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what’s better than a cute craft project? a practical and cute craft project. and what’s better than that? a chance to recycle while making something cute and practical!

today i want to share with you a tutorial for making your own little box out of a recycled cereal box and some recycled card or paper. its relatively easy and you could make a whole box in a couple of evenings. satisfying and just in time for easter.

hop to it! this box is so cute and easy, you’ll have one made in no time!

i certainly didn’t invent this method, but it seems to have fallen out of common knowledge. do you remember your grandmother or older relatives making these kinds of boxes? i remember seeing crochet edged boxes like this made of recycled christmas cards, wrapping paper or greeting cards at fetes growing up. even my sewing basket is made in a similar style, and i know a friend who has a wastepaper basket made the same way. its a very versatile way of using old cards or papers that you can’t bring yourself to throw away, and with environmental responsibility and saving money at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds, i think its time to re-embrace this canny little craft! does this craft even have a name? if you know, leave a comment!

you could top the lid with ribbons, flowers, rosettes. be creative!

i specifically wanted to make an easter basket, so i designed my own paper to use. this box pictured was constructed from photo paper (with my design printed on it), a cereal box, and some plain white card to line the box. i recommend covering the interior and exterior layers with clear plastic vinyl or transparent plastic (like overhead projector sheets) if you want your box to last well or intend to present edible treats in it. imagine receiving a cute handmade box filled with some fresh baked cookies! now thats a resourceful but heartfelt gift i’d love to get. hint, hint, any friends reading!

easter cookies

did somebody say cookies?


i love ‘old lady’ crafts because most of the time they’re very practical and born of necessity. practicality really isn’t my strong suite, but i’m a sucker for boxes and containers to store little stuff in. while the crochet edging is very pretty, don’t be put off if you can’t crochet. just follow the instructions the same way, but replace any mention of crochet with a simple blanket stitch. it will be a little bit less frilly, but you’ll still have a cute way to use up those pretty bits of paper.

all you need, plus some cardboard

click here for instructions and template to make your own recycled card box

and as an early easter present to you lovely draw! pilgrim readers, you can make an easter patterned box just like mine! click here for an A4 sized easter paper pattern you can print out.

please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.


last weekend i decided to pretty up a pair of plain slip on shoes i have by making up some felt flower clip-on’s. i think felt is just the cutest medium for crafting, if you’re lucky and have access to good quality felt it will have a really nice thickness and will come in just about any color you dream. i got my gorgeous felt from little sparrow.

add a cute button if you like

i made up this bold little flower design and if you’d like to make one too, click here for a printable pattern. the flower clip-on is quick, easy and its versatile. clip it on your hair one day, and the next try it on your lapel. i’m sure you could think of a thousand more uses!

why settle for accessories that look like everyone else’s when you can craft a little something to set you apart from the crowd? and even better, its no trouble if you change your mind: just un-clip them!

did i mention you can make them without sewing? you can either sew them onto the hair clips or use a hot glue gun if you’re staunchly anti-sew.

sewing not necessary!

if you use my pattern, i’d love you to show your results with a link in the comments. happy DIYing!

love day is coming! is that good news or bad news? its not really a big deal in australia. when i was little my mum always put a little heart chocolate in my lunchbox, or left a little hand made card on my pillow. i like the idea of small, sweet gestures. nothing ostentatious, just something to make this one day a little more special than all the others. and its even better if you made it yourself!

not quite up to weaving a commemorative valentine’s day macrame wall hanging? too busy to bake an anatomically correct heart shaped croquembouche? never fear, draw! pilgrim is here, with a sweet and wholesome solution to your problems: the valentines day 2010 apple sticker! fill your loved one’s brown bag with sweet, juicy, love!

all you need to do is choose your apple, print out the design (on sticker paper, or regular paper that can be double-side taped to your apple) and pop the flirty fruit in their lunch bag! easy as pie a la mode!

not into apples? (you are aware that taken daily, they keep doctors away, right?) i’m not here to judge you. but you too can feel the love with my super special valentines day wallpaper! use it on your twit-face-space page or right click to set it as your computer’s wallpaper. or better yet, print it out and paper the whole house!

let the lovin’ commence!

the log is yuled! the halls are decked! and the winter wonderland… is in the other hemisphere. but one thing is for certain is is definitely beginning to look a lot like christmas ’round here. want to see what i mean?

the wreath is up! i made this a couple of years ago after being dismayed at the boooooring wreaths in the shops. a lot of glitter, some synthethic leaves and some evenings in front of the tv with the hot glue gun and i have exactly what i wanted. satisfying!

here is a close-up of the pears and birdie. the pears were made from a styrofoam bell spliced with a sphere (er, you can see the seam!). its a franken-pear!

i made some fabric bunting this year. its not as fancy as some people’s but i didn’t have bias tape so i used some string. maybe a little rustic, but thrifty!

the pudding was made a few weeks ago, and its been maturing in the fridge since then. pictured above is the boozed up fruit, stewing away!

isn’t it a cute pudding?! almost too cute to eat. ha! who am i kidding?!

here are some gift tags i designed and printed using moo. they’re the perfect size for tags and as with the wreath, its sooo satisfying having exactly what you want! tied up with some red and white bakers twine and they look rather cute.

ah! the presents! all wrapped and ready to be torn apart in a frenzy of excitement. also pictured above are some of the gift tags in action.

and do you know pippilotta delicatessa windowshade mackrelmint ephraim’s daughter longstocking? my son has enjoyed hearing the pippi longstocking stories multiple times this year, so i thought he might appreciate his mummy making him a pippi playmate of his very own.

what do you think? cheeky enough to do justice to pippi longstocking herself? she was so much fun to make.

this is my last post for 2009. i wish you all a beautiful and safe christmas and a brilliant, sparkly, new years eve.

thank you for reading draw! pilgrim, its been a tough, long year, but 2010 promises to be bigger, happier, and at least a bit more exciting in january when we’re off on our californian adventure! i really appreciate your comments and support and i can’t wait to share some exciting news come the end of january.

posting resumes january 11th, live! from the USA

i’ve made a festive pattern that you can use to decorate your desktop, or twitter, or facespace or maybe even your bathroom.

this is a bit of a random post: miscilanious merriness, free form festivity. it’s a linky christmas party!

you must have a look at the brilliant and very amusing christmas by color posters, gift wrap and cards
Frustrated at the plethora of Christmas reds, whites and greens we decided to explore the colours people really associate with their Christmas.

Thousands of people from around the world embraced the project and relished the opportunity to suggest their own colour and its personal meaning.”

our traditional christmas day cocktail is pimm’s no. 1 cup and dry ginger ale, garnished with lemon, orange and a sliver of cucumber. very refreshing for a warm australian summer’s day! do you have a favorite christmas libation you’d like to share? comment below and i’ll give it a try. sigh. it’s a tough job…

another australian christmas classic is white christmas slice. it fully embraces the non-dieting sentiment of christmas and has about the same nutritional content as you’d get from eating a synthetic christmas tree, but really its yum! and there simply aren’t enough opportunities to eat glacé cherries and rice krispies together.

do you have a favorite christmas movie? i admit completely without shame, that my all-time favorite is the muppet christmas carol. of course i appreciate the original story by charles dickens, but come on! who can resist the muppets+christmas+songs?!

part of my planning for our california trip is making some special things for my son. traveling for little people is incredibly exciting, but when you get tired and you’re in yet another unfamiliar bed it can be just plain no fun at all.

this week i made a little patchwork pillow case out of all those cute bits of fabric i’ve been coveting. this was my first go at patchwork and its in no way perfect, but it has a certain homely charm that i’m pretty sure a three year old won’t have a problem with (though he is a virgo)! the pillow is big enough for a small head to sleep on, but compact enough to take on the plane. i also made a point of choosing busy patterned fabric so we can play pillowcase eye-spy if boredom sets in.

i have a bunch of ‘making’ planned for the weekend, including some gocco print christmas cards, and a dolly’s skirt and shoes. what about you? exciting weekends ahead?


you might remember that a while back i showed you how i made a moss terrarium. i was pretty naughty and ignored all the good ‘how to make a moss terrarium’ advice i found online and just went ahead and cobbled together a pretty cute looking terrarium (if i do say so myself!) just for the fun of it.

Terrarium, Open

moss terrarium in july

well six weeks have passed and my terrarium lives on. i’ve tended to it almost lovingly, spraying it with water when i remember (about once a week) and making sure it stays in a light position (by forgetting it exists). every few days i leave the lid off for a while so it can get some fresh air, but mostly it just sits there, all fogged up. so how is it looking, you ask?

moss terrarium update

moss terrarium in september

as you can see (as much as you can see, thankyouverymuch iphone camera.. proper camera coming soon!) there is a tall stalk of something growing and the moss has assimilated nicely into its new home. the deer and the toadstools however, remain the same – turns out it isn’t a magic terrarium.

My kitchen

despite my best intentions, i’m not a naturally tidy person. and, as i transcribed from my calligraphy book numerous times when i was nine years old, “creative minds are rarely tidy” (that was about all i learned from the calligraphy book before it got lost in the maelstrom of my bedroom!). i’m not sure wether i am burdened by that adage or try to live up to it but one thing i am getting good at is creatively hiding my untidiness!

exhibit a: the kitchen bench/storage shelves. just your average ikea item, but a scene of stacked platters and unsightly appliances! this wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t also get dusty and covered in the drifts of coffee grinds that seem to settle on everything in the vicinity of the espresso machine.

solution: whip up some cute curtains out of those orla kiely tea-towels i was too scared to let touch a wet dish! (but not too scared to cut up… go figure?!)

i used three tea towels (2 blue and one patterned one – halved and sewn to each of the blue), and some curtain cord (the kind that is plastic coated and you can screw metal ‘eyes’ into, with matching size hooks). it was a very quick job and the sewing was probably the longest part.

i’m very happy with the result, and as you can see in the picture above, they blend in very nicely to my little blue kitchen!


i have to admit, my bedroom is a real sanctuary for me. its a very light room, and even though
i’m not being a morning person, i really love waking up there. gradually i’ve been pulling together
some treasures to make it an even lovelier place to wake up, and just a few weeks ago i scored
the pièce de résistance – a cane bedhead! my grandma had one, when i was little, and i just loved
how curly and pretty it was. after some hardcore searching and some ebay-related patience i found
one to fit our bed. it isn’t in perfect condition, but i knew with a coat of paint it would be good enough
for me!
so, enough chat! time for the before and after eye candy!


and after….

i’m so happy with how it turned out. it was a full day of spraying, and waiting, and spraying
some more, and my flip-flops got a bit ruined (oops) but it was worth it. i feel like the room is
complete now!

what do you think?


For a while now i’ve had a clear acrylic apple shaped ‘jar’ hanging around. I have a bit of an apple obsession, it should be noted, and often my obsession blinds me to what i’ll actually do with this apple object once its in my home. Such was the case with this jar, until i saw some very cute terrariums doing the rounds on a few blogs. But to me, terrariums had always been mysterious foggy tanks, filled with strange and – as far as i could guess – precious specimens, no doubt brought back from jungles by Indiana Jones-esque plant adventurers. And lets just say my track record for keeping green things green, has not been great. I would probably be described as having a lethal un-green-thumb of planticidal doom. But these terrariums i was seeing had moss in them! Not orchids or Venus fly traps… just moss. And when i checked my garden, i was apparently very good at growing moss (unbeknownst to me). So earlier, i decided to seize the day (and the moss) and make a terrarium of my very own. One hour later, it still appears to be alive. Hurrah!

step one: collecting materials

First, i had a look about to find some little treasures to put in the terrarium. I like woodland critters, so i chose a tiny plastic deer and a couple of cupcake topper toadstools to put in. Mr Gnome auditioned but unfortunately he was too tall for the role, and so he went back to his job in the pot plants outside. Better luck next time gnome.

step two: add pebbles
Terrarium Pebbles

I filled the bottom of the jar with some gravel, and river pebbles from our garden (we have a garden?!). These apparently provide drainage, and although the sites i googled suggested quarantining any items you add to your terrarium, i am impatient and not very serious about creating heirloom terrariums i will pass down to my children. In other words, i’m a moss maverick!

step three: add soil & moss

Next i sprinkled in some potting soil from where i found the moss. Again, information i read suggested new ‘pure’ soil, but i figured the moss was already growing in it so it would be ok. I unearthed the moss as gently as i could and arranged it over the soil.

step four: add decorative elements

In went the deer and toadstools and an extra pebble and i misted the lot with some water laced with beer. I remember reading about moss graffiti being done using a blended cocktail of beer and moss, so i thought – what’s the worst that can happen? Drunken plastic deer riots? Again, rule breakin’ no good terrarium maverick – that’s me!

step five: step back and admire

Terrarium Completed

Ta daaaah! Isn’t it pretty? It was very easy and i know i was naughty and didn’t follow the advice of those more terrarium-fluent than i, but hey it was fun and quick and for just a while i’ll have a terrarium! I’ll let you know how it fares in the coming weeks.

My largely ignored (but gratefully read!) terrarium research:

By Mary Jane: How to Make a Moss Terrarium

Hope Studios: How to Make a Moss Terrarium