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in the words of burt bacharach “i’m wishin’ and hopin’ and plannin’ and dreamin'” for all of this pretty stuff! here’s what’s on my wishlist this month:

love list

let’s ease into this gently, no billion dollar rugs this month (i’m not sure that rug was a billion dollars, but i didn’t want to look!) isn’t this sewing kit from modcloth sweet? i would buy it for the tin alone (if i didn’t already have 16,000 or so spools of inherited cotton). i feel like it could have been made just for me. its so perfect, with its mod-ish flowers and cheery gingham base! makes me want to thriftily repair things and make charming patchworks and wear gunne sax style frocks. but that sounds mighty time- consuming so maybe i’ll just not.
love list

color it yerself you lazy slug! ooh with pleasure! this scandinavian inspired screen printed poster by summerville comes black and white and ready for your colorful interpretations. there are simply not enough occasions for coloring in adult life. too much form filling in, not enough coloring. i love the style of this poster. it is so my thing and it even looks a bit like my hand drawn style (you may not be surprised to learn i like drawing flowers. if you are surprised, hi i’m pilgrim an i’m a floral-a-holic). but back to this poster, wouldn’t it be a great present for a housewarming if you weren’t sure of their decor? they can color it to match whatever they like! genius.

love list

more flowers (see i told you i liked them!) as seen on plasticland. i actually already have some measuring cups similar to this, but they’re (extremely awesome) love hearts, so alas there is no room in my life (or drawer) for flower-shaped scoops, but a girl can look, right?! ah… flower cooling racks. perfect for cooling a fresh batch of ‘lazy daisy’ chocolate cookies. i have no idea why they’re called lazy daisies, but they’re really yummy, quick and easy chocolate cookies. seriously, i was making them when i was seven years old. these are eeeeeeeasy cookies, people! leave a comment if you want the recipe. 

love list

have you seen this wallpaper before? when i first saw it i actually went slack-jawed and speechless for a while. there i was tripping through the internet daisies then bam! hazz-aa-waaaaa-paaa waaal-paaa… i think my boyfriend was moments away from calling a doctor when i stopped drooling and regained my faculties and pointed out just how incredible this jonathan adler wallpaper is. the blue and green one needs to come and live in my bathroom. want! oh jonathan adler, your products make me happy. why am i cursed to only rent my dream home, its like i love the house but it just wants to stay friends and not let me wallpaper it. that analogy works, right?
love list
last of all is this slice of awesome: a 1973 ikea catalogue as seen on the retro! blog (yes i know its in swedish, but the swedes have all the good pictures of stuff). it hadn’t actually occurred to me that there might be ikea catalogues from the past. ikea in my mind is just very now and though i know it’s old, i just assumed it was much smaller and not-cataloged. but this discovery has lead to a dangerous new ebay saved search! oh for a time machine…
what about you? what are you pining for this month, and would you like to borrow my time machine to visit 1973 ikea?

this isn’t really late breaking news, but its taken me aaaages to get around to posting about the changes i made to my son’s room. its no secret that’s for sure! if you’ve seen my apartment therapy home tour shots you’ll be familiar with all of this already, but oh sweet lordy do i love talking about makeovers! can we get a before…?

nothing intrinsically wrong with that ‘before’ pic. it was a very nice calm and minimal babies room. i went with an aqua, lime, and orange palette largely inspired by the rug you see. the changing table was the same that i was changed on when i was a baby, and it was made by my great grandfather during the depression (from orange crates). don’t worry the cabinet has been moved into another room where it will take on its seventh life as a guitar bench. and there’s the wee little guy, back in the day, i think that was taken when he was one year old. and what about the ‘after’ shot…?

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom

TA-DA! there is a sideboard where the cot was! and a bed where the change table was! and a bunch of different stuff! working from left to right we have: ikea storage ‘bins’ holding toys and supplies (painted in nippon paints ‘bamboo’ color), a second hand sideboard scored from my friend’s shop (the top was pretty rough so it got a lick of paint ‘satsuma’ by nippon paint, to be precise), the print on the wall above the sideboard is by shinzi katoh, and the smaller print on the wall is ‘gama go’s critter boat’ by tim biskup.

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom

the bed was actually the first thing i bought. i found it in a thrift store and thought it was such a sweet, perfect ‘first bed’. from that point i put the room together really gradually. i had a folder on my desktop and a photoshop file that i used as a digital mood board. i took photos of what we already had (the prints, the clock, the chair) and then worked out a palette and ‘theme’ (i was inspired by the yellowing colorful illustrations in vintage kid’s encyclopedias) and then added the other furniture as i discovered it. i would search very generally on etsy and ebay for extras using very general terms that fit my theme, eg “vintage woodland” and if i found something intriguing i’d drag the pictures into my mood board to see if they worked. it was just trial and error and patience. but i enjoy putting rooms together so much, and this was such a special project. i adored my bedrooms, growing up, and i wanted this extra special first ‘big kid’ room to be as fun and cute as it was functional. storage was an extra special consideration seeing as previously all the toys had lived in our lounge room!

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom: rug

here’s a view of the million dollar rug! its not really that valuable, i bought it from urban outfitters and it arrived a very different color to the one online so i spent about its equal value just getting it to be the color i wanted! ugh.

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom: bed

so after i worked out i was going for a vintage woodland, nature, kinda theme i could. not. believe it when i found this sheet on etsy! its a smokey the bear single sheet, in great condition, that i’ve turned into a duvet cover. its got that lovely soft vintage sheet feeling, but i sewed it to a new plain white sheet to give it some extra thickness . i still can’t believe my luck! my son loves pointing out the animals on the sheet and reading all the fire safety messages. the cushions are ‘orla kiely for target’ napkins set i picked up on ebay.

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom: detail

here is one of my woodland patchwork prints in its natural habitat! now you know what informed my choice of colors for that print… its all about me, baby! also pictured is a leaf print by ubiki, from etsy.

the sideboard was a real score. my friend was closing down her shop to set off on a world adventure, and so i kindly offered to relieve her of her shop counter, and here it is! a freshly painted top, and a new lease on life. it now holds lots of boxes of smaller toys and games in its shelves, and some smaller clothing items in its drawers.

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom: calendar etc

some woodland-ish trinkets my son corralled into his room. funny how little people take ownership of certain things. he’s just claimed my whisk as his own recently!

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom: reading chair

the bedtime story chair has a very new and lovely cushion on it from arthur’s circus! the chair and the bed frame are both painted in nippon paint’s ‘wainscot’ color. its a nice, very 70s brown. the chair was one of my grandma’s kitchen chairs, so its really cool it gets such an important role in this room.

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom: bookend

can you believe i found some squirrel bookends at my local housewares/gifty shop.. these babies are keeping us safe from a total book-alanche. we have an avid story-listener on our hands!

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom: moonlight & art

and finally, on the wall at the foot of the bed, by the doorway, we have a little cluster of art wall goodness. the dreamy lab partners prints (and the matte stephens’ bear monster) frame the ‘moon in my room’ light. father christmas brought my son the moon last december and so every night we check out what phase the moon is in, and adjust the light accordingly. it makes a really pretty nightlight and educational tool.

as i mentioned, a lot of the things we already had around the house, and the other furniture brought in is half ikea, half second hand so i’m quite happy with the thriftiness vs practicalness balance.

so there we have it! from nursery to nearly four years old! my son loves his room and even after a couple of months of it being all set up he’s still thrilled to have a room of his own, with character and interest, and that’s the big triumph for me.

the log is yuled! the halls are decked! and the winter wonderland… is in the other hemisphere. but one thing is for certain is is definitely beginning to look a lot like christmas ’round here. want to see what i mean?

the wreath is up! i made this a couple of years ago after being dismayed at the boooooring wreaths in the shops. a lot of glitter, some synthethic leaves and some evenings in front of the tv with the hot glue gun and i have exactly what i wanted. satisfying!

here is a close-up of the pears and birdie. the pears were made from a styrofoam bell spliced with a sphere (er, you can see the seam!). its a franken-pear!

i made some fabric bunting this year. its not as fancy as some people’s but i didn’t have bias tape so i used some string. maybe a little rustic, but thrifty!

the pudding was made a few weeks ago, and its been maturing in the fridge since then. pictured above is the boozed up fruit, stewing away!

isn’t it a cute pudding?! almost too cute to eat. ha! who am i kidding?!

here are some gift tags i designed and printed using moo. they’re the perfect size for tags and as with the wreath, its sooo satisfying having exactly what you want! tied up with some red and white bakers twine and they look rather cute.

ah! the presents! all wrapped and ready to be torn apart in a frenzy of excitement. also pictured above are some of the gift tags in action.

and do you know pippilotta delicatessa windowshade mackrelmint ephraim’s daughter longstocking? my son has enjoyed hearing the pippi longstocking stories multiple times this year, so i thought he might appreciate his mummy making him a pippi playmate of his very own.

what do you think? cheeky enough to do justice to pippi longstocking herself? she was so much fun to make.

this is my last post for 2009. i wish you all a beautiful and safe christmas and a brilliant, sparkly, new years eve.

thank you for reading draw! pilgrim, its been a tough, long year, but 2010 promises to be bigger, happier, and at least a bit more exciting in january when we’re off on our californian adventure! i really appreciate your comments and support and i can’t wait to share some exciting news come the end of january.

posting resumes january 11th, live! from the USA

hoorah! i’m the theme queen for pip’s ‘my place & yours’ this week. despite my boyfriend insisting on seeing peoples’ walk in humidors, or western wings, or orangerys, i have chosen the theme of ‘just five minutes peace.’

where do you retreat to for that sanity-regaining break? i am interested in what or where in your home your sanctuary is.

when i get those golden times of peace and quiet, i like to curl up on my ottoman with a delicious cup of tea of some variety. the beauty of the ottoman is there really is only room for one, which sounds selfish, but anyone with children will tell you personal space is at a premium. it’s in a light corner of the room, so its good to read or sew or crochet in and its just so colorful and happy it never fails to recharge me. did i mention the comfort factor? oh its comfortable. i’ve snoozed there, i’ve daydreamed, i’ve contemplated the ceiling. the restorative powers of this piece of furniture can not be underestimated.


edit: i can’t possibly thank ms sara enough for actually pointing out that i was indeed this week’s theme queen. seems i missed the post on ‘mikes and was very confused that there seemed to be no ‘my place and yours’ this last week. in conclusion: a-doy and three cheers for friends


my bedside, pillow-view

this week i thought i would join in on the ‘my place and yours’ meme fun-times, as started by the unstoppable pip from meet me at mikes! so for your voyeuristic pleasure, here is what i wake up to each morning.

starting from the top left corner and going clockwise you can see:

my lovely vintage wallpaper lampshade, from drawflowers a little solar powered plant that, as much as i try, i just can’t kill ✽ a handy little green and pink mug that holds hairclips mostly ✽ a pink box to store my moisturizer and lip balm etc ✽ current bedtime book ‘the ten cent plague: the great comic book scare and how it changed america’ ✽ the fabulous yellow alarm clock ✽ and last but not least a sweet little plastic box made by swimmer with bunnies and toadstools and hula hoops and filled with earrings that i’m too lazy to put away ✽


My kitchen

despite my best intentions, i’m not a naturally tidy person. and, as i transcribed from my calligraphy book numerous times when i was nine years old, “creative minds are rarely tidy” (that was about all i learned from the calligraphy book before it got lost in the maelstrom of my bedroom!). i’m not sure wether i am burdened by that adage or try to live up to it but one thing i am getting good at is creatively hiding my untidiness!

exhibit a: the kitchen bench/storage shelves. just your average ikea item, but a scene of stacked platters and unsightly appliances! this wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t also get dusty and covered in the drifts of coffee grinds that seem to settle on everything in the vicinity of the espresso machine.

solution: whip up some cute curtains out of those orla kiely tea-towels i was too scared to let touch a wet dish! (but not too scared to cut up… go figure?!)

i used three tea towels (2 blue and one patterned one – halved and sewn to each of the blue), and some curtain cord (the kind that is plastic coated and you can screw metal ‘eyes’ into, with matching size hooks). it was a very quick job and the sewing was probably the longest part.

i’m very happy with the result, and as you can see in the picture above, they blend in very nicely to my little blue kitchen!


i have to admit, my bedroom is a real sanctuary for me. its a very light room, and even though
i’m not being a morning person, i really love waking up there. gradually i’ve been pulling together
some treasures to make it an even lovelier place to wake up, and just a few weeks ago i scored
the pièce de résistance – a cane bedhead! my grandma had one, when i was little, and i just loved
how curly and pretty it was. after some hardcore searching and some ebay-related patience i found
one to fit our bed. it isn’t in perfect condition, but i knew with a coat of paint it would be good enough
for me!
so, enough chat! time for the before and after eye candy!


and after….

i’m so happy with how it turned out. it was a full day of spraying, and waiting, and spraying
some more, and my flip-flops got a bit ruined (oops) but it was worth it. i feel like the room is
complete now!

what do you think?