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wedding by barbara norfleet, a fireside book published by simon and schuster, 1979

today’s bookpile choice is quite different from our usual cute kid’s book fare, but i just had to share  it with you. this book comes from my mother’s collection and despite never being much of a wedding girl, i’ve always enjoyed looking through the photos and wondering about the women behind the veil. i hope you enjoy a peek at this book, and i hope the photographic subjects all live(d) long and happy lives together.

‘wedding’ by barbara norfleet is the expanded catalog of a photography exhibition, ‘the wedding’, that was held in 1976 at the carpenter center for visual arts at harvard university. the exhibition was such a success that the following year it moved to new york’s international center for photography and became one of the most popular shows in the history of the ICP.

click any image to view a larger version.

her veil is very beautiful and worth a close look

double wedding!

what a cute couple! i really love how happy everyone looks, the whole family is so joyful – and the old lady with the little girl has her hair in rollers. can you imagine seeing that in today’s magazine-esque staged wedding photos?! even then it’d no doubt be painfully ironic.

draw your own academic comparison between the last supper print on the wall behind the newly weds and their bounty of wedding swag. i like their satin bedspread. really like this photo, taken at a home rather than a studio. under the benevolent watch of the kennedys.

i find this image quite sad, poor lonely bride on a tarp sheet. her beautiful dress seems at odds with the mess hall she’s standing in, and that lone streamer in the top of the frame doesn’t do much to turn the mood around. do you think she stood there for the whole day while people queued around her for cake? maybe she’s a ghost and its not really her wedding.

this dress is my favorite. she looks young, elegant and modern (for the time). i like the composition, making her look toward the bright future, while those cherub sculptures gaze at her beauty. its a bit hokey, but i like it.

this feels like the collision of two stages of a girl’s life: the horsey ‘tween’ stage, and the bride stage. do they give ribbons for brides?

i love this photo! look, she’s flashing her garter belt! and so many flowers! and her eyes! oh its all so great and like some eastern european vision of americana.

damn hippies. (i kid, i kid, you guys know how much i love damn hippies. if you’d prefer to you could read it like “day-um!! hippies!”)

and lastly let me leave you with this happy, carefree photo of the tossed bouquet.

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(FYI i’m an amazon affiliate, but also a person who thinks you should own interesting books)


in his younger days my dad worked as a photographer, first for the air force and later for a hospital. while there is some grizzly evidence of the latter role, today i’m sharing with you some photos not taken by him, but from a book he owned – ‘foto reporter sehen die welt.’

i don’t know where this book came from: i’m guessing it was probably a gift from my mother, seeing as she was always a good gifter, and she seemed to be the one who came by all the great old art books i now own. the images are all from around 1968 and earlier.

the photos are captioned with translations from the book but i couldn’t find any mention of who took the photos. i ssearched, but mein deutsch ist nicht so gut.

posters in munich

beatles fan, london

a boy (whose mother had used thalidomide while pregnant) with a “heidelberger arm”


a bunny at the playboy club in london

wedding, 1968

fashion at the racecourse

model twiggy and her manager justin de villeneuve

model twiggy and “television hero” john steed

french education minister forbids pupils from wearing miniskirts, 1967