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bonnie & buttermilk

while enjoying the latest edition of kleinformat a cute little photo caught my eye and led me to bonnie & buttermilk! you know when you find something so perfect, so you, that you almost can’t breathe? i clicked through the store like a crazy lady, almost not believing what i was seeing: had someone broken into my head and brought all my ideas for dream outfits into existence? perhaps… but i’m happy they did!

how many ways do i love thee bonnie and buttermilk?

colorful: check!

fun fabrics: check!

cute, simple sihouettes: check!

adorable styling: CHECK!

three perfect skirts

home style skirt

two cute

tweet chic

fabulous colors

all photos from bonnie & buttermilk

go forth and shop, friends. and maybe take mr google translate with you if you sprechen sie nicht deutsches!

the last week and half has been full of ups and downs but one of the highlights of our recent trip to south australia was a day in the adelaide hills. two very dear friends flew from sydney to be with me and lend their support and i’d spent most of their visit sitting in a hospital or with my family, so we were in need of a catch-up and something fun to do. we went up to hahndorf to stuff ourselves with food and just generally be a bit silly in what could be the kitsch-est place in australia.

for anyone living in germany, or anyone who has been to germany, hahndorf is going to either severely disappoint you or amuse you endlessly. its what crocodile dundee is to actual australian culture: its hyper-real. i have to say it amuses me endlessly. its a little town, about a half-hour drive out of south australia’s capital city adelaide, founded by german settlers in 1839. its not all german themed (i kind of wish it was a disneyland of german-ness. they could call it deutschy-land maybe? but alas not everyone appreciates these things such as i do) but there are a lot of stein motifs and cuckoo clocks to be seen.

we ate kranskies, saurkraut, and potato salad. my friend drank a carbonated malt drink, and then we ate berliners, beestings cake, and danishes! and then we shopped for souvenirs…

… i like to think i have a streak of chalet chic in my home now!

if you’d like to know more about hahndorf click here and i hope you find it as amusing as i do. i think next time i visit i want to dress in lederhosen and use all my high school german phrases!



Graphis Annual 76/77: Flower Girl

cover of a prospectus about bad schwalbach, a watering place in hesse.
artist/designer: helmut kraft


Country Graphis Posters '79: Fish Man

“Einordnung” – Issued by the Deutsch Sparkassenverlag bank publishing agency. The title might freely translated as ‘keeping one’s place’ or ‘adaptation”

Artist: Aiga Heinemann-Rasch
Publisher: Deutsch Sparkassenverlag GmbH

i’m back in the real world, now. thanks for your patience. i’m looking forward to showing you some fun stuff this week!