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its almost easter! that can only mean one thing: festive printable time (oh, yeah and eggs and bunnies and stuff) and so i have made for you this very nifty bunny box printable!


not only is it my patented super-fun black and white coloring-in version, there is also a full color, ready to print’n’gift template for you! TWO FOR ONE BUNNIES! in fact it’s $2 for two funny bunny box templates in 1 easily downloaded PDF file, and just like real bunnies, you can multiply them infinitely (or rather, print as many as you need – for personal use only though – please don’t sell or reproduce these crafty bunnies)

get a funny bunny box here

why are some printables no longer free?

please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.

see, this box is clever – the interlocking funny bunny’s face keeps the box closed, and the egg hidden!


its big enough to fit a real egg in it (or a whole bunch of tiny chocolate ones) or maybe you could find a fabulous painted wooden pysanky like the one pictured – that one is from little sparrow, the fabulous toy & handcraft supply store i work at a few days a week!
i hope you enjoy the funny bunny egg box! and i hope your easter is full of all your favorite treats.


Printable Color In Easter Egg Box

time for another festive printable me thinks! meet the color-in easter egg box. download the PDF, print, color, cut it out, assemble it and await the bunny. why are some printables no longer free? please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.

color it in and add your name!

don’t forget to add your name or the bunny might give you the kind of eggs you don’t like. or maybe you could write someone else’s name and surprise them by pretending you’re the easter bunny!

color the box template then stick it together and wait for the easter bunny!

have fun coloring, and here’s hopping (arf!) it gets filled up with delicious treats soon! what are your favourite easter eggs? i love kinder chocolate eggs by ferrero, they used to be available here in australia as ‘noggi’ eggs but now i have to rely on the kindness of europeans to satisfy my insatiable lust for praline! mmmm praline.

have you grabbed issue two of the delicious TOFFEE magazine yet? its such a little bargain – lots of gorgeous pieces to read, eye candy a plenty and that rich chewy centre full of beautiful things to make and do, including a little easter printable from me!


Toffee Magazine printable easter box


i created this easter box back in december – so its imbued with the power of both christmas AND easter. double the magic, double the reason to grab the fabulicious toffee magazine.




eep! this is going up a bit late, but the last few days have been pretty busy and spent just dithering around the house. here’s what’s been going on:


have you seen my house? actually its not mine. but its near mine, and on easter sunday we went and had a picnic in the grounds of ripponlea estate. it was very idyllic.. except for the 200 other families doing the same thing!


this is the boating lake in ripponlea’s grounds. isn’t it pretty? imagine having a boating lake in your yard! sounds like too much work.. i’d have to feel guilty about not going boating. just as well i’ll never need to worry about boating-lake-guilt in this lifetime!


and across a section of the boating lake is this pretty bridge. its all too much really. we crossed it and birds came and landed on us and we sang a song and then deers and other woodland creatures gamboled about with us, but when we got back to our picnic we found seven dwarves had eaten it. i guess thats the downside of having a fairy tale bridge in your garden.


extreme daisy close up!! it was such a sunny day a lot of the eggs hidden for the easter egg hunt had melted by the time the kids found them.


and the last precious stash of my favorite eggs. these used to be called ‘noggi eggs’ and were available in bags when i was a kid, but now they only come in a little kinder assortment box at easter. so when i get some they are very treasured. mmmm praline filled!


i can’t remember if i’ve mentioned the kids room re-do i’ve been working on for far too long, but this rug is part of that. it arrived from urban outfitters a totally different color (grrr!) but after two rounds of fabric lightening and one nerve wracking die job its exaaaactly the color i wanted. satisfying!


hmmm what’s going on here? you’ll have to wait until next week to find out. can you stand the antici…………….pation?


what’s better than a cute craft project? a practical and cute craft project. and what’s better than that? a chance to recycle while making something cute and practical!

today i want to share with you a tutorial for making your own little box out of a recycled cereal box and some recycled card or paper. its relatively easy and you could make a whole box in a couple of evenings. satisfying and just in time for easter.

hop to it! this box is so cute and easy, you’ll have one made in no time!

i certainly didn’t invent this method, but it seems to have fallen out of common knowledge. do you remember your grandmother or older relatives making these kinds of boxes? i remember seeing crochet edged boxes like this made of recycled christmas cards, wrapping paper or greeting cards at fetes growing up. even my sewing basket is made in a similar style, and i know a friend who has a wastepaper basket made the same way. its a very versatile way of using old cards or papers that you can’t bring yourself to throw away, and with environmental responsibility and saving money at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds, i think its time to re-embrace this canny little craft! does this craft even have a name? if you know, leave a comment!

you could top the lid with ribbons, flowers, rosettes. be creative!

i specifically wanted to make an easter basket, so i designed my own paper to use. this box pictured was constructed from photo paper (with my design printed on it), a cereal box, and some plain white card to line the box. i recommend covering the interior and exterior layers with clear plastic vinyl or transparent plastic (like overhead projector sheets) if you want your box to last well or intend to present edible treats in it. imagine receiving a cute handmade box filled with some fresh baked cookies! now thats a resourceful but heartfelt gift i’d love to get. hint, hint, any friends reading!

easter cookies

did somebody say cookies?


i love ‘old lady’ crafts because most of the time they’re very practical and born of necessity. practicality really isn’t my strong suite, but i’m a sucker for boxes and containers to store little stuff in. while the crochet edging is very pretty, don’t be put off if you can’t crochet. just follow the instructions the same way, but replace any mention of crochet with a simple blanket stitch. it will be a little bit less frilly, but you’ll still have a cute way to use up those pretty bits of paper.

all you need, plus some cardboard

click here for instructions and template to make your own recycled card box

and as an early easter present to you lovely draw! pilgrim readers, you can make an easter patterned box just like mine! click here for an A4 sized easter paper pattern you can print out.

please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.