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my creative space

i recently had some new house shots done by the fab fi mims, and i’m going to show them to you room by room. i’ve been emailed a few times about where i got various things from, so this should be a fun way of sharing some secret sources and talking you through my space!

in the case of my desk area its also a bit of a time capsule! its not going to look like this for very much longer now that my desk is movin’ on out and up to my studio: lil desky’s leaving home! and do i need to tell you how excited i am about working AWAY FROM HOME. like a grown up!

my deskmy desk

the actual desk is from ikea, and that frosted glass panel is very useful! the chair is from ikea too, but i made a fancy cover for it using a pattern by yvestown.

desk corner, edith collins box & vintage shelf papers
top left: desk corner detail featuring small+giant “qualy happle” storage containers, top right: ‘love embroidery’ picture atop my edith collins box purse.

bottom: vintage shelf papers in search of the perfect project

beatles for brainstorming
beatles yellow submarine album cover notebook by vinylux

fab chair fabric

the fabulous chair fabric, found via ebay

butterfly mobile
butterfly mobile from shine gallery, LA

curated shelf
top left: paumes interior books, pop ink books, and kaboom: explosive animation from america and japan top right: vintage mugs

bottom: postcards, gum balls, ‘let’s hang’ zipper pull blind box, decole toys from the middle of bath fizzies, puchi puchi babie deers. my terrarium, and a luggage tag from the beatles’ 1964 tour of australia.

my pin board… with many things on it!

ottoman corner

behind my desk is this cozy little corner, for sitting and day dreaming in. above are prints by gerry and joe simboli, and sanna annukka. cushions from ikea and now-closed etsy sellers.

instagram gallery

fuji instax gallery on the shelves behind my desk.

ottoman, yellow shelves
top left: view down the shelves to the ottoman top right: a german wooden music box.

bottom: the pigeon holes of the yellow bookshelf (a salvaged office pigeonhole shelf)

stay tuned for more fresh house photos and eventually, photos of my NEW studio space (yay!)

pop up! now on!

don’t forget the pop up sale starts thursday… that’s TODAY! it runs until saturday 6th 3pm.

you’ll find classic cute kid’s threads by crumb, fab art by dawn tan and madeleine stamer, gorgeous jewellery and accessories by shara lambeth, emily green and betty jo, exceptionally well made dresses by peta pledger, and of course the pin up photobooth helen mclean is hosting!

unfortunately being sick put me behind, and under a lot of strain, so i have regretfully pulled out, but i can’t wait to visit and shop. see you there?

thirty before 30

yay! first item on my ‘thirty before 30’ list is checked off! if you’d like to read more about why i’m doing this, i wrote about starting my list a few months back.


the 7 dolls supper club

getting to know friends

i started my own supper club! why? because i like secret clubs. i like a bit of glamor. i like meeting new people. i like a fun excuse to get out of the house. i definitely like eating.


my mum and her friends would meet quarterly for their ‘ladies’ lunch’ and growing up i thought that it was all the height of grown up lady fun. and when alex shared her supper club adventures, i decided i wanted that thing too! my plan is a (almost) monthly meeting of myself and 3 fab friends, plus 3 of their fab friends! we doll up, we dine out and everyone has a bit of an adventure.


the afghan gallery

the downstairs dining room at the afghan gallery

for our first outing i chose the afghan gallery restaurant on brunswick street. i’d heard it had good interesting food, and upstairs was low floor dining amongst cushions and rugs. ooh! exotic!

afghan mood lighting

upstairs dining amongst the cushions

upstairs was cozy and the perfect comfy place for a languorous afghan feast


our feast was a really cheap but delicious banquet menu, but it involved delicious sizzly meat, bread, rice, and curries etc.

it was really fun, i didn’t need the ice breaker cards – we all hit it off and chatted happily into the night. i can’t wait to organize the next outing for the 7 dolls supper club!

do you have a monthly dinner with friends? or a supper club of you own?

sauce and swap day

are you in melbourne and looking for something wholesome to do on saturday? you should head to the sauce and swap day! you can swap your unwanted stuff, make apple sauce and learn to gocco print from the lovely rayna – i designed the sauce labels myself!

i haven’t spoken much about my personal life on this blog. as selfish as this may sound, this site is my space. just mine. and those of you who are parents will understand how precious having some space of your own is! however to give some background to this post allow me to share: my son is turning 3 on sunday. its been an incredible few years, but its been like having my brain on ‘hold’ for most of that time. at the beginning of this year i vowed to start working towards something and investing more in my interests and mental wellbeing. step one was to start reading again. step two was to try and be more health conscious and step three was to extend myself and edge outside of my comfort zone.

cut to nine months later and i’m just getting around to step three.

a few weeks ago i decided i wanted to do some screen printing, but having only done so a couple of times with lots of help from other people, i wasn’t really comfortable just diving in. so i had a peek at the centre for adult education website and found a 2-day intensive course taught by the excellent nathan gray.

part one of the course was last saturday, and we did some prints using paper stencils, and some using the speedball blockout and resist fluids. pictured above are my stencil prints. i’m really happy with that technique and i feel very inspired by the results. don’t you think they look a bit scandinavian? the blockout and resist fluids gave some people great painterly results but cleaning it off the screen with a high pressure hose makes it something i can’t really do at home. coming next week, the results of our photo emulsion prints!

i really recommend (anyone who as the time) taking a course. it might sound trite, but aside from picking up some new skills i’ve met some great new people and its just so nice to do something different with my weekends. next on my list to learn is proper coptic bookbinding, and letterpress printing.

have you taken any good courses or have something in mind you’d like to learn?