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as seen on etsy: what would carol brady do?

hot rollers for fresh flick ‘dobutterfly coffee cupsmatching soap for bobby and cindy

purse sized notepads alice’s favorite recipes ✽ a body suit for marsha

a purse to match jan’s plad bellbottomsnew wallpaper for the ensuite


some of you may have previously heard me refer to carol brady as my spirit guide. when i find myself in times of trouble mother brady speaks to me, whispering words of wisdom: make it groovy. and so this week while curating my ‘as seen on etsy’ post i asked myself “what would carol brady do?” and the answer lies above.



its looooove list day! yay! so, this is what’s in my current wish list:

love list
images via swedish hasbeens

its finally turned cold here, so here we are halfway through autumn and finally its being autumnal! after living alternating between ballet flats and havianas for six months its time to bring in a good boot, and what better boot than a beautiful blue pair of swedish hasbeens! just look at that color, i want to swim in it. the only thing holding me back from diving in and purchasing a pair is a) i don’t have a boot warehouse to store my already excessive boot collection in, but more seriously b) the wooden sole worries me a bit. it sounds very hard and i’m not sure my precious little toes (and twice dislocated knee) could handle a wooden sole. but mmmm pretty blue boots. and for those of you in places where summer is coming: get a load of those ice-cream colored sandals. dreamy!

love list
image via lovely package

next on le list: cider! or if you’re from england’s south west: “soy-derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” (thats the phonetic spelling, there). i’m not a beer drinker so if i can’t have a g&t, then cider is my drink. its so refreshing and there’s something vaguely wholesome and bucolic about a nice glass of cider (especially if its in a dimpled mug). but how hip is this cider’s packaging, designed by ilovedust? i’m pretty bad when it comes to judging books by covers, and buying things for the box they come in, but cider this cute has definitely got to taste better. which is your favorite packaging – sea cider, apple or pear? via lovely package

love list
image via michelle mason

another specimen of cute from the UK are these tumblers and mugs by michelle mason. anytime i see pictures of london’s lollypop crossing lights i regress to being 5 and looking through picture books which told me trucks were ‘lorries’. the design on these mugs is very sweet and london never looked so colorful! don’t you think these would make morning coffee about 700% more cheerful? via retro to go

love list
image via tufted

i certainly wish there were more rugs in my life, but as it is i feel like it would be too much (especially considering all the rugs i like are VERY patterned! but i would consider selling every patterned thing for this rug pictured above. i love the scalloped, scaley pattern, i love the colors, i love that its bright but sophisticated and i love that the company who makes it is called ‘tufted‘. tuft is a good word. via design*sponge

love list
image via winter’s moon

so if i can’t have a stinkin’ big patterned rug then i’ll console myself with pretty pillows. honestly, sometimes i think if my boyfriend were to leave me, it’d be over the number of pillows on the couch. they out number him 8 to 1 and i think he’s threatened by them. but this sweet patterned cushion from winter’s moon would hold up a chair all by itself, don’t you think? a nice cosy corner for tea and reading, with this pillow would be a pretty nice place to be on this grey and rainy day.

so thats it for now, but tell me, what’s on your wish list at the moment?


yay! i won the lottery! (not really, but eh… its wednesday, what else am i supposed to be thinking about?) so aside from doing a world tour, and donating a bunch of my many, many, many millions i’m going to buy some of these things from my wishlist with my spare change. and then i’m going to buy us all lunch, ok? so clear your schedule because i’ll be calling any moment…


first i would get some miller goodman playshapes because i think its important to buy great toys (because i have to play with them too!!). aren’t these nifty? i really love toys with versatility, because well.. they’re versatile. as you can see, my imagination needs all the stimulation it can get. yay blocks! image from lark, images and playshapes to buy from lark!


next up, something cute for my house: did you know jonathan adler now does melamine plates? cos he totally does! mmm pretty fishy adler goodness. and none of that fear of breakage. three cheers for melamine! image and plates to buy from jonathan adler.


last winter i got myself a cute raincoat (and it came in handy in california!) but i’ve jet to find a cute umbrella. but oooh these beauties will brighten your rainy days and keep your hairset nice and dry. who can argue with cheery yellow and polka dots? no one, that’s who! images and brollys from dorothy perkins


and of course i’ll be needing a bag to carry my wads of cash around in, and what better bag than one that evokes an endless summer holiday of glamor and carefree tanning on yachts and galavanting around the côte d’azur and monte carlo and the greek isles and there’s an austrian count and ever so many romantic misunderstandings. image and bag from bonjour mon coussin.


glamourous nails will definitely be required aboard the count’s yacht, and what cooler nail varnish than strangebeautiful’s volume one varnish collection?
Josef Albers Color Theory, A Mid Century Modern Knoll Fabric, Oscar Wilde, the exuberant paint colors used to decorate the walls of the Federalist period, a color of an Andy Warhol painting at the Dia Museum, the color Puce which I remember mixing when oil painting as a child, a green – winged teal, the dark inky blue of a never ending deep lake at night and the fear of swimming in it, and of course the red Valentine typewriter.”


first thing – this design of shoe is called ‘ice-cream’. yum. second thing – melissa’s are the most comfy jelly shoes you’ll ever find. they’re so cute, but you think they’ll be all blister making and sweaty and gross. none of that here. i own four different styles and they’re all really great. but i don’t own any ‘ice creams’ and i shan’t rest until i do! images and melissa shoes from here

i’ve mentioned the little sparrow shop in north caulfield previously on draw! pilgrim, and i wanted to dedicate a post to this awesome local shop so you can all see why i love it so much! 

little sparrow is run by the completely lovely shelley davies, who has used her crafty knowledge and experience with her own children to build a shop filled with inspiring creations and the materials to inspire you to create something yourself! the combination of toys and handwork (craft) supplies might seem odd, but in the context of little sparrow it makes perfect sense.

inside little sparrow, the majority of store fittings are recycled & built by shelley’s husband who is a set builder

through her two children, shelley has been involved in the steiner education philosophy (or waldorf as its known in some countries), that focuses on the importance and quality of play and creation. many of the toys sold in little sparrow are wonderfully crafted and have multiple uses leaving plenty of room for a child’s imaginative interpretation.

toy bees
steiner/waldorf bee toys

while little sparrow is steiner inspired, its certainly not dogmatic, i’m not really a follower of any philosophy other than ‘do what feels right’, but the importance of play in steiner philosophy really speaks to me. i was lucky to have a mum with discerning taste in toys, so rather than have a ton of cheap throw away tat that broke after one use i’ve been able to pass on cherished toys to my son that i thoroughly enjoyed. what better investment than a child’s development?

Little Sparrow Toys and Handwork Supplies

felt bird mobile
hand stitched felt bird mobile

i think it would be hard to go wrong with any purchase from little sparrow. aside from beautiful one-off handmade softies and felted toys there are wooden trucks and cars, handmade children’s clothing, art and drawing supplies, puzzles, books, dolls clothing, hand embroidered mobiles and shelley’s own special friends dolls.

from bushfire to blocks

little sparrow is a celebration of good work, and shelley strives for it to be a place that caters to buyers and also the makers who craft her stock. a lot of the store’s produce is made by shelley’s friends, and hearing the stories behind each object just makes for such a richer shopping experience. i think one of the most moving things was hearing of a man who lost his home in the devastating black saturday bush fires. from the wood salvaged from his property he began making bags of play wood pieces, kind of free form building blocks. each piece is cleaned and rough parts are sanded but mostly the wood is left as natural as possible. its just like the bits of wood kids bring home from the park, but its cleaner and the journey it’s taken is very special. the innocence of children at play gives this bushfire survivor a new life. how’s that for a feel-good purchase?!

pure wool felt

i also really love the range of handwork supplies stocked at little sparrow, many of which are environmentally responsible. organic wools and yarn, delicious pure wool felt in loads of colors, wooden buttons and notions, hooks and needles of all varieties, pure wool stuffing, trims, ribbons, and kits for all sorts of projects! my next purchase is going to be a flower loom, which i’ve been dying to try for ages. and if you’re after the best wool, check out the range by woolganic yarn available at little sparrow. its such a pleasure to work with, none of that nasty squeaky action i get with acrylic yarn. i’m pretty much a convert and can’t wait til the last dregs of acrylic yarn are used up!

all these supplies are all well and good if you know what to do with them, but what if you’re a novice or just an in-between crafter? little sparrow is good for that too! throughout the year there are various classes run after hours: you can make your own steiner/waldorf doll, stitch a felt brooch, learn to crochet, or try felting, embroidery, and toy making.

handmade toy owls

colorful owl softies

after getting totally snap happy while i was on my californian adventure i realized there are a lot of cool places close to home that i would love for you all to see. case in point: ‘bagatelle’ – a very sweet boutique a few blocks from my house! so on last thursday’s perfectly sunshiney day i took a stroll and me and my camera introduced ourselves to clea stapleton; owner, artist, and vintage hunter extraordinaire!

Bagatelle Shop: Exterior
bagatelle’s exterior

what first caught my eye was the always beautifully curated window and the sweet paper lantern that hangs over the doorway to bagatelle. the store is based in an old pair of shops that were probably once a butcher and a milk bar (that’s a deli or cornershop) or similar. the old pressed metal decorative verandah ceiling remains – as do the old gloss tiles – and really i don’t think bagatelle could be in a more perfect location!

Bagatelle Shop: inspiration board
clea’s inspiration board

clea opened bagatelle as an outlet to share her ever increasing collection of vintage treasures and personal creations. i laughed when she told me there are only so many vintage bedspreads you can accumulate before need for living space outweighs the thrill of the hunt!

although my tastes are seriously planted in the 60s and 70s style i really appreciate the genteel elegance of bagatelle’s 30s-50s era treasures. its easy to forget that the war era wasn’t all dull tones and drab florals, and clea’s selections do a lot to prove that color and panache existed.

Bagatelle: floral

bagatelle’s stock is sourced from various places, and as i mentioned, the thrill of the hunt is definitely what drives the well-chosen but diverse selections on offer. i’m pretty jealous when talk turns to far-flung thrifting adventures, and trips to paris! its lucky there’s plenty of pretty in there to fight off that green eyed monster, quick smart.

Bagatelle Shop: vintage threads
hand selected vintage frocks

the hand painted sign on the outside of bagatelle sums it up in a perfectly amusing way: ‘your retropolitan lifestyle store’. the starry eyed vintage hunter can expect to find everything: special selections of dresses and accessories, a few shelves of fascinating books, beauty and bath products, homewares, and decor accessories (including clea’s own handmade cushions from vintage fabrics).

Bagatelle: Aqua

talking to clea, it’s evident that her flair for putting things together is a passion that she loves to share, and she provides consulting to those needing a dash of vintage in their lives. she also paints murals and some of her fine work adorns the walls of her own shop (see the birds pictured above).

Bagatelle Shop: teatowel
the best advice you’ll get from a tea towel today!

stop in and say hi to clea if you’re in the neighborhood! she’s sweet, and clever and great for a nice chat on a sunny day. let’s all cross our fingers that she can expand her vintage empire to include a tea room so i can have extra long chats with her!

to see more bagatelle eye candy, visit my flickr set

bagatelle: for your retropolitan lifestyle!

162 carlisle st,

st kilda, victoria


its so funny how conditioned you become to spending weekdays working or running the house etc, so that when the chance for adventure pops up it feels thrillingly illicit to be out and about during a week day! on monday some friends and i skived off work, cut class, snuck out of the city and headed for the country air! for ages we’d been talking about doing this and finally the stars (and bank accounts) aligned and off we went in search of this gorgeous rural store we’d all heard so much about. lets just say my vintage wallpaper sense was tingling…

lark was started by allison jones, as a way of recycling her collection of sweet vintage finds into toys and dresses. the lark showroom is tucked away in the postcard perfect town of daylesford, victoria. the clean and bright store is filled with the most perfect things, displayed in sweet vintage shadow boxes and dolls houses. but all this sweetness isn’t without substance, lark’s ethical policies show a real concern for environmental and social responsibility, which makes shopping there just that little bit sweeter!

i know you’re all dying for the eye candy, so set your eyes to drool and take a look at lark:

hand knitted fair trade play food. too sweet to eat!

the crisp, eye catching display shelves with vintage wallpaper, a beci orpin folk face pillow

felt cuckoo clocks by new zealand designer cuckoo nest

‘dumpling dynasty’ brand bags and cases.

‘rosie flo’s’ coloring book and adorable forest gnome pencil cases

deliciously displayed ‘dumpling dynasty’ kits

and of course i couldn’t go home empty handed. really, that would have been straight up crazy! so here’s whats now in my nest thanks to lark:

‘children’s rooms’ published by paumes, japan. i bought london, stockholm & paris. oh drool!!

the indie rock coloring book. because kids need to know which parent has the better taste in music as soon as possible! haha

an amazing apple tablecloth by engel. do you remember my post about my apple obsession? i never knew i could love a tablecloth so much. i think i want my wedding dress made from it.

and after many years of ogling their website, at last i have some plastic ware from rice! oh kaloo kalay! take that tupperware!

for information on visiting lark click here
to visit the lark online store click here and enter at your paycheck’s peril!!

“Wilkintie is a project by Carly Hargreaves and Niels Oeltjen, a couple living in Melbourne, Australia. This project evolved from a love of letterpress printing and a desire to collaborate with the amazing artists we discover in our day-to-day lives. The illustration we came in contact with as youngsters shaped our lives and we wanted to create something for today’s children that infuses their lives with the same inspiration and joy that we experienced back then. We also recognise that we are part of a community of grown-ups who love the imagination, whimsy and joy of illustration for children.”



Isn’t that fantastic? These prints are just too good to hide in the nursery, though! Artists involved include: one of my mum’s art school lecturers – John Copeland, as well as Tim Biskup, APAK, Cody Hudson, Chamo, Jacqueline Pytyck, Merijn Hos, Gwénola Carrère, Klaus Haapaniemi, Joe McLaren, and Niels Oeltjen.

Each print is created at Idlewild Press, a boutique letterpress studio in Melbourne. They are archival-quality, printed on 100% cotton rag paper and with the finest quality inks. So, with considerate framing, they can be treasured by you, and passed on to your children.


You can purchase individual prints or a subscription package (12 prints over 12 months) from the Wilkintie Etsy store. Or at Melbourne’s Hill of Content Bookshop and Outré Gallery


So, so, so cute! Designed by Marmalade, for sale at Modcloth.