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Print & Pattern 2 Find me in Frankie's "A Little Bit Crafty"

do you know Society6? its a print-on-demand service for artists to get their work on all kinds of products. i’ve checked out the quality and service and i’m really happy to share that finally you can get yourself draw! pilgrim mugs, tote bags, leggings, bedding, phone cases, throw pillows and so much more!


keep your eyes on my instagram for updates on new designs, generous discounts and/or free shipping worldwide!

Zodiac Postcard set at draw! pilgrim on Etsy

new in the draw! pilgrim store is a groovy set of 12 postcards – one for every sign of the zodiac. send one to all your starry eyed friends on their birthday or keep them all to yourself.

each to own + pilgrim: make for good

As part of Etsy’s Make For Good collection I’ve collaborated with Each To Own to create a very special, very limited acrylic laser cut wall hanging. Get yours here while stocks last.

Make For Good is a project powered by Etsy sellers from Australia and New Zealand in support of Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl campaign. 100% of the sale price of this product will be donated to Plan’s Because I Am A Girl Campaign. All funds raised will go towards supporting projects that help make a difference in the lives of girls held back by poverty and gender inequality. Learn more about this project here.
Our piece measures 22cm across and comes with 2 easy-to-use, relocatable velcro hanging tabs

click to see my catalogue
think your shop might need a slice of draw! pilgrim sunshine? well good news: i’ve prepared a catalogue for potential wholesale customers. take a browse at my current range of paper goods and if you’d like a price list and order form my contact details are included in the catalogue. ordering is as simple as filling in the fields of the pdf form, saving it and emailing it back to me! just because i’m in australia doesn’t mean you have to be too – international stockists (like the gorgeous Pineapple Retro) are welcome – lets spread the draw! pilgrim rainbow across the planet!

hell yeah!
hello poor neglected readers!! gosh i hate when people blog about how much they haven’t blogged but there i go anyway. if you follow me on instagram (which lets face it, is way easier for me to do that make a blog post) you’ll know i’m alive and well and busy doing stuff. I have new prints in my shop, like the one pictured above.

Frankie Giveaway

You can also win one of two copies of my new “Be Nice or Go Away” print in the latest Frankie magazine (which you already have bought and enjoyed because you are awesome).




My awesome friend (and employer!) has been fostering kittens through Cheltenham Cat Rescue and i’ve been so inspired by the good work they do i wanted to help. Sadly we’re not in the position to foster rescued cats before making their way to forever homes, so i’ve used my design skills and created an activity book!


There’s 24 pages of kitty pictures for colouring in, and things like a maze, wordsearch, spot the difference, jokes and facts. To download your own copy, click the link below

Buy Now

100% of profits from this book will be passed directly to Cheltenham Cat Rescue. And don’t forget to visit their site and learn about what they do, and how you could help!

crochet christmas wall hanging pattern

i’m so excited to finally share the pattern for this mid-century macramé inspired crochet wall hanging i made! i have always wanted one of these christmas tree wall hangings but never seemed to come across them thrifting. being the spoiled girl i am, i decided i must have one and would just have to take matters into my own hands!  based on a picture of a 1960s knitted tree i found in an old magazine, i recreated the pattern as a crochet project.


draw pilgrim christmas wall hanging pattern

i’ve taken out all the trial and error and prepared for you a complete crochet pattern with stitch diagram AND written instructions. i know this seems like a big crochet project, and it will take you some time – but its not really that complex and if you can do basics like chain, single and double crochet – you can do this! the five branches all follow the same series of row patterns so once you’ve made one branch, you’ve pretty much mastered the whole process. Click below to purchase the pattern at a special introductory price!

Buy Now

please note this pattern is written in US crochet terminology but i do include a glossary of stitches and conversions in the instructions.

the materials are only as expensive as you choose them to be: while i usually work with pure wool yarn, i chose acrylic for this project because the thought of a moth chomping through my tree while it was stored for the majority of the year was too much to bear!

i hope you love this pattern – let me know if i’ve missed any important information.


ps: don’t forget about my ever popular matchbox advent calendar DIY!

stepping back


i will be taking a break from regular blogging for the time being. i really need to focus on myself and my family at the moment and i thank you for your understanding.


hey friends, find an in-depth interview with me about our house in this issue of the excellent mollie makes magazine. i’m so excited to be included in this mag, this feature has been in the works for quite some time so its a real thrill to see it come together!

hardcopies of mollie makes seem to FLY off the shelves, but fear not! you can subscribe to the digital ipad version here. if you’re new to mollie makes, a subscription is worth it – its one of the few magazines i look forward to and make the time to read.

thanks for featuring me, mollie makes!

its almost easter! that can only mean one thing: festive printable time (oh, yeah and eggs and bunnies and stuff) and so i have made for you this very nifty bunny box printable!


not only is it my patented super-fun black and white coloring-in version, there is also a full color, ready to print’n’gift template for you! TWO FOR ONE BUNNIES! in fact it’s $2 for two funny bunny box templates in 1 easily downloaded PDF file, and just like real bunnies, you can multiply them infinitely (or rather, print as many as you need – for personal use only though – please don’t sell or reproduce these crafty bunnies)

get a funny bunny box here

why are some printables no longer free?

please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.

see, this box is clever – the interlocking funny bunny’s face keeps the box closed, and the egg hidden!


its big enough to fit a real egg in it (or a whole bunch of tiny chocolate ones) or maybe you could find a fabulous painted wooden pysanky like the one pictured – that one is from little sparrow, the fabulous toy & handcraft supply store i work at a few days a week!
i hope you enjoy the funny bunny egg box! and i hope your easter is full of all your favorite treats.