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decorate! pilgrim
i haven’t done a decorate! pilgrim post in a while because, well basically i’m lazy.. and fussy. it takes a lot of trawling through polyvore, and my unconventional tastes mean it takes three times as long for me to find things i like. but after some nice comments on my previous post i made some effort and guess what? i had fun! so feel free to get bossy in the comments any time, readers. its good motivation!

this edition of decorate! pilgrim is created around the J print from my alphabet series. i have a major crush on the yellow and green color combination at the moment. its so fresh and sunny. it’s quite the turnaround considering i used to hate yellow and green together: australia’s colors are “green and gold” and so i’ve seen an awful lot of ugly olympic uniforms in dark green and yellow. but a lime, or kelly green and a warm yellow is truly a thing of beauty, am i right?

good morning

click image for product info.

a fresh and fruity bedroom for those not-quite little and not-quite big kids.

lemon lime livingclick image for product info.

clean lines and bold patterns make for maximum impact.

fresh workspace

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everyone knows the best work is done inside of a daffodil! this office space would never be dull and uninspiring.

what do you think of this color combination? is there a room you most like here – or are you living amongst some yellow and green already?


my bedside, pillow-view

this week i thought i would join in on the ‘my place and yours’ meme fun-times, as started by the unstoppable pip from meet me at mikes! so for your voyeuristic pleasure, here is what i wake up to each morning.

starting from the top left corner and going clockwise you can see:

my lovely vintage wallpaper lampshade, from drawflowers a little solar powered plant that, as much as i try, i just can’t kill ✽ a handy little green and pink mug that holds hairclips mostly ✽ a pink box to store my moisturizer and lip balm etc ✽ current bedtime book ‘the ten cent plague: the great comic book scare and how it changed america’ ✽ the fabulous yellow alarm clock ✽ and last but not least a sweet little plastic box made by swimmer with bunnies and toadstools and hula hoops and filled with earrings that i’m too lazy to put away ✽



i have to admit, my bedroom is a real sanctuary for me. its a very light room, and even though
i’m not being a morning person, i really love waking up there. gradually i’ve been pulling together
some treasures to make it an even lovelier place to wake up, and just a few weeks ago i scored
the pièce de résistance – a cane bedhead! my grandma had one, when i was little, and i just loved
how curly and pretty it was. after some hardcore searching and some ebay-related patience i found
one to fit our bed. it isn’t in perfect condition, but i knew with a coat of paint it would be good enough
for me!
so, enough chat! time for the before and after eye candy!


and after….

i’m so happy with how it turned out. it was a full day of spraying, and waiting, and spraying
some more, and my flip-flops got a bit ruined (oops) but it was worth it. i feel like the room is
complete now!

what do you think?