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seventies living room

welcome to decorate! pilgrim post. in these posts i put together polyvore rooms inspired by a draw! pilgrim print. this time its the letter Z from my alphabet series.

no one does burnt orange and brown like those folks in the 70s, so above, i took their lead and put together a sophisticate retro space. product information here.

happy camper bedroom


i love challenging myself to come up with fun kid’s spaces, and this room takes some inspiration from camping. thick blankets, a picnic table for drawing and that fun log fire lamp give it some outdoorsy cheek. and mess is always allowed in rustic rooms, of course! keep that tower of books coming! product information here.


autumnal dining room


this autumnal room mixes up the colors and textures of food, and leather with a big pop of color from the wall hanging, and the mixed glass ornaments. settle in here on a crisp autumn evening for a fondue supper! product information here.


i do believe early 70s fashion is my favorite. i do like bits from other eras, but early 70s is just so cute and bold and girlish! aren’t those girls above sweet? i think i would wear every one of those dresses. check out all that ric rac on the left! and all the hair in pigtails or ‘bunches’ if you will. i’m rockin’ some bunches right now, but alas, no cute sandals or big collars. all the images in this post come from a book published by schiffer, called ‘fashionable clothing from the sears catalogs: early 1970s’ by tina skinner. the books (there are also 60’s and 80’s editions in the series) contain a price guide and are just crammed with fab photos. its really amusing seeing how catalog modeling and styling has changed.

oh no! don’t step on the tiny lady between your legs! middle girl probably can’t see past that ENORMOUS collar. i bet being crushed to death by a clog was the leading cause of death in the early 70s. my favourite here is the floral dress on the left. what a perfectly proportioned, crisp, collar. i’m really not sure what the point of the tiny pixie lady…

more clogs and some maxi dresses! i think the girl on the right wants the girl in the middle to join her for a key party… left side girl is just thinking about how virginal she is. she won’t be knocking clogs with anyone anytime soon! she’s heading straight home after this shoot to brush her hair 100 times before sliding into bed in a maxi nightie.

embarrasing! you show up to a shoot and you’re both wearing an autumnal toned ‘waves’ ensembles! what to do!? pose nonchalantly? or plot to destroy your tunic wearing twin? if you answered (b) you’re the model on the left and you’re currently serving out your remaining 50yr jail term in a high security facility. if you answered (a) congratulations! you were the tunic wearer, and you spent a few more years modeling before settling down to start a family, working part time in the school office and furthering your interest in creative writing and embezzeling. oh, sorry i meant bedazzeling.

i think i just died of a frock love attack! please can someone provide me with a time machine so i can go back and get that dress with the daisies and cherries/apples? i promise i will bring back original star wars merch that you can ebay for mega bucks! however if you already have a spare time machine lying around i’m guessing money probably isn’t a worry for you. in conclusion: buy me that dress!

and last but not least: its that uniform you were always promised you’d get to wear in the dystopian future!! all the comfort of dacron, with none of the personality or breathability of those other ridiculous fabrics from the ‘olden days’. the good news is if you catch fire, your suit will just melt down into a handy plastic container you can store leftover soylent green in! i’m pretty sure the mother is just about to tell us how much she loves The Leader. apologies for mixing my futuristic concepts.



my bedside, pillow-view

this week i thought i would join in on the ‘my place and yours’ meme fun-times, as started by the unstoppable pip from meet me at mikes! so for your voyeuristic pleasure, here is what i wake up to each morning.

starting from the top left corner and going clockwise you can see:

my lovely vintage wallpaper lampshade, from drawflowers a little solar powered plant that, as much as i try, i just can’t kill ✽ a handy little green and pink mug that holds hairclips mostly ✽ a pink box to store my moisturizer and lip balm etc ✽ current bedtime book ‘the ten cent plague: the great comic book scare and how it changed america’ ✽ the fabulous yellow alarm clock ✽ and last but not least a sweet little plastic box made by swimmer with bunnies and toadstools and hula hoops and filled with earrings that i’m too lazy to put away ✽



Graphis Annual 76/77: Flower Girl

cover of a prospectus about bad schwalbach, a watering place in hesse.
artist/designer: helmut kraft


patchwork header

second installment of pilgrim’s palette and its not even a color! but why choose one color when you can have them all? so here is my salute to patchwork. patchwork appeals to me for so many reasons, yet it’s one of the few crafts i dare not try. i know my lack of patience and less-than perfect sewing skills will compromise my end result so i don’t even start. but the concept of patchwork is enough of an inspiration to me and so my fabric stash lives to spend another day alone in the cupboard, but my artwork is quickly becoming something a pioneer woman might be proud of. you’ll have to wait and see what i mean, but for today, lets enjoy some traditional patchwork.

<span class=
from the golden hands encyclopedia of crafts

as one of my beloved ‘golden hands’ books says, “patchwork is a truly sentimental craft which has always been connected with sharing and neighbourliness… the fabric of patchwork will often conjure up a score of memories – a scrap of the first dress you ever sewed, a piece of the blouse that never looked right with anything – reminders of friends and family.” don’t you love that image above this paragraph? the warm golden light in that picture makes me ache for childhood camping trips. obviously, i’m a big sucker for nostalgia, but i also love the haphazardness of patchwork. i strongly believe in the adage that “if a little is good, then a lot must be better” especially where pattern is involved. gingham and floral? yes please! stripes and spots? you better believe it!

patchwork bag
from the golden hands encyclopedia of crafts

and have a look at the textures in this bag: cotton, corduroy and i think some velvet. even though i prefer my patchwork more colorful, i rather like the washed out charm of this bag. i think it could be holly hobbie’s overnight bag, don’t you think?

patchwork blanket
from the golden hands encyclopedia of crafts

i really like this blanket. the combination of the wholesome gingham and the far out florals and paisley really does it for me. having said that, my favorite patchwork is hexagonal. i can’t explain it, i guess i’m drawn to the slightly more unusual shape. of course the fact that hexagonal patchwork is just that bit more complex than square patchwork is another reason why me + sewing a patchwork blanket will never = friends. but as long as the hexagonal shape tool in adobe illustrator exists, at least some of my patchwork lust will be sated!

Country Graphis Posters '79: Fish Man

“Einordnung” – Issued by the Deutsch Sparkassenverlag bank publishing agency. The title might freely translated as ‘keeping one’s place’ or ‘adaptation”
Artist: Aiga Heinemann-Rasch
Publisher: Deutsch Sparkassenverlag GmbH

i’m back in the real world, now. thanks for your patience. i’m looking forward to showing you some fun stuff this week!

lovely lashes

a homage to lovely falsies, and the beauties who wear them! this post is dedicated to my lovely friend andie, who rocks an eyelash like nobodies business!

i tried to dig up some history on false eyelashes, but all i could find is the following, on several different sites:

False eyelashes were invented by the American film director D.W. Griffith while he was making his 1916 epic, “Intolerance”. Griffith wanted actress Seena Owen to have lashes that brushed her cheeks, to make her eyes shine larger than life. A wigmaker wove human hair through fine gauze, which was then gummed to Owen’s eyelids. “Intolerance” was critically acclaimed but flopped financially, leaving Griffith with huge debts that he might have been able to settle easily – had he only thought to patent the eyelashes.  

via useless facts


shu uemura has become synonymous with lashes (though the range on the website isn’t nearly as big as what’s in store! where are the holographic and rainbow ones?!)

and here’s a video on applying false lashes

so, do you wear false eyelashes? i must admit, as much as i love them, i’m rubbish at applying them (despite much practice) and tend to look more drag than fab. sigh. why is it the things we love most, are the things that don’t suit us!? (see also shift dresses and wide leg jeans)




Columbia-Minerva Knit Fashions: Fables &amp; Fabulous Yarns

not too long ago i discovered this fabulous knitting pattern book on etsy. its the columbia-minerva knit fashions for boys and girls no.775 from 1970 titled ‘fables & fabulous yarns’. not only is it full of fabulous floral backdrops, the knitted outfits are downright charming – though maybe i feel that way because i never had to wear a woolen pinafore myself!

flowers, crazy stuffed animal props, pinafores and knee socks – what more could you want?! how about some poems? well you’ve come to the right pattern book!

the introduction goes:

a long time ago
in the kingdom of make believable knits
the children declared their independence
and moved across the valley to live with the friendly animals.
they were happy until autumn when it came to their notice
that the animals coats were growing thicker and warmer
while their own clothes were getting thinner.

as winter approached, envy grew into hostility,
until the animals, alarmed for their lives,
sent the tiger in delegation to persuade the children
from persisting in their foolishness.

“children” said the tiger,
“your pride threatens the peace of our land.
rob us of our coats and you rob yourself of friends,
and when our coats wear thin on your backs you
will be lonely and cold too. let us carry you home where you
can enjoy the fruits of the affectionate adults.”

the children heard his words and met
in council to deliberate the matter.
a few thought it more romantic to sneak home
under cover of darkness and gather yarns to knit for
themselves. but the majority said this was not a time
for romance. “all we can knit anyway is scarves and who
wants to go around all winter wrapped in a scarf
when we could have cardigans and dresses and caps and slacks.
let us return and reconsider independence when we
know better how to care for ourselves.”

secretly relieved at being outvoted,
the few joined the many and they all set out at once
astride the larger animals. the adults were likewise
relieved and decided henceforth they would
try to give their children a greater sense of freedom.

and so you will notice as you
read through our book that while the children and
their animal friends play happily together,
the grownups are not anywhere to be seen.
they are behind the scenes knitting.

the fashion director

now on with the fashion parade! please note, the poems are featured above the photos in the book. i didn’t write them. i can only write rude limericks and thats another story for another time!

Columbia-Minerva Knit Fashions: girls who feed asses

two maids garbed in knits of high fashion
met an ass who ate yarns with a passion
said they in protection
please try for “delection”
these flowers as alternate ration

how sweet are those knee socks and mary-janes? and i love those hair ties the girls wear. can someone who had some tell me what they’re made of? are they wool? they look like ropes and remind me of sesame street!!

Columbia-Minerva Knit Fashions: nautical but nice!

three sisters in dress of a sailor
took their pet to be fit by a tailor.
when faced by a bear
all covered with hair
the merchant turned five degrees paler.

as my mother would say, ‘nautical but nice!’ i wish i’d had some sailor outfits as a child. how did they get the skirts to not stretch all out of shape? can you tell i’m not a knitter?

Columbia-Minerva Knit Fashions: apres ski, apres style

a toast to warming snacks and sweaters
sköal to saint bernard the bold
it may be june,
but none too soon
to start and knit for winter’s cold.

plaid trousers! i die. how terrible is that stuffed st bernard? it looks like someone won it at a fair! i’d like that hooded cardigan, and those red mugs though, please.

Columbia-Minerva Knit Fashions: bring on the chevron

two sisters found a baby ‘roo
playing in the hollyhocks.
they spent the morning at the zoo
and picnicked there on lollypops.

lollypops, knee-socks and hollyhocks! oh my! i love the little girls matching tights and polo neck combination. i had a lot of pinafores as a child and i still love them. i just look like a sack in them now thankyouverymuch puberty!

Columbia-Minerva Knit Fashions: matching in brown

a career kangaroo
who sold fruit at the zoo
was caught making book on the side.
when asked to foreswear
this shady affair
he said, “by the book i’ll abide.”

these last two outfits i do not envy. and judging by the kid’s expressions, they share my sentiment. the girl looks like she’s saying “a brown pleated skirt?! thanks mum. now i can wear my school shoes on weekends too” and the boy looks to be saying “you think you’ve got it bad? i’m going to be missing more than this one tooth when i wear this around the guys!”

so what do you think, should we petition to get more poetry+knitting crossover books published? i’m thinking haiku+crochet! sonnets+cross stitch!





i have to admit, my bedroom is a real sanctuary for me. its a very light room, and even though
i’m not being a morning person, i really love waking up there. gradually i’ve been pulling together
some treasures to make it an even lovelier place to wake up, and just a few weeks ago i scored
the pièce de résistance – a cane bedhead! my grandma had one, when i was little, and i just loved
how curly and pretty it was. after some hardcore searching and some ebay-related patience i found
one to fit our bed. it isn’t in perfect condition, but i knew with a coat of paint it would be good enough
for me!
so, enough chat! time for the before and after eye candy!


and after….

i’m so happy with how it turned out. it was a full day of spraying, and waiting, and spraying
some more, and my flip-flops got a bit ruined (oops) but it was worth it. i feel like the room is
complete now!

what do you think?



Daddy Dear

D, D, D, D

Daddy dear, oh daddy dear

Do dogs have dreams, do ducks have ears?

Do dragons dance, why do gophers dig holes?

Do gophers dress up in their dirty clothes?

D, D, D, D

Dogs dream of meat and their dreams are delicious

Ducks do have ears but they don’t do the dishes

Gophers dig holes to hide their candy bars

Dragons don’t dance and they don’t smoke cigars

D, D, D, D

Daddy dear, oh daddy sweet

Do dandylions roar, do daisies have feet?

May I have a drink of water and a dish of tadpoles?

Daddy how deep is a doughnut hole?

D, D, D, D

If dandylions roar then your daddy is deaf

The daisies drank the water so the tadpoles left

Your eyes are droopy darling daughter and you’re dizzy in the head

The toads are eating dinner so it’s time to go to bed

Little dolly go to bed


Music by Bud Luckey

Lyrics by Donald Hadley

Lyrics from The Original Sesame Street Lyrics Archive

As seen on Sesame Street Old School: Volume 1

I wish i knew who animated this, but my googling turned up no information. I love the style of illustration, especially the ‘d’ amongst the flowers etc.

Its interesting reading the comments on the YouTube page, so many people saying they found it scary for various reasons. I don’t really get that, but i have always liked slightly disturbing things. This always just seemed pretty to me. I hope you weren’t scared!