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book shopping in tokyo: take that concept in. yes, it was very good and by day one of our trip i was well on my way to a potential excess baggage fee. the bookstore in the basement of the parco department store was heaven, and all of the books i want to show you today came from there. i could have come away with many, many more because the range, and the quality was amazing. but i’m not at all disappointed by what i brought home…

cheerful in 3 1/2 months

“cheerful in 3 1/2 months” is a really amusing book  by Gerard Jansen full of great colorful illustrations by Sue Doeksen.

"try to recreate junk food"

the book provides one tip per day for a 3 and a half month path to cheerfulness. and how could you not be cheerful at suggestions like inventing your own toilet choreography, jumping in a bouncy castle, and my #1 tip – “be your favorite piece of pie”.

50 jeux pour route l'anée illustrated by alain gree

was this for my son? no. no it wasn’t. i’ll just put it on the shelf next to my “worst mother ever” trophy.

sur le chemin

…i mean, sure, he can look at it – while wearing cotton gloves. when he’s 19.
inside the back of the book is a collection of stickers to be used in the various activities through the book. and if you know of a kiddo who would definitely appreciate this book, then you should get it for them because its filled with fabulous alain grée illustrations. and probably a fun way to learn french!

"colorful room of the japan"

“colorful room of the japan” is jam packed with some of the most “colorful room of the japan” you’ll ever see. but wait! there’s more..

goofy grape kitchen
not only rooms “of the japan” but also of the spain, and of the france! and there are some cute crafty decor projects too. i’d really love to tell you more but its all in “the japanese”.

its the... thing.. book! YAY!
so, i have NO idea what this is all about. but its PACKED with adorableness. anyone? leave a comment and enlighten me. it seems to be the inspiration files of a couple of designers – but i could be way off. its full of deers, and pandas so lets all look at some pandas!!

what do you think? should i go back and get some more books? go on. twist my arm!

seventies living room

welcome to decorate! pilgrim post. in these posts i put together polyvore rooms inspired by a draw! pilgrim print. this time its the letter Z from my alphabet series.

no one does burnt orange and brown like those folks in the 70s, so above, i took their lead and put together a sophisticate retro space. product information here.

happy camper bedroom


i love challenging myself to come up with fun kid’s spaces, and this room takes some inspiration from camping. thick blankets, a picnic table for drawing and that fun log fire lamp give it some outdoorsy cheek. and mess is always allowed in rustic rooms, of course! keep that tower of books coming! product information here.


autumnal dining room


this autumnal room mixes up the colors and textures of food, and leather with a big pop of color from the wall hanging, and the mixed glass ornaments. settle in here on a crisp autumn evening for a fondue supper! product information here.

this isn’t really late breaking news, but its taken me aaaages to get around to posting about the changes i made to my son’s room. its no secret that’s for sure! if you’ve seen my apartment therapy home tour shots you’ll be familiar with all of this already, but oh sweet lordy do i love talking about makeovers! can we get a before…?

nothing intrinsically wrong with that ‘before’ pic. it was a very nice calm and minimal babies room. i went with an aqua, lime, and orange palette largely inspired by the rug you see. the changing table was the same that i was changed on when i was a baby, and it was made by my great grandfather during the depression (from orange crates). don’t worry the cabinet has been moved into another room where it will take on its seventh life as a guitar bench. and there’s the wee little guy, back in the day, i think that was taken when he was one year old. and what about the ‘after’ shot…?

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom

TA-DA! there is a sideboard where the cot was! and a bed where the change table was! and a bunch of different stuff! working from left to right we have: ikea storage ‘bins’ holding toys and supplies (painted in nippon paints ‘bamboo’ color), a second hand sideboard scored from my friend’s shop (the top was pretty rough so it got a lick of paint ‘satsuma’ by nippon paint, to be precise), the print on the wall above the sideboard is by shinzi katoh, and the smaller print on the wall is ‘gama go’s critter boat’ by tim biskup.

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom

the bed was actually the first thing i bought. i found it in a thrift store and thought it was such a sweet, perfect ‘first bed’. from that point i put the room together really gradually. i had a folder on my desktop and a photoshop file that i used as a digital mood board. i took photos of what we already had (the prints, the clock, the chair) and then worked out a palette and ‘theme’ (i was inspired by the yellowing colorful illustrations in vintage kid’s encyclopedias) and then added the other furniture as i discovered it. i would search very generally on etsy and ebay for extras using very general terms that fit my theme, eg “vintage woodland” and if i found something intriguing i’d drag the pictures into my mood board to see if they worked. it was just trial and error and patience. but i enjoy putting rooms together so much, and this was such a special project. i adored my bedrooms, growing up, and i wanted this extra special first ‘big kid’ room to be as fun and cute as it was functional. storage was an extra special consideration seeing as previously all the toys had lived in our lounge room!

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom: rug

here’s a view of the million dollar rug! its not really that valuable, i bought it from urban outfitters and it arrived a very different color to the one online so i spent about its equal value just getting it to be the color i wanted! ugh.

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom: bed

so after i worked out i was going for a vintage woodland, nature, kinda theme i could. not. believe it when i found this sheet on etsy! its a smokey the bear single sheet, in great condition, that i’ve turned into a duvet cover. its got that lovely soft vintage sheet feeling, but i sewed it to a new plain white sheet to give it some extra thickness . i still can’t believe my luck! my son loves pointing out the animals on the sheet and reading all the fire safety messages. the cushions are ‘orla kiely for target’ napkins set i picked up on ebay.

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom: detail

here is one of my woodland patchwork prints in its natural habitat! now you know what informed my choice of colors for that print… its all about me, baby! also pictured is a leaf print by ubiki, from etsy.

the sideboard was a real score. my friend was closing down her shop to set off on a world adventure, and so i kindly offered to relieve her of her shop counter, and here it is! a freshly painted top, and a new lease on life. it now holds lots of boxes of smaller toys and games in its shelves, and some smaller clothing items in its drawers.

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom: calendar etc

some woodland-ish trinkets my son corralled into his room. funny how little people take ownership of certain things. he’s just claimed my whisk as his own recently!

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom: reading chair

the bedtime story chair has a very new and lovely cushion on it from arthur’s circus! the chair and the bed frame are both painted in nippon paint’s ‘wainscot’ color. its a nice, very 70s brown. the chair was one of my grandma’s kitchen chairs, so its really cool it gets such an important role in this room.

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom: bookend

can you believe i found some squirrel bookends at my local housewares/gifty shop.. these babies are keeping us safe from a total book-alanche. we have an avid story-listener on our hands!

my son's new 'big kid' bedroom: moonlight & art

and finally, on the wall at the foot of the bed, by the doorway, we have a little cluster of art wall goodness. the dreamy lab partners prints (and the matte stephens’ bear monster) frame the ‘moon in my room’ light. father christmas brought my son the moon last december and so every night we check out what phase the moon is in, and adjust the light accordingly. it makes a really pretty nightlight and educational tool.

as i mentioned, a lot of the things we already had around the house, and the other furniture brought in is half ikea, half second hand so i’m quite happy with the thriftiness vs practicalness balance.

so there we have it! from nursery to nearly four years old! my son loves his room and even after a couple of months of it being all set up he’s still thrilled to have a room of his own, with character and interest, and that’s the big triumph for me.


its looooove list day! yay! so, this is what’s in my current wish list:

love list
images via swedish hasbeens

its finally turned cold here, so here we are halfway through autumn and finally its being autumnal! after living alternating between ballet flats and havianas for six months its time to bring in a good boot, and what better boot than a beautiful blue pair of swedish hasbeens! just look at that color, i want to swim in it. the only thing holding me back from diving in and purchasing a pair is a) i don’t have a boot warehouse to store my already excessive boot collection in, but more seriously b) the wooden sole worries me a bit. it sounds very hard and i’m not sure my precious little toes (and twice dislocated knee) could handle a wooden sole. but mmmm pretty blue boots. and for those of you in places where summer is coming: get a load of those ice-cream colored sandals. dreamy!

love list
image via lovely package

next on le list: cider! or if you’re from england’s south west: “soy-derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” (thats the phonetic spelling, there). i’m not a beer drinker so if i can’t have a g&t, then cider is my drink. its so refreshing and there’s something vaguely wholesome and bucolic about a nice glass of cider (especially if its in a dimpled mug). but how hip is this cider’s packaging, designed by ilovedust? i’m pretty bad when it comes to judging books by covers, and buying things for the box they come in, but cider this cute has definitely got to taste better. which is your favorite packaging – sea cider, apple or pear? via lovely package

love list
image via michelle mason

another specimen of cute from the UK are these tumblers and mugs by michelle mason. anytime i see pictures of london’s lollypop crossing lights i regress to being 5 and looking through picture books which told me trucks were ‘lorries’. the design on these mugs is very sweet and london never looked so colorful! don’t you think these would make morning coffee about 700% more cheerful? via retro to go

love list
image via tufted

i certainly wish there were more rugs in my life, but as it is i feel like it would be too much (especially considering all the rugs i like are VERY patterned! but i would consider selling every patterned thing for this rug pictured above. i love the scalloped, scaley pattern, i love the colors, i love that its bright but sophisticated and i love that the company who makes it is called ‘tufted‘. tuft is a good word. via design*sponge

love list
image via winter’s moon

so if i can’t have a stinkin’ big patterned rug then i’ll console myself with pretty pillows. honestly, sometimes i think if my boyfriend were to leave me, it’d be over the number of pillows on the couch. they out number him 8 to 1 and i think he’s threatened by them. but this sweet patterned cushion from winter’s moon would hold up a chair all by itself, don’t you think? a nice cosy corner for tea and reading, with this pillow would be a pretty nice place to be on this grey and rainy day.

so thats it for now, but tell me, what’s on your wish list at the moment?

i’ve been meaning to do this post since i wrote about my bedroom makeover way back last august! i know that post and the picture of my bedroom were popular, so its about time i gave some credit to the artists who made my art wall look so great. its just about an even split of purchases from etsy and outré gallery.

these two cuties (‘carmen m’ and ‘ginger pops’) are from tsktsk on etsy. they are digital prints of an original painting.

isn’t this a fascinating piece? its a four layer paper sculpture by helen musselwhite, bought from etsy. and on top is a smokin’ labbit! well, he’s not smoking, but he is a kozik labbit, just a bubblegum one.

this is an original gouache on board by APAK, from their show at outré gallery, melbourne (just about my favorite place in the city! seriously, i had a crush on it in high school. what kind of geek crushes on a gallery? this geek!)

this isn’t actually art, per se.. its a piece of plastic you slip between the letter you’re writing, and your table – so the table doesn’t get marked. anyway its cute and its by my favorite japanese kawaii brand ‘swimmer’. i found it at the now defunct genki store: thought it was perfect colors, bought it, framed it, love it to bits. wall ‘art’ can be anything, my guidelines are simple: does it make me feel happy? yes? hang it on that wall!

these birdies are from sweetshorn vintage on etsy. they came painted that color and at first i considered repainting them but they add such a small shot of variety i really love them just the way they are. aww.

both of these beauties are by lab partners. the yellow and pink painting is an original from the hunt and gather show at outré. i really love this little painting, i desperately wanted a lady painting to go with it but alas – she’d sold! my son calls this guy ‘ukulele man’ and he says goodnight to it every night. i think he thinks its a painting of daddy (who plays guitar). the pink and blue one is a letterpress print, from etsy. its an homage to lab partner’s home: san francisco. it definitely reminds me of happy holiday times now, too.

and lastly, here’s a view of what i wake up to each morning. this print (from outré) hangs over our chest of drawers on the wall adjacent to all the other pieces. its called ‘this is how it always starts’ and is by heisuke kitazawa/PCP. i love how dreamy it is, and the little characters are so whimsical. its a nice piece to face first thing

i hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of art, i really love it. its so nice to have a bedroom filled with special treasures that make waking up such a sunny and aesthetically pleasing ordeal!

hoorah! i’m the theme queen for pip’s ‘my place & yours’ this week. despite my boyfriend insisting on seeing peoples’ walk in humidors, or western wings, or orangerys, i have chosen the theme of ‘just five minutes peace.’

where do you retreat to for that sanity-regaining break? i am interested in what or where in your home your sanctuary is.

when i get those golden times of peace and quiet, i like to curl up on my ottoman with a delicious cup of tea of some variety. the beauty of the ottoman is there really is only room for one, which sounds selfish, but anyone with children will tell you personal space is at a premium. it’s in a light corner of the room, so its good to read or sew or crochet in and its just so colorful and happy it never fails to recharge me. did i mention the comfort factor? oh its comfortable. i’ve snoozed there, i’ve daydreamed, i’ve contemplated the ceiling. the restorative powers of this piece of furniture can not be underestimated.


edit: i can’t possibly thank ms sara enough for actually pointing out that i was indeed this week’s theme queen. seems i missed the post on ‘mikes and was very confused that there seemed to be no ‘my place and yours’ this last week. in conclusion: a-doy and three cheers for friends

here is my contribution for ‘my place & yours‘! this weeks theme is basically what quirky things does your house have. our house has a few funny little things, but i thought i’d take the opportunity to show you some of the neat features my house also has. technically it’s not my house, because we’re just renting it, but honestly i love it as though it were my own. as soon as we visited this house’s open inspection i was in love and ready to fight tooth and nail to make it ours (if only per 12 months)!

it was built along with a lot of other properties in this area, in the late 50’s, early 60’s. it’s a really nice floor plan, giving lots of space in the living areas, and really comfortable sized bedrooms. it has big windows that let in plenty of light and a garden just big enough to run around in. from what i understand, our owner grew up here, and her mother lived here before us. that being the case, hardly anything has changed and the features are original. the stove and the kitchen laminate are newer, and there appears to have been a partition of some kind in the lounge that was removed (i try not to think about having missed out on seeing an amazing room divider, no.. it must have just been a plain old boring wall haha.)

one of the first quirky things we saw was the bathroom. we have a nice sized bathroom, with a bath, and a basin and then next door to that there is a smaller bathroom with a shower and another basin. its certainly a peculiar use of space, what’s wrong with a shower over a bath?! why all the basins? why not just have a bigger bathroom with one less basin and shower cubicle!? its a mystery for sure. here’s is a diagram, just to make sure you really get the confusingness of it all…

our bedroom door appears to have originally been hung the ‘wrong’ way. it’s since been fixed, but the light switches are now behind the door. lucky i ain’t afraid of no ghosts! (on that note, i’d like to point out, having grown up in a house with kind of haunty bad ju-ju, this house welcomed me. it has such a nice vibe, i’ve never felt creeped out here. thank you, house).

speaking of switches, we have our fair share of switches that aren’t connected to anything. i like to imagine they control something in a neighbor’s house: i switch off the one in our kitchen and the people at no. 8 are plunged into darkness while i laugh maniacally, safely ensconsed in my kitchen/mastermind lair.

my favorite quirk is what is now my son’s room. obviously its always been the child’s bedroom, there are the faint dimples of pin marks on the re-painted walls, where once was probably a shrine to teen idols. inside the left hand wardrobe door is pinned a relic: a clipped advertisement for peter paul and mary’s fourth australian tour, 1968. i find it so touching, that its still there, 41 years later.

as mentioned, there are lots of original features, let’s take a look shall we? first off, our house is jewish, so in the majority of doorways there are mezuzah:

thankfully the house hasn’t minded having christmas trees in it, and nothing has fallen on me when i’m cooking bacon, so it’s either lapsed, or just a really forgiving house!

we have some really neat light fittings:

and our carpet has a pretty neat pattern:

i must admit the toilet wallpaper is what convinced me this house was my dream home:

hey look! our kitchen sink is a radient gem! … whatever that means!

… and our bathroom mirror is “a spamco product”! tee hee.. spam!

but my favorite quirky features of this house are my boyfriend and our son… its just a shame they’re camera shy!


i have to admit, my bedroom is a real sanctuary for me. its a very light room, and even though
i’m not being a morning person, i really love waking up there. gradually i’ve been pulling together
some treasures to make it an even lovelier place to wake up, and just a few weeks ago i scored
the pièce de résistance – a cane bedhead! my grandma had one, when i was little, and i just loved
how curly and pretty it was. after some hardcore searching and some ebay-related patience i found
one to fit our bed. it isn’t in perfect condition, but i knew with a coat of paint it would be good enough
for me!
so, enough chat! time for the before and after eye candy!


and after….

i’m so happy with how it turned out. it was a full day of spraying, and waiting, and spraying
some more, and my flip-flops got a bit ruined (oops) but it was worth it. i feel like the room is
complete now!

what do you think?