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in the words of burt bacharach “i’m wishin’ and hopin’ and plannin’ and dreamin'” for all of this pretty stuff! here’s what’s on my wishlist this month:

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let’s ease into this gently, no billion dollar rugs this month (i’m not sure that rug was a billion dollars, but i didn’t want to look!) isn’t this sewing kit from modcloth sweet? i would buy it for the tin alone (if i didn’t already have 16,000 or so spools of inherited cotton). i feel like it could have been made just for me. its so perfect, with its mod-ish flowers and cheery gingham base! makes me want to thriftily repair things and make charming patchworks and wear gunne sax style frocks. but that sounds mighty time- consuming so maybe i’ll just not.
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color it yerself you lazy slug! ooh with pleasure! this scandinavian inspired screen printed poster by summerville comes black and white and ready for your colorful interpretations. there are simply not enough occasions for coloring in adult life. too much form filling in, not enough coloring. i love the style of this poster. it is so my thing and it even looks a bit like my hand drawn style (you may not be surprised to learn i like drawing flowers. if you are surprised, hi i’m pilgrim an i’m a floral-a-holic). but back to this poster, wouldn’t it be a great present for a housewarming if you weren’t sure of their decor? they can color it to match whatever they like! genius.

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more flowers (see i told you i liked them!) as seen on plasticland. i actually already have some measuring cups similar to this, but they’re (extremely awesome) love hearts, so alas there is no room in my life (or drawer) for flower-shaped scoops, but a girl can look, right?! ah… flower cooling racks. perfect for cooling a fresh batch of ‘lazy daisy’ chocolate cookies. i have no idea why they’re called lazy daisies, but they’re really yummy, quick and easy chocolate cookies. seriously, i was making them when i was seven years old. these are eeeeeeeasy cookies, people! leave a comment if you want the recipe. 

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have you seen this wallpaper before? when i first saw it i actually went slack-jawed and speechless for a while. there i was tripping through the internet daisies then bam! hazz-aa-waaaaa-paaa waaal-paaa… i think my boyfriend was moments away from calling a doctor when i stopped drooling and regained my faculties and pointed out just how incredible this jonathan adler wallpaper is. the blue and green one needs to come and live in my bathroom. want! oh jonathan adler, your products make me happy. why am i cursed to only rent my dream home, its like i love the house but it just wants to stay friends and not let me wallpaper it. that analogy works, right?
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last of all is this slice of awesome: a 1973 ikea catalogue as seen on the retro! blog (yes i know its in swedish, but the swedes have all the good pictures of stuff). it hadn’t actually occurred to me that there might be ikea catalogues from the past. ikea in my mind is just very now and though i know it’s old, i just assumed it was much smaller and not-cataloged. but this discovery has lead to a dangerous new ebay saved search! oh for a time machine…
what about you? what are you pining for this month, and would you like to borrow my time machine to visit 1973 ikea?

here we are at friday again and what better day to take a few moments to express yourself creatively! in my opinion there just isn’t enough opportunity for coloring in once you pass a certain age, so just for larks i’ve made a coloring sheet you can print off. click on the image above to go to a full page version you can print off and color in to your heart’s content.

i hope everyone has a great weekend and i hope to see you back here on monday for some groovy new posts!

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I’ve been playing in the Vintage Fabrics flickr pool. Come on in, the water is… floral!