not smoking, but he is a kozik labbit, just a bubblegum one.

this is an original gouache on board by APAK, from their show at outré gallery, melbourne (just about my favorite place in the city! seriously, i had a crush on it in high school. what kind of geek crushes on a gallery? this geek!)

this isn’t actually art, per se.. its a piece of plastic you slip between the letter you’re writing, and your table – so the table doesn’t get marked. anyway its cute and its by my favorite japanese kawaii brand ‘swimmer’. i found it at the now defunct genki store: thought it was perfect colors, bought it, framed it, love it to bits. wall ‘art’ can be anything, my guidelines are simple: does it make me feel happy? yes? hang it on that wall!

these birdies are from sweetshorn vintage on etsy. they came painted that color and at first i considered repainting them but they add such a small shot of variety i really love them just the way they are. aww.

both of these beauties are by lab partners. the yellow and pink painting is an original from the hunt and gather show at outré. i really love this little painting, i desperately wanted a lady painting to go with it but alas – she’d sold! my son calls this guy ‘ukulele man’ and he says goodnight to it every night. i think he thinks its a painting of daddy (who plays guitar). the pink and blue one is a letterpress print, from etsy. its an homage to lab partner’s home: san francisco. it definitely reminds me of happy holiday times now, too.

and lastly, here’s a view of what i wake up to each morning. this print (from outré) hangs over our chest of drawers on the wall adjacent to all the other pieces. its called ‘this is how it always starts’ and is by heisuke kitazawa/PCP. i love how dreamy it is, and the little characters are so whimsical. its a nice piece to face first thing

i hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of art, i really love it. its so nice to have a bedroom filled with special treasures that make waking up such a sunny and aesthetically pleasing ordeal!

its been a while since i featured a book on draw! pilgrim, but today i wanted to share one of my long time favorite art books. my mum bought it, and i loved looking through it when i was little. its falling apart now, but i think that might just add to its charm…
rock dreams: under the boardwalk,

written by nick cohn, and illustrated by guy peelaert

pan books 1973
a collection of stunning illustrations of music’s most famous faces paired with lyrics, or short biographies. what sets this book apart for me is the varying approaches it takes to the artists portrayed: reverence, irreverence, satire, nostalgia, commentary and good old fashioned gaudiness. the combination of words and pictures present both magic realism and the mundane: some pages poignantly express the isolation and heartbreak fame can bring. other pages turn popular culture icons into religious ones. and more yet show snippets of that ‘american dream’ that that era of music sang about. oh and let’s not forget the Rolling Stones in PVC bondage gear… the over-the-topness of the pictures matched the over-the-topness of the spirit of rock, maaaan!
the following are some excerpts of illustrations & text from the book:

the promised land: california was teen heaven, perfection, where the sun was always shining, where the cosmis surfer’s wave unfurled toward infinity, where everyone was golden, young and beautiful forever. for every girl, there were two boys, and so they lounged by the poolside, drinking cool beers and counting the passing bikinis, or they played touch football, in eternal summer, or they drag raced, made love at the drive-ins, watched technicolor sunsets, led plans, wrote songs…

jerry lee lewis: “either be hot or be cold. if you’re lukewarm, the Lord will spew you forth from his mouth”. thus spoke jerry lee and he rampaged through the land, with his piano, his bible and his thirteen year old wife. night after night, leaping high upon the piano, he preached with fiery tounges, in sermons of arrogance and lust. then his audience would surge forward and storm the stage, like converts, to shake his hand and be blessed.


phil spector: strange resurrection of baby phil, the highschool dropout: arriving in new york, he slept in offices, on floors and benches and desk tops, until finally he was set loose to produce a record. then, at a single shot, he paid back twenty years’ accumulation of rage. out poured the wildest torrents of pent-up energy, invention, insanity, malice, fantasy, grotesquerie and when the smoke cleared, he stood revealed in hollywood technorama: a colossus: true inheritor of cecil b de mille: ultimate rock’n’roll showman, teendreamer, and bullshitter, genius and freak.


… now when i come home, late at night, my slippers are waiting in front of the fire, my pipe is on the mantleshelf, and priscilla is sitting in bed with curlers in her hair. then i kiss her on either cheek , and on her lips like cherries, and i hold her close to my heart. “welcome home”, she says, and at last i am at peace.

donovan: the fool on the hill

then there were two, because the first had flown off through the window and disappeared into the skies, and they sat among the debris, sated, slightly ageing but not too jaded to pull the same rude faces, or to stick out their tongues once more, as they’d done in the days of their first youth.


buddy holly: hey what happened? one moment i was in lubbock, texas and i had bad teeth, bad eyes and sang with my nostrils and adenoids, hiccoughing and whining. everyone said i was crazy, so i left and came to new york, an i met a man who straightened my teeth, gave me new glasses, dressed me up real italian sharp.
next he called me buddy holly, and what kind of name is that? then he sent me out on tour, and put me on tv, and now i’m a rock’n’roll star.
i like it. everywhere i go, girls scream at me, boys ask for my autograph and i ride around in a cadillac. but sometimes i can’t believe it – i remember lubbock, texas, and everybody laughing at me and i ask myself, can it last?

let paul anka tell how you too can be a man…

california girls: “we’ve been having fun all summer long…”
if this glimpse of a fascinating book has whet your appetite, i really recommend picking up a copy of your own. thankfully taschen are publishing it now, so follow the link below and make your own small rock dream come true!

peter max. even if you don’t know the name you’ll likely recognize his far out psychedelic posters. i have a book of his posters which is everything you are after in seizure inducing design. its really very, very, groovy. here is a portion of the foreword, i’ve tried copy it exactly, but there is a point where you lose count of how many !!!!!! are being used… (and yes, i realize that i am guilty of over exclamating, but people, please!!! this is one of the few posts not about me)

ZAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!! it’s 1965! the year the earth turned… on. BANG! flower power. love, peace, strobelightedflashingkaleidoscopiclightshowsACIDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!! music. great music. the beatles, stones, airplane, joplin, and … this man is wild….. COUNTRY JOE McDonald and the FISH. Sgt. Pepper… GREAT THINGS FROM ROCK… ROCK IS RAISED TO A HIGH ART… ROCK… comes out of the cultural cave!!!!!! how to advertise this new rock… this new music. how do you advertise something new and different… the… POSTER! the fillmore and avalon use the poster… a new type of poster… a… psychedelic poster…… aposterwithwordsalljumbledtogetherlikethis. 1967. fantastic vibrations and cosmiclightandx-rays bombarding the earth. sound exploding on the west coast. and on the east coast, a young man in a room 15 by 15 in new york. SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR I TELL YOU, SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR, SHAAAAAAAAAAAAZAM! Zap! PETER MAX!

– don pierce, 1970

the book doesn’t explain who don pierce is, and my googling turned up a variety of don pierces, so i’m going to assume it was written by the part cyborg X-men supervillan (though more likely he was a musician or something at least partially based in reality). but enough semantics. ladies and gentlemen, don your protective eyewear and enjoy the work of peter max.

where you can get your own peter max poster book!

i haven’t spoken much about my personal life on this blog. as selfish as this may sound, this site is my space. just mine. and those of you who are parents will understand how precious having some space of your own is! however to give some background to this post allow me to share: my son is turning 3 on sunday. its been an incredible few years, but its been like having my brain on ‘hold’ for most of that time. at the beginning of this year i vowed to start working towards something and investing more in my interests and mental wellbeing. step one was to start reading again. step two was to try and be more health conscious and step three was to extend myself and edge outside of my comfort zone.

cut to nine months later and i’m just getting around to step three.

a few weeks ago i decided i wanted to do some screen printing, but having only done so a couple of times with lots of help from other people, i wasn’t really comfortable just diving in. so i had a peek at the centre for adult education website and found a 2-day intensive course taught by the excellent nathan gray.

part one of the course was last saturday, and we did some prints using paper stencils, and some using the speedball blockout and resist fluids. pictured above are my stencil prints. i’m really happy with that technique and i feel very inspired by the results. don’t you think they look a bit scandinavian? the blockout and resist fluids gave some people great painterly results but cleaning it off the screen with a high pressure hose makes it something i can’t really do at home. coming next week, the results of our photo emulsion prints!

i really recommend (anyone who as the time) taking a course. it might sound trite, but aside from picking up some new skills i’ve met some great new people and its just so nice to do something different with my weekends. next on my list to learn is proper coptic bookbinding, and letterpress printing.

have you taken any good courses or have something in mind you’d like to learn?

the vine

some of you may have noticed this… i know, i sneakily tucked it into the link ’round up on friday, but ego be damned, here it is again! the gorgeous gemma paid me a visit and whipped up this lovely piece about me for the vine!

and make sure you go and visit gemma’s site cos her work is pop-tastic! i’m especially looking forward to seeing the “milkbars, laundromats and urban beauty” show next month.

all future interviews should come with iced vo-vo biscuits (for the uninitiated, they’re the finest, frilliest, pinkest biscuit one can enjoy in australia – if not the world!). i might have to put that in my rider!

anyway i hope you enjoyed the peek inside my studio, and thanks again to gemma!